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Chapter 1 - Introductions

"She'd crack under the pressure, and there's no way she's doing any serious chases," Minelli complained, looking over the applicants CV one more time.

Teresa Lisbon gave a sigh. She had to admit, the candidate in question was no veteran in the field when it came to the tasks that a CBI agent would have to perform. Observational yes, but no athlete. The stamina, quick reactions and ability to think under pressure seemed to be missing from the applicant, and she could hardly see her chasing a dangerous murderer down the street. In fact, judging by the tremors that had been effecting the girl so much during the interview, she would be lucky if she could hold a gun straight. Lisbon came out of her thoughts as Minelli addressed her directly, and she had to ask him to repeat himself, much to his annoyance.

"I said, she might still be of use,"

"And how exactly? You just told me she wasn't right for the job!" Lisbon complained, eager to get back to work.

"Lets just put it this way, Jane needs watching, and our agents are wasting their time doing that. Lets see if she's up to the job, get her to be his personal shadow, make sure he doesn't do anything too rash," he smiled, impressed by his own logic. With a sigh, Lisbon agreed and went to find the girl.

The candidate in question was sitting outside the door, anxiously cracking her fingers, a bad habit that her mother had often complained about. When she heard the door open, she looked up quickly, almost cricking her neck. Smoothing down her dress skirt, she stood up and followed Agent Lisbon back inside the office, taking deep breaths as she went.

"Miss Clark, after some careful consideration, I've decided that unfortunately, you're not what we're looking for," Minelli told her gravely, and the girl visibly shrank in demeanour, like air being let out of a balloon.

"We do however, have another position we thought you'd be interested in," He continued, as her head shot back up, looking hopeful.

"At CBI, we have a special consultant who has a, ehh, gift shall we say, for finding trouble. Now, it's very important that he is safe and his position known at all times. It's a dangerous world out there!" He gave a stout laugh.

If he had been watching the girl more closely, he may have seen the look of confusion that crossed her face, or even the look of slight disapproval that followed it. He was not however, so was, quite naturally taken aback by her answer.

"Agent Minelli, do you mean to say, you're asking me to baby sit?" She blurted out.

"Well I wouldn't put it exactly like that..."

"Could I maybe have a few minutes. Just to get some fresh air, think it through?" She asked politely, although her hope had vanished as quickly as it had arrived.

"Of course, of course," He showed her out of the office door, frowning.

When she reached the outside doors, Miss Clark headed straight for the stone seats at the other-side of the car-park, below the trees that stood there. A food stand stood in its shade, and she paid for a coffee before heading to sit down. The seat however, was already occupied by a smartly dressed man in a navy suit and waistcoat. He looked up as she approached, a coffee held in his own hand, and gave a quick but dazzling smile. He had, the girl noted, brilliant blue eyes and a set of cute blonde curls upon his head, before she realised that she was staring and started to blush, looking down quickly.

"Here, sit down," He moved the newspaper that had been taking up the other half of the seat, allowing her to sit beside him.

It was a couple of minutes before she realised that he was staring at her, a look of interest upon his face.

"How did the interview go?" He asked calmly, and she jumped, confused.

"How did you know?"

"The way you're dress: you're evidently uncomfortable in what you're wearing, you're clearly in unfamiliar territory, and you have interview jitters," He gave another dazzling smile.

The girl looked down at her knee which until that moment had been shaking where she sat. Blushing again, she tried to stop it, before automatically cracking her fingers again.

"So what brings you out here, instead of in there being interviewed," the man asked.

His voiced seem strangely calming, and she suddenly found herself spilling everything on him, her fears, her hopes, the interview and the proposition from Minelli.

"So you see, all they want is a baby sitter for this Patrick Jane guy, it's hardly a job prospect!" She finished, feeling much better.

The man now wore a knowing smirk, that irked Miss Clark slightly, but she couldn't quite place the feeling of unease. Looking down at her watch distractedly, she realised she'd been away for half and hour, and in a panic, she stood up.

"I have to go and tell them my decision!"

"Well, just think of this before you go. If you show them what you can do, they'll be begging you to take the job you want," he said with a smile, and she raised her eyebrow.

"You think?"

"I do,"

And with that, she ran back into the building.

"Well Agent Clark, allow me to introduce you the rest of your team," Minelli told her as he and Lisbon led her into the main office.

"This is Agent Cho and Agent Rigsby," Lisbon motioned to the two men who were closest, who both nodded, the latter coming forward to shake her hand.

"And this is Van-Pelt," The pretty red head greeted her with a warm smile.

And then she froze. A man had just entered the room and was walking towards them, a sly smirk on his face. Her jaw dropped to the floor, as she desperately wanted to shrink to a tiny size and hide under one of the desks.

"Ahh, here's the man himself! This, Miss Clark, is Patrick Jane,"

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