The air crackled with sparks of electricity as the world around the trio shook under the violent clap of thunder. The cause of this destructive power, Soji Seta. Seta who was clasped in the black armor of the form he called 'Kamen Rider' glowed in a faint blue aura and the dark armor evaporated turning him back to the now not so average school boy he once was.

Seta looked at his hand partly afraid and amazed at what he had done. "Was"

"Whoa... Wh-What was that!?" Hanamura's mouth hung open in awe. "Did I hear you say 'Kamen Rider?'!? What was it-- I mean, what did you do!?" Yosuke was flailing his arms around unable to comprehend the situation. His flailing soon stopped before he looked at his own hands. "Hey, you think I can do it too...?"

"Calm down, Yosuke. You're troubling Sensei!" Teddy said a he angrily as he attacked Yosuke.

"S-sensei...?" Yosuke asked confused about the sudden title.

"Gosh almighty!" Teddy said giving his back to Yosuke unanswered question, a unBEARably large grin upon his face. "You're amazing, Sensei! I am one impressed bear! I can't believe you were hiding such an amazing power! No wonder the Shadows were scared of you"! With a sudden gasp the bear brought a paw to his lips. "Are you the one who's able to bring people into this world? Hah! That's what I thought! This is really something. Don't you think so, Yosuke?"

"Dude, you call him Sensei and then don't show me any respect?" Hanamura said with crossed arms.

"Sorry..." Teddy wore a sad expression as he placed his arms behind his back and drew circles with his feet.

Yosuke let out a sigh, sad over upsetting the bear. "W-Well, your support wasn't bad, though. I gotta give you some credit for that."

"Huh? R-Really...? Heehee." Teddy cheeks glowed a bright read as a giant smirk stretched across his face.

"All right, you two keep it up, and I think we'll be fine from here on out." Yosuke smirked as he punched his palm. "Now, let's get back to the investigation!" Then his mood suddenly soured. "Man... I wonder what could have happened to Senpai here."

"Junes should just go die already..." A disembodied voice echoed over the silent TV world.

"Wh-What the...?" Yosuke head whipped around at the mention of his place of employment.

"I wish Junes would go under... It's all because of that store..." The voices continued.

"Oh, I heard that Konishi-san's daughter is working there."

"S-stop it..." Yosuke stammered as the voices continued with their conversation.

"Oh my... How could she, with her family's business suffering like it is...?"

"I heard their sales have gone downhill because of Junes."

"S-shut up! That's enough!" Yosuke roared.

"That poor father... to have his own daughter working for the enemy. What a troublesome child..."

"Hey... Hey, Ted!" Yosuke gritted his teeth. You said that this place is reality for those that are here, right!?" He glared at the bear, eyes ablaze with anger. "So... does that mean this was Senpai's reality when she wandered in here...?"

"I..." Teddy began, fear in his cartoon shaped eyes. "I...Only know about what's over here."

"Fine..." Yosuke sighed.

"Hey, don't over work yourself. We've come to far to lose our cool now." Seta said as he placed a calming palm upon Yosuke's shoulders.

Yosuke shrugged away his friends kind gesture. "Whatever's going on here... We'll find out ourselves!" With clenched fist Yosuke led the way through the black and red door andn into the Konishi's work place.

As soon as they crossed through the thresh hold Yosuke could hear the voices once again. "Dammit, not again..." He swore.

"Saki, how many times do I have to tell you!?" The voice of a man bellowed.

"I-Is this... Senpai's dad...?" Hanamura said putting two and two together.

"You know what the neighbors say about you, right!? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You're the eldest daughter of a family who's owned this store for generations!" The voice of Saki's dad continued his tirade. "Is it the money? Or did you meet some guy there? Just tell me why you have to work THERE, of all places!"

"I...I can't believe this..." Yosuke hung his head. "She seemed like she had fun at work..." Tears had now began to well up in his eyes. "She never said anything like this to me... You're telling me THIS was how Senpai really saw things!?" Then Yosuke noticed photos that had carelessly been thrown around. "

These photos... Hey... is this...? It's the photo we took the other day with the other part-timers at Junes..." He took know of the ragged ends of the photos. "Wh-Why's it cut up like this...?"

"I... never had the chance to say it..." A new voice echoed. It was Saki's.

"Is that... Senpai's voice!?" Yosuke asked no one in particular.

"I always wanted to tell Hana-chan..." Saki continued.

"Huh...? Me...?" Yosuke perked up at the nickname that Saki so fondly used to acknowledge him.

"...that he was a real pain in the ass." The voice of his deceased object of affection dashed his hopes. "I was nice to him just because he was the store manager's son, that's all... But he takes it completely the wrong way and gets all enthusiastic... What a dip."

"P-Pain in the ass...?" Yosuke's voice quivered, sorrow lacing his words like anger dripped from hers.

"Who cares about Junes, anyway? Because of that store, our business is ruined, my parents hate me, the neighbors talk behind my back..." The voice of Saki continued ranting. "I wish everything world just disappear..."

The picture of the so called 'happy' Junes family were then shredded by a fierce wind, blood dripping from the crude edges. A bloodied box cover lay on the floor in a pool of blood, Saki's blood.

"I-It's a lie... This can't be..." Yosuke's voice wavered as his entire body quaked. "Senpai's not like that...!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.

"It's so sad..." A familiar voice whimpered as a familiar face walked out from a dark corner. It was Yosuke, but something was off... This Yosuke's expression was dark and deviant. Fierce yellow eyes that pierced through the darkness glared at the original Hanamura.

"I feel so sorry for myself... Boo hoo..." The fake Yosuke cried fake tears. "Actually, I'm the one who thinks..." The fake Yosuke gave a wry smile. "Everything's a pain in the ass." An maniacal cackle filled the air.

"This sensation!" Teddy recognized a familiar air about the second Yosuke. "It's a shadow!"

Yosuke faced the shadow version of himself with gritted teeth. "Who are you!? I-I wouldn't think that..."

"Yeah, right. The was that evil laugh again. "How long are you going to keep deluding yourself? Screw the shopping district, and Junes too! You're sick of everything, especially living out in the sticks." The shadow Yosuke gave voice to Yosuke's inner thought and beliefs.

"What're you saying...? That's not true, I--" The true Yosuke whimpered not willing to face his inner thoughts.

"You put on a good show of being carefree and happy-go-lucky 'cause you're so terrified of being alone. The more the merrier, right? You've gotta be surrounded by people to block out the pain of isolation." The shadow Yosuke refused to stop his assault on his originals mental state. "And what about checking out this world for Saki-senpai's sake? Hah! I know the real reason you came snooping..."

"S-Stop it!" Yosuke voice was shaking.

The evil laugh shook the walls of the liquor store now. "Why so panicked? I thought I was spouting bullshit! Or maybe..." The shadow Yosuke smirked. "I DO know everything you're thinking! Why's that...? Because I AM you!" That blow rocked the true Yosuke's body.

"You just came because you thought it sounded like a good time!" The true Yosuke's legs began to shake.

"What else is there to do out in this shit hole? A world inside the TV-now that's exciting. You didn't have a single other reason for coming here, did you?" The true Yosuke broke out in a cold sweat.

"That's not true...Stop...Stop it..." The true Yosuke was on the verge of tears as he now spoke.

"You're just trying to act like a big shot..." The laugh grew louder still. "If all went well, hey, maybe you could even be a hero! And that Senpai you were so sweet on? Her death was a perfect excuse!" That was the last straw.

"That's not true! What are you!? Who are you!?" Yosuke screamed.

"I already told ya. I'm you..." A dense aura of darkness began to ooze out the evil Yosuke. "Your shadow... There's nothing I don't know about you!"

"Screw that! I don't know you! You can't be me, you son of a bitch!!" Yosuke howled.

The shadow Yosuke smirked. It had been done... "Yeah, you're right." The shadow Yosuke smirked as the aura grew denser. "I'm no longer you...I'M ME! I do what I place!" The aura pulsed as if it were alive.

"This market place!" The aura around the shadow Yosuke pulsed again.

"Junes!" The aura continued to grow larger and seemed to be growing to an uncontainable size. "And even you!"

"I'll destroy all it!" The shadow Yosuke screamed as his body jerked.

"This isn't good!" Teddy screamed! "We gotta get out of here!" He pushed the two toward the exit.

Just as they exited Konishi liquors an explosion rocked the alternate Inaba market place as the roof exploded off of the building.

High above the building a frog like being with a humanoid like figure on its back croaked wildly as the human like figure cackled the same evil laugh as the shadow Yosuke. "This is so fun!" The being howled as it began rampage within the streets of Inaba.

"Hanamura do something!" Seta yelled in hopes that Yosuke could control the being. "Hanamura!"

'...So that's how it's going to be? Maybe..." Yosuke pondered to himself as they ran trying to escape the beast.

'Senpai and I are alike...I guess that's why we're attracted to each other...' Yosuke's mind continued to spiral. Maybe he was just fooling himself...he didn't know anymore.

'What the hell? Does that mean that thing is me then?' Yosuke gave a weak laugh. 'It's hilarious...Senpai also got killed by her own self then...'

Yosuke looked at Seta who had stopped running. 'I thought it would have been great if I could just become a hero like that guy...' His eyes drifted to the destroyed wreckage of Konishi liquores. '...Then maybe I really wasn't thinking about senpai at all..'

"Hanamura..." Seta called breaking Yosuke's train of thought. "Let me see you clench those teeth!" With his left hand tightly curled into a fist Seta crashed it into Yosuke's cheek.

"Are you going to let it kill you just like that?!" Seta stood strong. "Is that what you want?! Is that really what you want?!" Yosuke's heart quaked from his friends words. "If you want it to get you so easily, just like that..."

Seta brought a hand into the air as blue embers erupted in his palm. Once again the flame formed a small card in which Seta slammed into the belt around his waist. The car spun rapidly as a sphere of light surrounded Seta. The blue flame spread from the belt and took the form of the black armor once again. "Kamen Rider: Izanagi!" A robotic voice announced.

"...Then I'll be the one to kill you." Seta's cold words stabbed at Yosuke's heart as he looked into the eyes of the white mast of his friend.

Seta turned his back on Yosuke as he lept toward the shadow Yosuke. Yosuke looked in awe as his friend valiantly charged into battle, partly thankful that by 'you' Seta had ment the shadow Yosuke.

"This guy...Just looks so cool." Yosuke felt so helpless as he watched Seta. "I really want to be like him..."

Seta roared as he flew into battle. He swung his lance violently at the beast which hopped out of the way. "Get back here you bastard!" Seta flew directly at the being just missing it with a thrust that was close enough to shred the crimson scarf around its neck.

"Can i really be like that?" Yosuke asked himself.

"Dammit! What the hell are you?" The shadow Yosuke demanded. "Acting all cool like that, you're such an eye sore!" The beast roared as it unleased a gale upon Seta. Even with his efforts his guard wasn't enough and the kamen rider known as Izanagi was blown through several building.

"I...I wanted...I talk to you more senpai." Yosuke's knees buckled as he fell to the ground.

"Zio!" The air crackled with energy as a blast of lightning struck the shadow beast destroying one of the humanoid figures arms.

"I wanted to know more about you...but I guess I was too late. If i could..." Yosuke whimpered. Tears had begun to roll down his cheeks. "I really wanted to save you, even though I might end up annoying you by saying that."

"You little freak!" The frog being howled at the flying black knight.

"Look whose talking!" Seta countered as he brought his blade down upon the frog like being, but the shadow was resiliant! It swiped away the blade with a single arm and with the frogs powerful legs it head butted Izanagi high into the sky.

"Why does it have to be you? Why did you have to die? This is so irritating and sad..." Yosuke cursed his powerlessness. He was sick with himself.

"Take this you annoying pest!" The shadow Yosuke let out another blast that sent Seta flying once again. He took the full brunt of the assault. He wasn't ready for this. He had just attained these powers...he needed help.

"Dammit I want...I want to be stronger!" Yosuke's scream echoed throughout the TV world.

A light glowed beneath Yosuke. A eerie flame of azure. A card had appeared in his hand. A card with two eyes intently focused upon a flame held in its hands.

"What's this?" He recognized the card. It seemed a little like the card Seta had used earlier. "Oh right."

Yosuke jumped to his feet. With card in hand a new flame burned in his heart.

"Yosuke that's..." Teddy was amazed at his friend who now held the power of his much respected sensei'.

"This is what the world is like! This is what it always is like, no matter where I am." Yosuke was now accepting his feeling about Inaba, about everything. He cursed his mundane life, but now he knew it was his fault. A blue flame seeped from the card and formed a belt around his waist. Resolved Yosuke slammed the card into the belt.

The card spun rapidly as it formed a sphere of light around Yosuke. "It's not just about what I wanted to be, but what I can be!" Azure flames overtook the boys body.

"This is just...up to my heart isn't it?!" A powerful wind blue the flame away from Yosukes body and a new rider was born.

Standing in white, with camouflaged cuffs and shurikens in hand a new kamen rider stood oozing with power, a crimson scarf blowing in the wind. "Kamen Rider: Jiraiya is here!"

Placing his hand together forming a ninja hand sign Jiraiya squatted as close to the ground a possible. With one swift move he jumped into the air, instantly appearing next to Izanagi. He clutched his injured lightly in his arms.

"Nice to see you're not confused anymore Yosuke..." Even though he couldn't see Yosuke could feel Seta smiling beneath his mask.

"Big deal! Just because you thing you've got power now it doesn't mean you will I'll beat me!" The shadow Yosuke was just as resolved to fight and lept at the pair.

"Can't you see we're talking you bastard!" Jiraiya shouted as he kicked the frog beast sending him crashing into the ground below. While Jiraiya effortlessly flipped back onto the roof of a building.

'I remember now, when I met you for the first time...' Yosuke thought as the battle waged on.

With time to recover Izanagi gripped his spear once again ready for battle.

"Let's go partner!" Jiraiya led the assault and charged into battle.

'Back then, I was looking down at how rural this place is...maybe I'm still like that.' Yosuke's thoughts continued.

The frog cackled. "Then lets see whose the better Yosuke. You? Or me?!" The frog croaked releasing another gust of wind.

"Garu!" With a quick hand sign Jiraiya created his own gust of wind to nullify the other.

"What?!" The false Yosuke was awed.

"Don't take your eyes of the hero!" Jiraiya had already gotten bellow the frog. With a mighty kick he launched the frog into the air. Jiraiya rebounded of a building and headed for the frog. "An assist!"

'It was at the time you came up to me...' Yosuke's thoughts moved to that of the deceased Saki Konishi. 'And told me that my dad is just my dad and I am who I am...'

Both Jiraiya and Izanagi flew at the frog and rapidly struck the beast with a series of slashes and kicks that severed the beast limbs. The frog croaked in pain.

"It's not over yet!" Izanagi appeared below the beast, his spear raised and crackling with electricity. "Zio!" He hurled the spear upward and it pierced through the frog, but the shadow had yet to be defeated yet. It needed one final blow.

'I don't know whether you were sincere about that or not...' Remembering Saki's sweet words Jiraiya went into a wild spin as he jumped high into the air. 'But even if you weren't those words really made me happy.'

"Hey remember when you asked which of us is the better me?!" A fierce wind gathered around Jiraiya as he descended downward to the shadow of himself.

'Your words made me think for the first time that this town might not be as bad as it seems.'

"It's ME!" Using the golden shuriken clutched tightly in his hand Jiraiya cleanly slashed the shadow from end to end cleaving the monster in two.

'Senpai, thank you.' As Yosuke thanked his fallen love, senpai and friend his kamen ride came to an end as he returned to being the junes stock boy he was only hours before. The battle had ended.

An eerie silence fell over the eerie TV world.

"Yosuke..." Teddy said trying to approach his silent friend.

The boy gave a nervous laugh. "Now you've seen my dark side, huh?"

Teddy face gave a cartoonish frown. "That was originally inside you, Yosuke." The Bear said making the boy face the harsh truth of things. "It might start rampaging again if you don't accept it..."

"Yeah, I know. This is really bad..." Yosuke sighed. "Having to face myself like that. I already knew it...but it's just so disgusting that I..." Yosuke looked mournfully towards the dark sky. "Didn't want to accept it...But all of that is still me isn't it."

"Before that..." Yosuke turned back to face his friends and placed a hand on Seta's shoulder. "Let me give you one punch." Teddy and Seta's grew wide at the boys sudden change in mood. "Since it really hurt, all right? I took all that pain after all. It just isn't fair."

"No." Seta said bluntly. He had taken more damage from the shadow than Yosuke did. "If you want to punch me, then let it be mutual." Seta suggested. It was the most fair option. A punch for another right?

Yosuke laughed to himself. 'I...really like this guy.' He thought as he smiled to himself.'

The pair faced each other with a card in hand.

'I want to be on the same ground as him, to be on par with him, to be accepted by him.' Yosuke gazed as eyes just as determined as his glared back.

'That's why...'

"Give me all you've got, partner!!" Yosuke slammed the card into the belt and once again he became Kamen Rider: Jiraiya.

"Certainly!" Seta did the same as too once again became Kamen Rider Izanagi.

"Here I come!!!" The pair announced at the rushed at each other fist raised...


Omg i'm soooo behind on this and other things . procrastination thy name is monster hunter. I've been playing freedom unite up until recently and its so addicting. Now I've moved onto tri and before my addiction gets worse i wanted to at least give you guys this. You'll notice some ad-libbing here and there as well as some changes, but you must remember im using the manga as a reference as well and the manga is...pretty bad ass. So till next time!