Okay, so I've had most of this story typed out for awhile but could never find the motivation to finish it....there were lots details missing...but the other day I stumbled across "Give You Hell" by The Mad Hatter's Demise, that story inspired me to finish this in a spurt of creativity I had for two days straight...so Arigatou gozaimasu to The Mad Hatter's Demise for inspiring me to finish this story.

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Crowds of people flocked towards a small bookstore on the corner lot, all heading towards the register with their copy of the newest release of "Red Clouds" it revolved around a vulgar 22 year old ninja who betrayed his village and joined a vengeful religion that believed in slaughter and pain. Soon after he became a 'Jashinist' he was recruited by an evil organization called Akatsuki. However the main characters name is never stated, he is usually referred to in an insulting manner such as a zealot, there are also times when he is called a priest due to his strong faith in his 'god' Jashin. While, oddly enough, the rest of the characters have proper names...Although the protagonist often uses insulting nicknames for each character such as 'miser' or 'retard' and even 'fish-stick'. But enough about the book.

A man with silver hair wearing sunglasses sat in a coffee shop across from the previously mentioned book store smirking and sipping his black coffee as he watched people buying his new book.

Yes his book.

This silver haired man, Hidan San, is an author who through much trial became successful, famous even. He was a household name now thanks to his books, they were popular with teenagers even though they were violent and very graphic. People said they got chills when they read the dark words dancing across every page "I'm fucking awesome" well...for such a deep writer he was arrogant and selfish but he preferred to call it 'confidence'. Hidan set down his empty mug and paid, leaving the small cafe.

The door to the author's apartment closed with a gentle 'click'.

Hidan let out a sigh as he made his way to his bedroom "How fucking boring!" he flopped onto his queen-sized bed and groaned, everyday seemed like the same thing. Sure, he had released a book yesterday but tomorrow will just start the endless cycle all over again: Release a book, it sells and everyone wants an interview, newspaper interviews, TV interviews, talkshows, paparazzi, and worst of all; book signing at malls and such, all the freakishly obsessed fans screaming and asking to touch him


He remembers this one time a fangirl jumped over the table to kiss him but ended up kissing a security guard that jumped in the way instead, the look of horror and disappointment on her face! haha...good times. Just as Hidan was about to fall asleep laughing at aforementioned fangirl he heard banging on his door.

"Damn it"

he grudgingly got up and walked over to the door "What the fuck do you want! It's 11:00 at night re-" as soon as his purple eyes caught sight of just who was guilty of the knocking earlier he panicked attempting to slam the door in their face but it stopped due to a very annoying foot blocking the way "Shit! Move your fucking foot retard!" Hidan is in no way ripped with muscle, he isn't out of shape but he definitely does not work out and because of this his attempt at holding the door shut to keep the intruder out failed and was thus pinned against the wall with a book thrust in his face "What the fuck!? Lemme go!" after a minute of screaming and struggling Hidan finally gave in "are you done?" said the unwelcome guest, purple eyes sent a glare towards the voice and huffed childishly.

"Good, now explain what the fuck this is!"

"It's my new book."

"I'm not stupid like you, I know that!"

"Don't frikkin insult me! It's been 3 years since we've seen each-other and you come barging in here and attack me! The fuck Kakuzu!?"

Kakuzu narrowed his eyes and let go of the shorter man "'The fuck' is this!" he again showed Hidan the book "You selfishly used me as one of your characters and used my name just to spite me! I swear you are such damn child sometimes that I'm surprised anyone can deal with you!" Hidan swiped the book from the taller mans hand and opened it to the first page "There's a fucking disclaimer! See! 'this story is fictional and does not pertain to any real people, places or events' and don't flatter yourself, my using your name is a pure coincidence!"

"How can it be a coincidence? This whole book is mocking me! The Kakuzu in the story has stitches all over his body, is greedy, evil, violent, and is sexually attracted to the main character that is clearly a guy"

"Well shit! He is just like you!" the writer snarled out bitterly, angering the taller man even more. Kakuzu grabbed Hidan's arm and flung him onto the living room floor "No, you only think that because you were too childish to understand what happened back then!" he yelled approaching the silver-haired man on the floor before dropping down on top of him pinning him down again. Hidan was really starting to regret complaining about his boring life "If you would have stopped your bitching and listened it would have been different!" Hidan's face twisted in anger "How the fuck would it have been any different!? I understand perfectly what happened!" he screamed "No you don't!" their yelling lasted for what seemed like eternity until Hidan was silenced with a bitter, angry kiss. They didn't make love that night nor did they just fuck, it was just another fight in the form of sex instead of punching, kicking, and yelling.

The next morning regret and unwanted memories filled the young author's mind as he glanced next to him and saw a fit, tanned man with messy brown hair laying next to him on his bed. His eyes traced the scars that covered the brunette's body, over the scars were tattoos of thick black stitches "Dammit" he cursed quietly rubbing his eyes with his left hand, why had he allowed this to happen? Maybe it was just habit, fighting until anger turned to lust.

Hidan took one last glance at Kakuzu and got out of bed, ate breakfast, watched a bit of the news and prepared for an interview at a TV station, he then stuck a note to the inside of the door so Kakuzu would see it when he got up to leave.

The interviewer was a man in his early 30's he looked confident with his bleached hair and monkey suit, while Hidan wore some dark straight-leg jeans with a white t-shirt and a black sports jacket. They sat across from each-other on a small set decorated with warm colors "This is your third book in the 'Red Cloud' series, what inspired you to get this far in the story?"

Hidan took a deep breath and put on a fake smile "The experiences I had growing up and promises I made along the way"

"What kind of promises?"

"Its a secret~" the writer said teasingly, the blonde man chuckled and made a note.

"Your books usually have very little detail on side characters besides small explanations of why they are in the 'Akatsuki' however in your most recent book there is quite a bit of detail on the new character 'Kakuzu' he is the very self-centered and the protagonist regards him bitterly, was there a muse to this character?"

Hidan's smile faltered a bit, he didn't expect that question, he was usually just asked if 'Kakuzu' would play a big part in the story "All of my characters are very loosely based on people I knew, however 'Kakuzu' is...more..." Hidan trailed off trying to find the right word making an almost confusedly sad face, earning a strange look from the interviewer "...accurate, in a way" Hidan had gotten approval from each of his high-school friends he used in the book, but Kakuzu was different, he wanted to make him angry so he didn't ask if it was okay.

"I see, as I mentioned before, the protagonist is bitter towards 'Kakuzu' is the person that inspired the self-centered character someone you yourself are bitter at?"

"Yes" he stated darkly, Hidan was always the blunt type.

The blonde man was slightly intimidated and thus moved to a different subject.

Kakuzu had gotten up to see Hidan's smug face on the TV, he listened to the interview until he was done getting dressed and flipped off the TV and tossed the remote aside "loosely based? Muse? Bitter? Coincidence my ass!" in fact those 'loosely based' characters fit their old high-school friends to a T and most of all the protagonist fit Hidan to a T. Kakuzu finally got to the door and saw a yellow sticky-note stuck to it:

Your book is on the table, and don't forget to lock the door on your way out fucker!

Typical, Hidan couldn't form a sentence without profanity in there somewhere "Idiot, assuming I would buy one of his crappy books" he mumbled picking it up off the table and gladly leaving the apartment, it smelled like smoke and alcohol in there, figures Hidan would be an alcoholic.

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