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Warning: a little smex at the end....not very graphic though

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"I bet you would think they look 'fucking cool'" Kakuzu kissed the albino's forehead and left the room, he saw his father standing there "What the hell do you want?"

"I want you to break up with him" Kakuzu's eyes narrowed into thin slits "Why would I do that? I'm perfectly happy being with him." his father laughed "Will he be happy? I am a powerful man, you know that. I can influence a lot of people...Even the media"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kakuzu didn't like where this was going "I know that boy is going to release a book soon, it's already been approved, but I'm afraid that it won't sell very well if it comes out that he was part of a gang fight and ended up in the hospital because of it. Gangs have been under extra scrutiny due to the increase in hate crimes lately, in fact there happened to be a hate crime 5 months ago – the day of your graduation. The timing is perfect, I can just pass around some money and then his career is over before it started. With his face all over the news everyone will hate him and he won't be able to live a normal life."

"That's all a fucking lie!" at that moment Kakuzu didn't care that he was starting to sound like Hidan "Hmm? No-one will know that, and even if you try to tell the media that who are they gonna believe? You, some kid who just graduated with tattoos all over his body? Or me, a man with money, resources, and respect?"

"What the hell makes you think you can pull that off!?" his father chuckled "What makes you think I can't? You know what I've done before. But there is a chance that you both could just happily go your separate ways, debt free! I'll pay off the hospital bills, you can take over one of my Casino's here, and that punk can release his book and become a famous author." how did he let his dad win? Why didn't he check the breaks on his motorcycle that day? There were so many questions and only one way to protect Hidan.

A very painful, cruel way.

Kakuzu looked up and saw Hidan, tears cascading down his face, eyes widened staring at nothing "W-why? Why didn't you come back after that day? We...we could have been together all this time, I could have been l-loving you instead of hating you, not getting drunk every other day....I could have been fucking happy!" the tears wouldn't stop and he finally realized he was being held, Kakuzu was holding him tenderly "Because I was scared, for the first time in years you called me by my full name...You cried in front of me for the first time, be it out of anger or sadness. You didn't want to see me."

"Your wrong...I-I wanted to see you...I wanted you to prove me wrong! I've spent 3 years being bitterly miserable wondering if you left me for someone else while I was in a coma...Then one day I got so fucking mad I made you a total asshole in my book, and then you appeared out of nowhere! I didn't know whether to be happy, angry, sad....All of those..."

"I'm so sorry Hidan." Kakuzu reached up and wiped more of the endless tears away.

"Then you kissed me...I was almost glad, but then after we fucked that night I realized it was just another one of those times when we substituted fighting with sex, it meant nothing." the taller of the two men broke away from their hug frowning "It didn't mean nothing"

"Huh? But...." the tears finally stopped falling.

"Every minute I spend with you means something, whether we're fighting, joking around, or being intimate doesn't matter." the casino owner leaned forward and pressed his lips against the albino's, Hidan opened his mouth giving Kakuzu entrance, the smaller man moaned into the kiss. When they finally broke away author groaned in protest "Kuzu~" said man smirked "I love it when you call me that," he smashed their lips together once again, picking Hidan up, the latter wrapped his legs around the miser "Hmm, Kuzu..." they moved into the bedroom. Kakuzu lowered them onto the bed their deep kiss turning into lots of small ones moving down the writers neck. Kakuzu pulled Hidan's t-shirt off while the author worked on his button up one.

When their clothes had been discarded the miser held three fingers up to the albino's mouth, who gladly coated them and waited for Kakuzu to put them to use "Ready?" Hidan growled "Just shut the fuck up and do it." the miser stuck two fingers into his lover who was now writhing underneath him "Hurry up, dammit! Screw preparation!" Kakuzu chuckled "Still a masochist?" he pulled his fingers out and positioned himself at Hidan's entrance "You fucking bet, still a sadist?" Kakuzu thrust inside the author without warning "AAHHH!"

"Hn, Kinda" he bit the abino's neck, earning a moan "Just fucking move already!" the casino owner obliged. Moving in and out of his lover rapidly, the two gaining a rhythm after awhile "Kuzu!" Hidan moaned as he felt a fiery coil building in is stomach "Shit! Go faster!" he was once again obliged and after that it didn't take long for either of them to reach climax "Holy fucking shit!" Kakuzu pulled out and fell beside his partner, both panting "I fucking love you, bastard" the miser pulled his lover close to his chest "I love you too, idiot" the panting died away and made room for peace and quiet until:

"That reminds me, what did you fucking do to me at that casino!?"


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