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(A/N 2: All the characters are 18 years old, except Linda, who is 19.)

Chapter One

"Slash! Let's go! I thought you wanted to get a new snowboard today!"

"Hang on, Linda, I'm coming," Slash answered from the second-story bedroom window down below to us.

"Is he going to buy it, or are you, Linda?" Nancy, my blond-haired friend asked.

"Yeah, are you still trying to buy his love?" Jam said with his Jamaican accent.

"SHUT UP, will you? And I don't try to 'buy his love', I'm just a very nice friend," I said with a flirtatious giggle.

"Well, you've bought him three new snowboards, a ton of gear, food, and paid for him to compete in tournaments around the country," a girl with glasses, Wendy, stated. I'm not a big fan of Wendy, but everybody else seems to like her, so I mostly shut my mouth and don't say anything. She didn't notice the grimace I was giving her as she tightened her brown ponytail on the top of her head.

"Nancy, Jam, Wendy, leave her alone. She has her reasons for doing what she wants," Tommy, the huskiest of the group, said.

"Thank you, Tommy. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to get my snowboard out of the limo. You guys can get your own." I walked back to my stretch limo and grabbed my bright red snowboard from the back. It was brand new, but that was no surprise to anybody—Daddy always bought me a new one after each race.

Nancy grabbed her pink and lime green snowboard, Jam grabbed his red, yellow and black snowboard, and Wendy took her light and dark blue snowboard out, then we sat on the ground and attached our feet to the boards. Tommy stood above us, watching. Nancy looked up with a smile.

"Aren't you riding today? Its good exercise, Tommy," she smiled warmly, causing the heart-shaped blushing spots on her cheeks to rise.

"Not as healthy as walking, as my doctor likes to point out," he said with a shrug. "I could really go for a hamburger right about now, though."

I shared a laugh with everybody else, but we stopped as Slash walked out of the front door to meet us. Slash has been my secret crush since we were young children. I've watched as he's dated other girls, and he's seen me date guys, but I've gotten jealous almost every time. I can't tell if he's ever been jealous of my boyfriends.

Slash has jet black hair that's spiked backwards, and he's built very well. He snowboards almost every waking moment, except when he's in school, and even then, when I look at him, I see his eyes gazing to the snow-covered peaks in the distance.

My friends and I have been snowboarding since we were in elementary school. There's not much else to do in this town. I mean, we went to a high school with a graduating class of 60. We've grown up together, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

"So, what kind of board are you going to look at, Slash?" I asked as we started to slide down the hill beside his house.

"I was thinking that new Ninja Board I saw a few weeks ago. Has anybody heard anything about that board?" He asked, raising his voice above the sound of the sloshing snow.

"Yeah, it doesn't have very good speed, but it makes you completely invincible to attacks," Wendy answered. She pushed her glasses up her nose, a habit she always did when she sounded intelligent.

"Slash, you're good all around, but I don't know if you can afford to give up your speed. If you did, who would I race?" Jam asked as he slid next to Slash. Jam is a very competitive snowboarder who tries to beat Slash at everything he does. His success percentage is a very low number.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with trick riders. I'm going to look at the Feather Board. Maybe they can paint pretty hearts and bunnies on it!" Nancy said with such enthusiasm, she almost lost concentration of the trail.

"Well, I hope you guys have enough money for all those boards, because I only have enough for me and one other person," I said as I stole a glance to Slash. He winked at me, which made my heart melt. I looked at Wendy, who rolled her eyes. When she turned her attention back to the trail, I scowled in her direction.

"Hey, careful with that heat ray, Linda—you'll melt all the snow!" Jam said with a laugh as he sped in front of the group. Slash let him and the others race ahead, and stayed behind with me. I was sure he could see my cheeks and nose turn red from blushing, but I could play it off as being too cold. Though, I wonder if he would buy that excuse—after all, I was the girl who rode down the mountain in a bikini top and tight pants when I was eleven years old.

"Hey, Lin, do you think I could get a custom paint job on my board? Like, is that okay?" Slash asked nervously as he kept his balance on the steep hill.

"Yeah, it's no problem. I was thinking of getting a new board myself. The Rich Board. Maybe you could help me decide what kind of paint job to get," I said with a coy smile. He grinned in my direction, and then increased his speed to catch up to the group.

Nancy jumped off a hill and gripped the front of her board, causing her to flip in the air. Wendy gripped the right side of the board and held her left arm to her side, and Jam spun horizontally, then vertically. Slash gripped the left side of his board and raised it up, causing his feet to go behind him, and when I jumped, I flipped in the air vertically a few times, and then landed with a flourish.

We sat on the ground outside of The Board Shop in town, to take off our boards, and walked inside. Everybody went to the counter to put in their orders, but I walked to the back of the store, where the models of boards were hanging up. I glanced around, looking at all the new boards. After a few minutes, the bell of the door rang, indicating somebody had walked in. It was Damien, the weird kid that moved into town around the same time Wendy had. Instantly, he hid behind a shelf, watching Nancy with his piercing blue eyes.

I almost hadn't noticed Slash walk up behind me. He wrapped an arm around my waist and looked at the wall with me. I bit my bottom lip, then turned my head to him and smiled.

"There it is…my Ninja Board. It's so beautiful, but I guess Jam's right—I can't afford to lose my speed." Slash said with slight sadness in his voice.

"Well, you could always use the board for other things, like practicing tricks. You know, on the weekends you don't have tournaments," I suggested. "When is your next one, by the way?"

"Three weeks from now. That gives me time to try to pay attention in school…" Before he could finish, he laughed. "Wait, I don't do that!" I joined in his laugh.

"Linda, do you want to buy a board?" The shop keeper, Mr. Dog, called from behind the counter. I walked over to him, with Slash still holding onto me, and placed my gold credit card on the glass top.

"Yeah, can I have the Rich Board? The newest model. And can I get that painted blue and black?" I smiled sweetly to the owner. "I need to pay for Slash's board, too."

"You know, you could take turns and buy one of our boards for a change," I heard Wendy mutter under her breath. I turned my head to look at her, and before I could say anything, Slash and Jam stood in between us. Slash stared into my eyes with a warning not to cause trouble, and Jam did the same with Wendy. I saw her cheeks turn deep red as she blushed and smiled softly. I then looked back up to Slash and smiled, winking at him.

"When will those be ready?" I asked to lower the tension in the shop.

"About an hour or two. Feel free to come back for them any time," Mr. Dog said as he wrote on the pad of paper each board's specific request.

"We'll do that. Thank you," Nancy spoke as she headed toward the door. Before she opened it, she glanced back to see Damien look at her. She smiled warmly to him and opened the door, allowing everybody to walk out before her.

"Hey look, guys, there's Tommy. Oh, I guess he got his hamburger after all," Nancy pointed to the restaurant across the street. Tommy was sitting at the bar by himself, eating a burger and drinking a brown soda. It looked like Tommy was the only person in there, anyway.

"So much for 'healthier by walking instead of riding'," Jam said with a grin. We all walked over to the restaurant and took seats near Tommy. Slash and I sat on one side of a booth, while Jam and Nancy sat at the other. Wendy joined Tommy at the bar and ordered water to drink and a salad.

"I really need help with that homework from yesterday. Can anybody help?" Jam asked the table.

"Well, Nancy, Wendy and I were going to work on it tonight, but if you want, you and Slash can come over, too. We could make it a party, like in the past," I answered. "I have rooms for all of you, you know."

"You mean in that mansion you live in? We know, Lin. And that sounds good to me. A homework party…" he replied with sarcasm.

"Hey, you should want to come, Jam. We haven't stayed the night at Linda's house in a long time. It'll be fun," Nancy said with a sweet smile. "I know I definitely can't wait!"

"Wait for what?" Tommy called from the bar. He spun around on his chair to look at us, just as Wendy did.

"For staying the night at Linda's mansion tonight. We're going to work on homework…well, at least, that's the intention," Slash said with a grin. Jam and Wendy laughed softly.

"So, what are we getting to eat? I'm in the mood for chili cheese fries," Jam said. Before the waitress could come to the table, she leaned against the bar and began to write on the pad of paper.

"I'll have a cheeseburger, fries on the side, and a diet soda to drink," Slash said.

"I'll just have a water to drink," Nancy said. She looked over to Jam and smiled. "Do you mind if I share your fries?"

He shrugged and looked disappointed, but smiled to Nancy. "That's cool with me."

"Then I'll just have a salad and a diet soda to drink," I called to the waitress. She finished her scribbling and walked to the kitchen to put in the order, and filled five cups with our drinks. When she placed one on the counter and four at our table, she walked back into the kitchen and waited for the food to finish. I could see thorough the small window that she and the cook were flirting.

"So, is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that Nancy has a secret admirer?" Wendy asked from the bar after taking a sip of her water. Nancy and Jam looked up at her, surprised, and I nodded in agreement.

"It's true. It's that weird Damien kid. You know, he's lived here for years, and we don't know much about him," I thought aloud.

"But, why me?" Nancy asked with slight concern. We all knew Damien was trouble.

"Maybe he likes the sweet, innocent type," Slash said with a shrug and a smile.

"I think it might be a psychological thing," Wendy said, pushing her glasses up with her index finger as we all looked at her. "Well, it might just be the opposite of the typical 'girl wants a bad boy' thing. Maybe for some guys, it's an attraction to innocent, shy girls."

"I have no idea why you would think that," Jam said, turning his head away. "But since we're on the topic, why DO you girls go for the bad boy types?"

Nancy and I looked at each other and grinned. We knew Wendy would never go for the bad boy type of guy, but before we could answer, Wendy spoke.

"Bad boys are just that—Bad. Girls don't always want safe and fun. Most girls like the excitement that comes with the dangerous type of person. Besides, some bad boys are the sweetest people, deep down," she glanced at everybody and blushed deeply. "That's…just my theory."

Slash, Jam and Tommy looked to Nancy, then to me. We both nodded in agreement, then began to laugh at the fact that Wendy knew exactly what we were thinking.

After a few minutes, our food arrived at the table, and we began eating and talking about our plans for that night. The party at my mansion. Though, I don't know if we would get any homework done.