I was Bored.

Based on World of Chances by Demi Lovato


There she was.

That beautiful brunette he would never again feel against his skin.

Never again would he watch as those three small words made their way from her lips into his cold heart making him feel warm and safe for the very first time.


Because she had given him a world of chances in which he burnt right through. And the worse part?

He knew.

He knew how much he had hurt her.

But the one thing he did not know was that she was feeling the same way. She would never tell him, but she missed him just as much.

She missed his smile, his smell, his kisses. Everything.

She Knew.

She gave him a world of chances. Chances he continued to burn right through.

And no matter how much she still loved that beautiful blonde boy sitting…staring at her from across the Slytherin table.

She could never forget how the Pain he made her feel.

She could never forgive him.


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