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It was a dark stormy evening. I was alone at home. My parents were on a trip, my brother to a multiple-day-gothfest and my sister over with a friend for a couple of days. I was surfing the net whilst outside the strom got heavier. I wasn't afraid, cause I was to concentrated. In only the room were I was, there was light, I had my coke zero next to me with some crackers and other stuff so I was quite comfortable.

This cosy moment was suddenly interupted by a big bang and a black out. Damn my hart jumped so hard I thought it would burst out of my chest. Yet the light of my screen drew my attention. And on it I saw the digital gate-thingy-program we used to see when Davis and the others would go to the digital world.

It was wierd, not only because it was what it was, but also because, nothing indicates that my pc had any power. No leds were burning, just my screen. Was this a virus I've gotten from one of those digimonwebsites? I didn't know. That couldn't cause the blackout and the bang did it? I drew away the curtains and looked outside. No streetlights, no lights with the neigbourghs...

Then I heard something and I looked at my screen. It was Davis, he was like flying in the air. And it seemed he came closer to me. I heard the volume of his voice increasing. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Then he bursted out of my screen and both we tumbled backwards over my chair against a big chest (where I keep my comics and other stuff).

My screen went black and that suddenly darkned the room. It took a while for my eyes to adjust and I felt a body laying on top of me. The flashes of the lightning were reflected in some pieces of glass I recognised as goggles. "Davis" I whispered. I didn't felt him moving so I knew there was something wrong.

Carfully I craweld from beneath him and as good as I could I lay him on his back. Then I quickly went stumbeling to search for a pocketlight which I luckely found soon enough. I switched it on and shone it on Davis. I was schocked to see he had a gash in his head. I went close by and at my greate relief I saw it wasn't that bad. Yet there still was no light and I had to help him. So I took the pocketlight in my mouth and got Davis up on my back.

I was lucky my father is a doctor and he has his office in our home. So I took Davis downstairs to my fathers office and lay him down on the examination table and search for the stuff I needed. Some dissinfectant, and bandages. It worried me that Davis still didn't wake up. Yet he breathed and I felt his heartbeat was normal. I had to take of his goggles to work properly on the wound. When I had them in my hands, I hold them for a while. In great disbelief it was really Davis who I was helping and it was Tai's goggles I was holding in my hands. But then I shook my head. First I had to make sure Davis was alright and to arrange some power, light, food, drinks and al that.

When I had finished applying the bandage, I took him again on my back and carried him up to my room. I lay him down on my bed and went to search for something to eat and to drink. Yes I know I still had some crackers in at the PC, but I didn't know if they were standing or laying al scatterd on the floor by the entrance of Davis.

The storm was still raging outside and now I began to get scared. It was not the first time I had seen such a strom, just only not here where I live... Then I saw an organge light in the back of the garden and I recognised it as a streetlight. (There is a little road at the back of my house). I jumped inside and ran down the cellar to see if I could get the power back on. The main switch jumped back two times but the third time it went on well and I could hear the ticking of the electrometer. (or how you call that little thingy that measures how mucht electricity you use). I putted on the cellar lights and I ran back upstairs again putting more and more lights on in the house. Also in my room where I now saw Davis laying on my bed, with the by me apllied bandage on his head. He had been uncouncious by the bang with his head but now he was just sleeping. I decided to take of his shoes and socks also the vest he wore and tucked him in.

Then I took a chair and sat on it backward and just looked at him. You have to know one more detail. By coming to my world, our world, he also had become real what was a bit wierd given the colour of his hair. It seemed dyed bordeaux/red, but we know it's natural. I lay my arms on the back of the chair and placed my chin on it. So I sat there for a while looking at him...

I decided to check back on my PC to see if it still worked and yes it did. No dataloss at all but there for also no digitalgate anymore. So that probably means that Davis couldn't return... How would I explain this to him and even worse, to my parents... I had a couple of days before everyone was back home but that wasn't much...


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