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While we were cleaning the table we began thinking about why Davis and TK had arrived in my world.

"Davis, when you came here, where you planning to go to the digitalworld at first?" I asked.


"And you TK?"

"Me to, but let me tell you something. Normally the whole group would have left for the digital world the day Davis arrived here. Just when Davis had been transferred into the computer, the digitalgate disappeared and the whole city where we live suffered a blackout. At first we didn't know if it was because of the blackout the gate had disappeared or if it was because the gate had disappeared there was the blackout. The blackout lasted for the whole night. Izzy tried with his laptop to go onto the net but weird enough he couldn't receive anything. Even trying to work with satteliteconnection didn't work. Yet the next morning we all rushed again to the computerroom to discover the digitalgate was back but it was different."

"How different?" I asked

"Do you know how the digitalgate looks like?" Davis asked me

"Yes, yes I do, but let TK continue."

"Wel, I can't really explain it... We discussed whether we would try it out or not. But because Davis hadn't returned we feared there was something wrong and we decided to give it a go. Izzy would keep an eye on it as usual and I would go as first. So I started of as usual and all I can remember is a bright white flash and tumbling into this world..."

"Was it storming at the time you left?"

"No it wasn't"

"And when Davis had left?"


There was a bit of silence. I was thinking. I wasn't an astrophysicist or how you call it. And certainly no scientist. Yet I had hoped that it had stormed there at the time they had left. Then I could make a connection with intergalactic like electric storms. Sounds big right?? But then again it wasn't... Yet there had to be something.

"Hey Elias." TK's voice pulled me out of my thoughts. "Let's see on your computer if we can find something about it."

Remembering that when they would look about digital gates on the net, they would know that they're in fact not really real, I quickly said. "Err, no, I, err, let me first have a look if it isn't damaged kay?"

TK looked at me a bit confused but then smiled softly. "Okay"

"You can watch some tv if you like?" I said and before I knew it Davis had already taken his place again in the couch. I smiled. "I won't be long." and went upstairs.

My computer looked fine but the room was a mess. I switched it on and it worked perfectly. Suddenly something quite familiar lying on the ground came into my view. I picked it up and couldn't quite believe my eyes. It was TK's digivice. He must have lost it when he tumbled into this world. I looked at it and then at my screen. 'Should I?' I thought and then looked around. I grinned and stretched my arm out at my screen. "Digital gate open.".............

Nothing happened. I sighted and grinned again. "Heh ofcourse it wouldn't work." I turned around and left the room. I didn't notice the digitalgate appearing and the light blinking green-red-green-red-green-red-green-red-green-red-green-..........-red and dissapearing again......