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"Get your ass up!!!" A voice yelled at me waking me from my peaceful slumber. I opened my eyes and saw my brother Emmet towering over me. I looked at the clock. It read 6 AM. I only got four hours of sleep, great this is going to be a great day.

"Emmet, let me sleep longer, because of the stupid going away party Jacob insisted on throwing, I got virtually no sleep." I shutting my eyes closed again.

"I know Bells, I'm in the same boat as you. We need to leave now though. Your bags are already in the car, the only thing left is to get you in there."

"I just wish dad would take us to the airport himself, I mean it's his fault we have go to the stupid boarding school. What is it called again?" I asked him. My father, a actor, was staring in the new batmen movie as the Chief of Police. And since the movie would take up all of his time we would either have to live with our mother, if you could call her that, or go to the stupid boarding school. Since we haven't seen our mother since she left us for the man she was cheating on my father with when we were 5, we chose the stupid school. We were not exactly thrilled though.

"St. Fork's School for the Privileged" he spit it out as if it was a bad word.

"For the Privileged? Are they serious, I bet they all stuck up snobs!"

"I know baby sister but we are just gonna have to deal with it for a while."

"I know, let me take a shower and I will be down."

"Okay, see you down there."

After I took my shower and got dressed I looked around my room one last time. It looked so barren now since everything I loved and cherished was packed away. I joined Emmet in the car, our driver drove us to the airport and helped us check our bags.

Once we went through security we wondered around looking for our terminal. We found it moments before it began boarding, lucky us. We got on our plane and took our sits in first class, I began to panic I was a little bit afraid of heights and tended to have full blown panic attacks.

"It's okay Bella, Breathe..." Emmet cautioned me. I did as he said and before I knew it we were taking off. I began to hear snoring next to me. I looked over, typical Emmet. He was fast asleep like a baby. I Thought about the party the night before to get my mind off the flight. Well actually I thought about what happened after the party, I thought about jacob and the kiss. No, I couldn't think about that. Jacob was my friend and only my friend even if he wanted more. I took my ipod out of my carry on, putting the headphones in my ears, I was now dead to the world. I became lost in my music and before I knew it, we were landing. I punched Emmet's arm in a effort to wake him up, he jolted up and looked around seeing that it was only me.

"We are here sleepy head"

"Already?" he asked.

"Yup!" I told him. We exited the plane and grabbed our bags, we walked outside into the fresh Boston air. Emmet hailed us a cab and and gave the cab driver instructions to the school. I spent the whole drive staring out the window, I loved Boston! It was my favorite place in the world, well not the world but in the U.S. for sure. That was one of the reasons I picked this school, because I loved the location it was in.. When we arrived, Emmet snagged the bags out of the trunk and we walked into our new school.

Well actually we walked into a courtyard but same concept. We looked around. Surrounding us was a group of guys playing some football some girls sitting by a tree talking, someone sitting on a bench with a laptop typing, a guys and girl playing Frisbee, some guy making out with another girl against a wall, so on. Me and Emmet wandered around until we found a admissions office. We got our room assignments and class schedules.

As we walked to the dorms to drop off our stuff we compared schedules and I was sad to find we only had English together for first period. Since the doors were coed we were put in the same one. We each had singles but I would call them more like suites. Even though Charlie was gone a lot, he did care for us. He made sure we had everything top of the line.

We went to Emmet's room first to drop off his stuff and then we went to mine. My room was the same as his. It had a full kitchen, spacious living room, massive bedroom, and full bath, complete with a jacuzzi tub.

The whole thing was almost empty and had white walls. The only things in it was a mattress and the kitchen and bathroom necessities. The administration allowed each student to decorate their own dorms, even paint the walls. They felt it helped them express 'originality'. Me and Emmet were going for things the next day and the painters would be here later today. We would be rooming with a friend of Emmet's named Jasper until our rooms were finished.

"Bella, now that we have dropped off our stuff do mind if I..."

"Yes, Emmet. You can go play football with the guys in the courtyard." I told him rolling my eyes for I had been waiting for him to ask that since he saw them earlier. I was actually surprised it took him so long to ask.

"You are the best sis!" He bellowed and ran off.

I decided after the long travel that I needed to stretch my limbs. I changed into some running shorts and a tank top and put my long hair in a ponytail. Running was a habit of mine. It helped me unwind, especially when I am stressed.

I grabbed my ipod and off I went. I was listening to the song Sound of Madness by Shinedown when I collided with something hard. I realized I had run into to someone and started to apologized.

"I am soooooo sorry. When I am running I tend to get lost in what I am doing." I looked up to see who the latest victim of my clumsiness. I saw the boy I saw sucking face in the courtyard earlier. Except up close I could see the gorgeous bronze hair and perfect facial features he processed. This guy was not just hot or sexy, this guy was kinda beautiful. He was dressed in similar clothes as me, obviously running as well.

"It's fine, looks like your the one I should be apologizing too. I mean you are the one on the ground." I felt my face turn red

"I'm fine this happens to me a lot, don't worry." I told him embarrassed.

"Well I guess I will see you around then, gorgeous." he told me and took off. This guy thought I was gorgeous, no. Stop it Bella. He has a girlfriend. I mean you saw him making out with that girl earlier. You don't need that kind of drama. And with that I took off running again in the opposite direct the mysterious stranger took off in. This was a new start, a new beginning, and I was not going to screw it up with drama.