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She opens the trailer's door quietly – or as quietly as it's possible. She doesn't want to wake up her husband. Her husband. She still can't believe that she's married to Dr. Evil Spawn, the one who wallpapered the locker room with pictures of her in underwear. The one she hated guts when he'd cheated on her with the syph-nurse.

The one whose shirt she soaked with her tears the night Denny died. The one who told her that she should move on when she's ready to. The one who cried in her arms. The one, who loved her. The one who was ready for everything. The one who ignored the DNR. The one who brought her back to life.

Yes, she is married to THAT one. Alex Karev.

Breathing in the cold air hurts her throat till down to her lungs but she likes it. She likes feeling the cill, the air causes. She likes hearing the nature. She enjoys seeing the birds for real now.

After a few more deep breaths she turns around and walks back into the trailer. The trailer, that Derek graciously provided for them to spend some sort of a honeymoon in.

She sees her husband sitting up on the bed, leaning against the trailer's wall.

"Good morning. How long have you been up?" he looks too adorable yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"Not too long, just a few minutes. I went outside to catch some fresh air. I can't get enough of it."

"You must be freezing now. Come here." He gestures her to come under the cover and pulls it around her body when she takes her place beside him. His warm body comforts her more than the quilt.

"So what were you up to outside?" his arms encircle her waist.

"Nothing. Just thinking."


"Actually I was thinking about all the reasons you gave me to hate you."

"And you still love me anyway." He smiles smugly but his eyes seem to need assurance.

"I do. I love you, Alex Karev." She covers his mouth with hers in desperate need to transfer her genuine feelings to him through their lips.

"I love you too, Izzie Stevens." Her heart seems to stop beating at his words. Hearing him say 'I love you' is still the most joyous but unbelievable thing.

"You know, I've thought about this."

"About what?"

"My last name. It's the only thing that I've got from my father, my father, who has given me nothing but seven letters. You Alex, you have given me so much more. You gave me friendship, you gave me hope and you gave me love. I would gladly take your name too." She looks him in the eyes to see what he's thinking of her suggestion.

But the look she sees there is one of deep concentration. His eyes seem to be miles away.

"Alex? Did you hear me or did you seriously zonk out on me?"

"No, no…I……sorry." He shakes his head trying to shake off the thought that preoccupied him.

"I'm sorry. I was just thinking of my mom."

"I'm making you here an offer, that you can't refuse, and you are thinking about your mom? Seriously?!"

"I was trying to imagine her happiness when I introduce you as Mrs. Karev to her."

He always found a way to make her heart melt away time and time again.

"You know Alex, for an ass you are pretty close attached to your mother."

"Yeah, she's the other woman in my life." His left eye winks at her. Teasing her with this causes him no problems. He seems at ease with the formerly unpleasant topic of his mother.

"I'd love to meet her. And I'm really curious about the corn." His booming laughter makes her heart swell with love. This all-consuming love she experiences for the first time in her life.

The End


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