The storm raged, lightning striking and raining impossibly hard.

"I doubt my appointment will make it." Black Jack muttered. Just then a knock was heard, and the door burst open.

"Sorry we're late, Doctor Black Jack." A rounder man announced loudly. He signaled in two men with a stretcher. He bowed politely as well did his comrades.

"The storm delayed us, but we're here." One man with the stretcher said. Shifting the person on it to the table. Pinoko stared at them from the doorframe leading to the kitchen.

"What seems to be the issue?" Jack asked.

"Well, we all know it's not your area of expertise per say, but the lady insisted." The round man started.

"We'll see won't we?" Black Jack smirked pulling back the sheet. It revealed a slim an accurate cut through an unconscious woman's eye from the bottom of her eyebrow to the bottom of her nose. The cut could not have been made any normal person, or any normal knife.

"It's a clean cut, how'd she get it?" he asked looking closer.

"A madmen surgeon, believe it or not. She was visiting her twin brother in the hospital, when the surgeon came in threatening to kill her brother. She of course was defending him. The now ex-surgeon swung and cut her from nose to eyebrow in a straight line." He replied solemn, " He was apprehended and she insisted on being treated by you."

"Has she been given anything?" he asked pulling a bit at the cut to see how deep it was.

"Some amnesia as per normal. We disinfected the wound as well. As for other wounds we're unaware if there was anything else. Nothing else was given to her." He replied.

"Are you her father?" Black Jack asked turning to him.

"No, Doctor, she only has her twin for family." He replied shocked that he would even suggest that. Black Jack nodded. He ran a handful of ideas through his head as to how to fix her. This wasn't going to be easy that's for sure. Even with a clean and simple cut such as this, it being through her eye made it twice as difficult. Reattaching the nerves in her eyes so she could see would be nearly impossible.

"This is a high price job, does she have the money for it? " he said finally convincing himself that he could still do the job. The man in charge snapped his fingers and five large bags were brought out. The man gestured to Black Jack to see for himself.

"Wait Doctor! Let Pinoko look at them for you." She said approaching the bags. She opened each bag and pulled out a handful of bills from each. She stared at them, and held them up to the light.

"Yup this is the real deal doctor." She announced. She looked at the bags and then at the bills again.

"Whoever this lady is, She sure has a lot of money." Pinoko noted.

"I got it Pinoko." Black Jack said. He turned to the man in charge, "What's her name anyway?"

"Her name that she gave us is Kurohime Tenshi. We crossed her name against records with her brother, and it's her real name. Also they are indeed fraternal twins." he stated. Black Jack cocked a brow. What an odd name for such a nice looking girl, and why did they need to check to make sure that they were related. And of course they would be fraternal, they were a boy and a girl.

"To many cases where people claim false relatives have been popular as of late." The stout and round man piped up, reading the doctors face.

He relooked, her over. Sure it was a difficult job, and it would be a bit of a challenge. But he could take it.

"Alright, I'll take her." He said. The men nodded approvingly and started walking away towards the door. The storm raged on outside. One man started up the truck.

"Okay. This piece of paper is her requests for after the surgery. We won't be here to pick her up, and no one is going to pick her up. So do what you feel is right. Take her in to town and abandon her, kick her out, whatever you want. She's in your hands now." He said thrusting the small blue note into Black Jack's hands.

"Good evening Doctor." He bowed and left quickly with his men. For a stout and slightly overweight man, he sure could hurry when he needed too.

Black Jack looked at the blue paper in his hands and shoved it into his pocket. He'd look at it later, if at all. His patients came to him for a reason, and they did what he told them. Not the other way around. No patient was exempt from that rule.

"Pinoko let's start in ten minutes," he called to her.

"Alright," she replied bringing in scrubs and equipment.