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"Bitch." The other female vampire muttered. I glared at her and got into my hunting crouch. A

low growl built in my chest. She crouched and snarled back. I tackled her. She bit my arm. I

snarled as the venom spread through my veins. She bit my neck and I held her down. I tore off her arm and enjoyed her agonizing screams. I bit her neck and got up.

"I win." I laughed cruelly and walked out of the alley. I calmly walked to my Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. It was pure black and sleek as a bullet. It was hidden in the shadows. I smiled as I got in.

I was the most one of the most feared vampire in the vampire world. I was 150 years old and had beat the best of the best. The Volturi wanted me in their coven, but I had refused. In my 150 years of living I had gained numerous bit marks and scars. I had spread around the world, challenging every vampire that though he or she could beat me. I always won and had gained the title as the Tiger. I was a nomad, vegetarian of course. I had decided to maintain a permanent residence in the town where I started my vampire my life. The place where my heart was broken, the place where my family abandoned me. I was going to back to Forks.