It's becoming dark out. The wind blows gently through the new winter atmosphere, tussling stands of long blond hair. The smell of smoke drifts about in the twilight breeze, and in its wake a small high is heard.

Above the scene is a classroom, small language arts class is being held; the last class for the day. Alert, although he had missed quite a bit of sleep, a boy sits attentively. His face is stoic, not revealing the emotions lingering beneath him; waiting.

He looks up through long black bangs and pushes some of his long black hair off of his shoulder. Time is almost out…almost time for the end of class..

As the tone sounds over the intercom the boy rises, he's almost taller than any of the other boys in the class and his large boyish eyes and changed over time, narrowed.

The boy looks out of the window in the hallway as he made his way out of the building. He gives a halfway smile to the blond outside standing there for him.

"Hmmm…He waited." The black haired boy laughed slightly.

As the boy turns to leave he's startled when he hears a familiar voice behind him.

"Aoyagi Ritsuka…" Called a boy the same age as him, a boy from his distant past.

"Y-Youji?! Err…you cut your hair! It looks like Mr. Ritsu's…."

Youji gave him a dark grin.

"You noticed."


"What took so long today Ritsuka?" Soubi gave his sacrifice a raised brow.

Ritsuka looked at him incredulously.

"I wasn't talking to a girl Soubi, you can relax."

Soubi frowned.

"I didn't say anything about that…"

Ritsuka rolled his eyes at the older man as he rounded the corner.

"So um, I saw some one interesting today." Ritsuka sighed, trying to sound uninterested.

Soubi looked down at the Sixteen year old boy curiously.


Ritsuka jammed his hands into the pockets of his red stripped hoodie and shrugged.

"Youji came by after class today, that's what took me so long. We ..err.. talked for a moment."

Soubi's eyes widened.

"Youji?! What did he say does he know anything about-."


Soubi sucked in a breath, accidentally gaining Ritsuka's attention.

"Don't freak out Soubi, this is strictly about Nisei…he. He has no idea about Seimei, Ok."

Soubi frowned and looked down for a moment, adjusting his glasses.

Ritsuka looked up at his sentoki curiously.

"After Nisei disappeared we knew we'd never hear from Seimei again. I don't know if he's ever coming back but Septimal Moon isn't gonna do much to help us against him this time. We need to get rid of the opposing threat and Youji and Natsuo want to help us capture Nisei again."

Soubi nodded, his eyes hard.

Ritsuka knew Soubi had a deep fear of Seimei, Ritsuka's older brother. Seimei was nothing like he knew when he was a child…he wasn't loving or interested in anyone but Himself and Ritsuka had to learn that the hard way.

His brother was evil…evil to everyone and he would hurt anyone. Ritsuka still felt such a deep void from what his brother had done but he knew no one felt that void more than Soubi, Seimei's discarded Sentoki.

Ritsuka blew out a deep sigh a placed a hand on Soubi's lower back.

Soubi's eyebrows shot up and he smiled slightly.

"Is Ritsuka ready to lose his ears…now?"

Ritsuka gasped and wrinkled up his nose. "No! Do you have to take everything out of context?!"

Soubi laughed and placed an arm around Ritsuka's shoulder as they walked home to Kio's apartment.


Nisei Flew out into the middle of the road, dodging a few cars in his path. He was discovered and it was only second before he would be caught by the monster. He hadn't been hiding this long, taking every precaution to be caught like this!

Nisei's heart sank as he heard a crash behind him. Cars honked and he heard shrieking. He had only seconds…just a moment before…

Nisei flew out into the deep trees of a city park. It was almost dark outside and he didn't have much to seclude him. As he continued to dart through the trees he heard the crow of a few ravens flocking from the trees. He was almost far enough into the park to find a place to hide, and then he heard a tree fall from behind him.

He stopped suddenly, tripping himself on a tree root as he wiped his head back to look behind him. He sucked in a breath as he saw the evil creature standing over him, features shadowed by the ebbing twilight.

The monster smiled at him with a face so starkly beautiful that Nisei gasped fear and a certain awe.

"Hello Nisei."


Ritsuka awoke groggily in his queen sized bed reaching for his buzzing cell phone. He sat up shirtless and rubbed his eyes trying to focus on the name on the caller ID.

"ZERO" was what it read.

Ritsuka's ears shot up in surprise and shoved the phone to his ear.

"Youji?! Natsuo?!" Ritsuka answered in a burst on energy.

"He's dead." Stated the voice on the other end.

Ritsuka gasped.

Soubi blinked sleepily and looked up at his sacrifice in slight confusion.

Ritsuka looked down, noticing Soubi's sleepy gaze, a face of horror still spread out onto his features. Soubi gasped.

"What's going on?" The sentoki asked while sitting up next to Ritsuka.

The dark-haired boy held up a hand and waved it in front of Soubi's face, shushing him.

Soubi frowned in irritation as he watched Ritsuka speak intently on the phone.

Ritsuka let out a worried sigh as he hung up the phone and slid it back onto the side table next to the bed.

Soubi turned to him with a meaningful stare; Ritsuka just hung his head.

"Nisei is dead."


Ritsuka and his Sentoki went to the small club on the corner of Lyl street. It was where they were told to meet the Zero team.

Soubi frowned as they entered the tiny place. It was dark and it stank of cigarettes inside, the windows were covered in band flyers and pictures and the walls seemed to bleed of sweat.

Soubi quickly sat a table up front near the stage, waving at Ritsuka to follow him. Ritsuka stood wide eyed staring at the place with wondered features.

As he made his way to the chair next to his Sentoki a wide smile spread across Ritsuka's features. Soubi gave him a sideways glance.

"What has Ritsuka smiling so big?" He asked almost grinning.

Ritsuka shrugged not taking his eyes off of the little club.

"It- It's so small and it has so much character…it's so insignificant and unique!"

Soubi frowned and let out a sigh.

"I almost forgot how much Ritsuka likes insignificant and unique things."

Ritsuka narrowed his eyes playfully at Soubi's remark.

"Is that a bad thing?!"

Soubi shook hi head vigorously raising a hand to Ritsuka's statement.

"Not at all, not at all."

The band members entered the stage and finished setting up their equipment. Ritsuka smiled hugely as he spied Youji and Natsuo walk on in front of him.

Natsuo turned to look at her old friend and smiled quickly as she gave Ritsuka a little wave. Youji looked up from what he was doing and waved to while giving him a smug grin.

Ritsuka looked at his Sentoki and smiled excitedly.

"Did you know the Zeros were in a band?!"

Soubi shrugged.

"I heard they had taken up a fascination with music but I sort of forgot about it.

Ritsuka frowned.

"You're not a very good friend Soubi." His Sacrifice stated mater- of- factly.

Soubi grinned and tapped Ritsuka's shoulder.

The dark haired boy looked up suddenly, meeting Soubi's gaze.

"What kind of music do you think they play?" His Sentoki asked with all seriousness.

Ritsuka looked perplexed for a moment, thinking deeply.

"Well considering they're personalities I'll go with Punk, real Punk or maybe some kind of industrial music."

Soubi shrugged.

"I was thinking more along the lines of metal they're pretty crazy and I doubt they have the attention span to make industrial music."

"Wanna bet on it?"

Soubi raised a brow.

"Like I could dream of beating Ritsuka…"

The two sat in anticipation for the show to start, both sipping on assorted beverages.

Natsuo slung on her red bass and Youji his pink guitar. The drummer and girl on keyboard were both unknown to the pair watching. People were beginning to enter the little club and suddenly the place became crowded. Normally this would have bothered Ritsuka but he was so curious about the Zero's band that he didn't even notice.

They began to play and much to Soubi and Ritsuka's surprise they started playing "She's a bad mamajama."

Ritsuka gaped.

"What the hell is this?!" Ritsuka shouted to his friend over the music.

Soubi smiled.

"It's Funk Ritsuka."

"she's a bad mamajamma, just as fine as she can be."

"Her body measurements are perfect in every dimension
She's got a figure that's sho' 'nuff gettin' attention
She's poetry in motion, a beautiful sight to see
I get so excited viewin' her anatomy."

Ritsuka was on his feet by the second chorus, pulling Soubi up to dance with the crowed. They jumped and clapped, dancing to the happy beat.

"I didn't know Youji could sing!" Ritsuka yelled over to Soubi who smiled and shrugged.

"Looks like she's poured into the gold, she bad
The essence of beauty, ooh, such lovely hair
She's foxy, classy, oh, sexy, sassy
She's heavenly, a treat for the eye to see!"

As the night went on they danced all the way till the last song "You dropped a Bomb on me" was played.

By then Ritsuka was dancing embarrassingly old –school, clapping his hands and sliding across the floor from side to side. His long hair falling out it's ponytail. Soubi gladly danced next to him, and just as badly (with just a little more taste). He watched happily as Ritsuka's head bobbed up and down; A serious face of concentration on his features.

"You dropped a bomb on me, baby
You dropped a bomb on me (But you turned me on, baby)
You dropped a bomb on me, baby
You dropped a bomb on me, You were my thrills, you were my pills
You dropped a bomb on me
You turn me out, you turn me on
You turned me loose, then you turned me wrong!"

When the show was over they clapped and sat back down, waiting for the Zeros to join them. A big grin was still plastered on Ritsuka's face, making Soubi smile at him happily.

"What?!" Ritsuka demanded.

Soubi just sighed, resting his chin in his hand.

"It's just so nice to see you happy Ritsuka, you're always so serious."

Ritsuka frowned for a moment.

"I- I don't mean to be so unpleasant Soubi…"

Soubi waved his Sacrifice's comment off, grinning.

"Ritsuka, you're not unpleasant. You're- You're just so grown up. I just wish sometimes you'd act as young as you are…your remind me of-of…"

Soubi stopped suddenly, afraid of what he was about to accidentally.

Ritsuka looked away from Soubi and stared down at his shoes.

"It always comes back to Seimei, doesn't it?"

Soubi blushed in embarrassment.

"He does seem to find a way to do that to us, to all of us, doesn't he?"