Seimei looked very peaceful laying there, sleeping.

Ritsuka laid his head on his older brother's face his features sullen as he waited for Seimei to wake up. Nagisa sat next to him on a stool resting her chin on her hand.

"You know Ritsuka, he's going to be ok. If you keep stressing out you could go into labor and no one wants that right now."

Ritsuka sat up, looking into Nagisa's eyes.

"I know, I was just so close to loosing him again, really loosing my big brother this time. It still scares me."

"But Ritsuka." Nagisa smiled softly, placing a hand on the younger boys. "Everything is ok now, don't you understand that? No one will stop you from being happy again, not Ritsu, not your parents, not even Seimei. Everything has worked it's self out for the best. We're all free...even I am, now. I miss Ritsu alot, and I'm sure a part of Soubi misses him too...but we can really live now that we aren't preoccupied with him. You can too...and now there's no reason for you not to know the whole truth from your brother for the things he's done in the past. Because, Ritsuka, you're about to start a new part of your life, you're about to become a parent."

Ritsuka stared at Nagisa in disbelief, his mouth slightly agape.

"I've never heard you talk like that're so... diferent. Th-thank you."

Nagisa reached for Ritsuka and pulled him close, her face a little sad.

"I feel difrent, I think helping you guys go through this has made me change my veiw about things...and so much has changed in these few months. I realize how I should have treated the children I had created...maybe by helping your family I can change...just little by little."

Ritsuka smiled and sighed, letting himself become comfortable in Nagisa's arms.

"That makes me happy, that maybe you got as much out of helping us as we did...well maybe not as much but at least a little bit."

Nagisa sat up, looking a bit sheepish.

"So I was thinking...would you like it if I was your family doctor? I think that might be the smartest move, since there are so many strange curcumstances in wich you baby was concieved. Things may happen in the future that could be unexplained by a regular doctor."

Ritsuka's face turned white and he nodded vigorously.

"Of course, I mean, do you think bad stuff could happen to my baby?!"

Nagisa's eyes widened and she shook her head.

"Oh no, no I don't see why the baby won't be normal, I'm just saying that maybe his gentetic make up will be diferent or something. Don't start worrying about things like that."

Ritsuka nodded as he looked down at his baby's father, he face serine.

"Thank you, Nagisa. I can never repay you, for doing so much for us. Just...thank you."


Seimei scratched at his bandaged neck, frowning.

"I don't care if it looks scary I just want to take this crap off..."

Ritsuka shook his head, leaning back against the bed, his hands on his huge tummy.

"You're acting uncharacterisicly like a child, Seimei. Just wear the bandage, it's only for a few weeks."

Seimei smiled, leaning down to kiss Ritsuka's head.

"Did I mention that I'm in love with you?" Seimei purred, burrying his face in his little brother's neck.

Ritsuka blushed.

"Hmm...I think you mentioned something like that in the past..."

Seimei raised up, biting his bottom lip, his cheeks a bit flushed.

"Did Ritsuka say he wanted some thing to eat...maybe a popcile or-."

Ritsuka shook his head vigorously, putting his hand in Seimei's face.

"No Way! I don't feel well at all today, Seimei. I don't have an appetite...and I definatly don't want to have sex. Plus! " Ritsuka huffed. "You're still very injured."

Seimei frowned, his face almost taking the form of a pout.

"I'm not -that- injured." Seimei complained under his breath.

Ritsuka rolled his eyes. "I'm going to lay down, my back hurts." The boy stated rolling over on the bed, trying to get comfortable.

Seimei frowned worriedly.

"You need to eat little brother, it's already twelve. Do you want me to make you something light? I can make you some rice."

Ritsuka pursed his lips, nodding.

"Yes, could you bring me my book?"

Seimei rose from where he was sitting, nodding as he searched for his shirt on the floor.

"It won't be too long little brother."

With that Seimei left the room, closing the door slightly behind him.

Having Seimei home again definatly put Ritsuka at ease again. He loved Soubi but he didn't really like him following him around all the time asking him if he was ok. He needed to be finishing up school with Kio and Ritsuka didn't want Soubi missing anymore assignments either. Plus, Seimei was so much better at taking care of him, he always knew what Ritsuka needed without him even having to ask.

Ritsuka sighed, burrying his head into his pillow. His back was really hurting today, he just didn't seem like he could ignore it like usual. He really wasn't very hungry at all, but Seimei would often guilt him into eating something. He'd say "Ritsuka! Our baby is can't tell it no just because -you- don't feel like having Ramen." And Ritsuka would give in with a pout, of course.

"OH!" Ritsuka squeeked, reaching back to rub his lower back. The pain seemed to be gathering there, throbbing.

"Man, this baby is going to be the death of me. " Ritsuka sighed, sitting up and reaching for his laptop. "So much for a taking a nap."

Seimei walked intot he room balancing a bowl with chop stick in one hand and Ritsuka's book in the other.

"All done." Seimei greeted him with a smile, setting his things on the bed. "I thought you were gonna lay down."

Seimei sat next to his brother on the bed, crossing his legs. Ritsuka placed his laptop on the sidetable next to the bed, angling it toward where he was sitting.

"I decided to watch something...I'd go into the living room but I really ust want to rest in here. My back is hurting alot today."

Seimei nodded, placing a hand on Ritsuka's head, stroking his silky hair.

"I'm sorry, I wish I could help you. Maybe after you eat, you'll feel like napping."

Ritsuka rested his head on Seimei's shoulder, sighing.

"Maybe, I usually do. Thank you, brother, I like it when you take care of me."

Seimei laughed, resting his head on Ritsuka's.

"You sound like you're getting sleeping. Maybe you'll nap after all." Seimei laughed a bit, sounding amused. "Now eat, I've got to finish writing an article."

Ritsuka nodded, submissivly, as he watched Seimei get up and stretch, leaning down to his him on the forehead.

"Feel better ok, I'll be in the dining room if you need me."


Ritsuka woke up with a start. It had only been about an hour after he had fallen asleep with his rice in his lap and his chop stick in his hand. Seimei must have come to check on me, Ritsuka thought, struggling to sit up as he looked around the room for his bowl.

As he sat up he suddenly realized what had awaken him from his nap, he tensed up as pain spread through out his back and lower abdomen. He sucked in a breath, his heart thrumming in his chest.

"What was that?!" Ritsuka gasped, resting his hands on his belly.

He was about to call for Seimei when he suddenly felt sick, hs stomach turning from the unexpected pain. He wobbled to his feet and made his way to the bathroom, his head swiming a bit. He then let himslef fall to his knees, his exsessive weight making the act painful. He gasped and then heaved into the toilet, his face growing hot from the nausea.

He threw up for a few minutes, barley stopping to take a breath. Ritsuka leaned his head on his arms, panting, his body finally seeming to return to normal. He tried to get up on his feet again to go into the living room but the same quick but unyeilding pain caught him off gaurd and he fell back to his knees, graoning.

"W-what is this?" Ritsuka asked himself. He could hear his own fear resonating in his voice.

He sat there on the bathroom floor for a moment, trying to figure out if it was just a normal pain, or if it could be serious.

Ritsuka gasped when the pain returned, but he braced himself, gripping his fingure into the rug on the floor as he leaned back and waited for the squeezing pressure to subside.

Ritsuka tried to stand up again, staggering, as he held onto the towel rack next to him. He walk out into the livingroom, his heart banging in his chest. Although the pain was periodical, his back still hurt so badly, it was throbbing and every time Ritsuka took a step he could feel it.

"AH!" Ritsuka whimpered, rubbing his stomach as another wave of pain hit him, crippling him. "This is worst than I imagined!" Ritsuka huffed to himself letting himself falter to the carpeted floor.

The cramping lasted a little longer this time Ritsuka realized as he held his breath, waiting for it to stop again.

"Seimei!" Ritsuka cried. "I need you!"

He heard Seimei's foot step running toward him from the other room. He sucked in a breath, shutting his eyes tightly. This was going to be it...the defining moment in his life, everything he would live for, for the rest of his life, was going to come in the next few hours.

Seimei knelt down and pulled Ritsuka into his arms, his hands shaking.

"What is it?!" He demanded, his voice wavering. "Are you ok Ritsuka?!"

Ritsuka let himself open his eyes and he suddenly felt emotion rise up in his throat as he looked into Seimei's beautiful owrried features.

"I- I think I'm having the baby...I think we need to go to Nagisa's...the contractions are alot closer together than I thought the would be."

Seimei's face dropped from worry to suddenly intent. He bent his head down and kissed Ritsuka softly before he got up and hurried off into the bedroom, shuffling around a bit before he came out with a bag.

"I've got your things, we're gonna get there as fast as I can drive, do you think you can last that long?!"

Ritsuka nodded, although he really had no idea how long it would be until the baby came, or how he could even give birth to it without assistance.

"Good, Ok Um.." Seimei looked around the aparment with confussed and uncertain features. "I think we've got everything."

Ritsuka smiled, suddenly feel a twinge of excitment, but not completely leaving his fear behind.

Seimei pulled the strap of Ritsuka's messanger bag full of his things over his shoulder and then stooped down the help Ritsuka to his feet. Ritsuka drapped his wieght over Seimei's shoulder and braced himself as they slowly made their way out the door.

Ritsuka looked worriedly at his brother's features, Seimei seemed so calm, Ritsuka didn't know how he could feel that way when he, himslef, felt like he was being brought to the brink with worry.

"Ritsuka." Seimei spoke, his voice calm and even. " In a few hours....we'll be parents. By this time tomorrow...w-we'll have a baby with a name and a little cradle to lay it in...We'll have this reality to hold in our arms..."

Ritsuka stopped walking to look up at his brother's face, wich had greatly changed from this emmotional beauty, his eyes were so far away and his lips were curved grafully into an angelic smile.

"S-Seimei..." Ritsuka whispered reaching up to touch his face. "I'm afraid...but- but I know one thing, if it all works're going to be a great father. I think that's what we survived all of this for. For our baby...I think we're going to learn how to be happy."

Seimei turned to look at Ritsuka, his gaze soft and ethereal.

"You're so wise for your age, my little brother, sometimes you know just what to say."

Ritsuka smiled through his sudden pain as another contraction took over his body.

"I l-love you Seimei...but I think we've got to hurry, it's hurting alot."


Soubi crossed his arms, he could hide how nervous he was, even Kio could see it on his face.

"Calm down, Sou-chan, it'll be fine, you'll see." Kio pulled the sucker from his mouth and studied it, pretending to be interested in it's dents and ridges.

The two were called out of class while Seimei was on the way to Gora. They had rushed to the school as soon as they got the news, they were even still dressed in their paint spatterted aprons, Soub's hair still pulled back.

Soubi put a cigarette shaily to his lips, pulling a lighte from his pocket. Kio frowned.

"Don't smoke outside of the place were Ritsuka's having the baby! It's bad luck." Kio spouted, pull the cigarette from Soubi's lips. Soubi knit his brow, frowning.

"No it isn't, Kio."

They were statled by the sudden opening of the door, Seimei came out, his face worried.

Soubi's eyes widened.

"What is it, Sei-kun?!" Kio asked, his hands on his hips.

"We came too late...we can't have the c-section, apperantly Ritsuka is too far along in the delivery to do that..."

Soubi's face showed his horror, his eye brow twitching.

"C-can he really do that...can his body handle does it-."

Seimei cut him off, his face irritated.

"He can do it, Nagisa said he could...that his body had developed to handle it. I'm just as scared as you are...I wouldn't want to have a baby naturally if I had the choice either."

Soubi cringed.

"Does he at least get pain medication?"

Seimei frowned, shaking his head.

"No epidural, for the same reason. He's too far along. But after the baby is born he can have all the morphine he wants...not that I really like that either."

They heard Ritsuka cry out, and Soubi looked like he might jump out his his skin. Kio looked incredulously at his boyfriend, a half smile playing on his lips.

"Don't mind him, Sei-kun, just go be a daddy, we'll be fine out here."

Seimei smiled just a little before he nodded and went back into the lab, shutting the heavy door behind him.

"Naturally..." Was all Soubi could get out as Kio stood next to him on the balcony.

"Calm down, Seimei doesn't seem too worried, and you know how he is about Ritsuka. Just stop worrying. Imagine about how you get to see the little Ritsuka baby after all of this is over."

Soubi nodded, his face begining to light up.

"I bet it'll be cute just like Ritsuka, have his pretty hair and eyes...and those little ears."

Kio laughed, running his fingures through his hair.

"Yeah, that would be adorible. I wonder if it's a girl or a boy. Hmm...I think it would be cute either way, although I think Ritsuka would make a pretty girl."

Soubi laughed.

"He is awfully girly, isn't he?"

Kio joined him in a laugh, his smile infectious.

"Do you think we'll be together long enough to worry about kids, Sou-chan?" Kio asked, his laughter dying down.

Soubi raised a brow, pulling his arm around Kio's shoulders.

"I think we can talk about it when ever we want. I love you, Kio. I don't just go around loving anyone. So the way I see it, I want to be with you..well, as long as I'm alive."

Kio face softened, his cheeks burning a bit.

"Th-then what about children, Sou-can? Can we some how have any?"

Soubi frowned, his features determined.

"Umm...I don't really see how. But what I di think is that this baby...we could help raise this one. And, unless the oportunity represnts it's self, like it did with Ritsuka, and the zeros in the past, then I'm not going to seek out adopting any on my own. Because, I'm sure that we will have the oportunity in the always seems to end up that way."

Kio thought about this for a moment, nodding.

"You're right...I'm not sure how I feel about having my own child, but I'll always help someone who needs it."

Soubi leaned down and Kissed Kio's forehead, clutching his shoulder in his large hand.

"We think the same way...I think we must be made for eachother."

Kio sighed leaning his head on Soubi's shoulder.

"We must be."


The crying was unmistakable. Seimei looked with wide unbelieveing eyes at the little child in Nagisa's arms. It was so fragile looking. He watched in wonder from Ritsuka's side as the cord was cut and the baby was wrapped quickly in a small white blanket. Seimei almost couldn't understnad the emmotions battling in his chest. He felt so overwhemled, his eyes brimed with wetness as he watched Nagisa place the baby in Ritsuka's weak arms.

Ritsuka sighed sleepily as he held the whimpering baby to him tightly.

"My little boy..." Ritsuka breathed, stroking the baby's wet auburn hair.

Seimei could remember clearly the night, almost six months ago, when they had made that connection....realized how in love with eachother they were, him and had kissed him deeply and they had taken eachother's ears...and in this act, this revelation, they had conceived this little child, this beautiful half of both of them.

Seimei wiped his cheeks, staring down at his little boy crying weakly in his younger brother's arms.

"What-what will we name him, Ritsuka?" Seimei asked breathlessly, running his hands through Ritsuka's damp hair.

Ritsuka smiled up at Seimei's softly sentimental features.

"I-I like Saskia, if that's ok with you."

"Saskia? I think it fits him perfectly...he looks like a Saskia." Seimei said smiling at the baby who had stopped crying and appeared to be resting, his angelic face burried in Ritsuka's chest.

"Saskia..." Seimei mouthed, looking down at the baby's who's features almost exactly mimicked his own.

Ritsuka sighed as Nagisa took the baby from his arms to wash him up.

"You'll have to feed him right after I get done, ok." She said satring down at the little boy in her arms. "Man, even this small he looks just like you Seimei." Nagisa giggled just a bit.

Seimei's cheeks flushed deeply.

"I guess he does." He smiled a bit proudly.


Soubi held tightly to Kio's hand as they walked into the Lab. It was bright with the light of the setting sun and had a sudden calming affect.

They both followed Seimei to Ritsuka's bedside where the sixteen yearold boy was sleeping soudly with the baby also sleeping in his arms.

"Oh my god, Seimei...he looks just like you, look at that hair!" Soubi exclaimed, the noise making the baby's ears flicker just a bit. Seimei laughed a little, and then frowned at Soubi, scoldingly.

"Be quiet Soubi...if you wake him I'll...errmm." Seimei bit his lip, trying to hold onto his patience.

Kio laughed, rubbing the defeated Soubi's hand, soothingly.

"Aw, it's ok Sou-chan. You just don't know how to act around 's all."

Soubi raised a brow and then looked back down at the baby, a small sigh esacping him.

"He is beautiful though, really Seimei..." Soubi sighed appricatively. "You've named yet?"

Seimei nodded, a proud smile curving his lips.

"His name is Aoyagi Saskia Onagai. Ritsuka named him...I think it's cute."

Kio laughed a little.

"He should have just named him Little Seimei..."

Seimei laughed too, placing a hand on Soubi's shoulder.

SOubi became rigid in suprise.

"I'm gld that Saskia has such a good family to raise him, It's so much more than Ritsuka and I have had. And I'm glad you guys are in his life...I just wanted to tell you that."

Soubi and Kio both looked up at Seimei in awe.

"Seimei, so much has changed in the last few months, our relationships, our lives, how we see eachother. I- I'm glad...I'm glad I got to know you, how you really are Seimei. In a way I think it's healed me...and I'd like to think that with Saskia born...that we are made a real family."

Soubi placed a hand on Seimei's shoulder as well, and wasn't shrugged off. Seimei smiled warmly, his features soft and unyeilding.

"I'm glad too."