Temple Academy

Author's Note:Digit, Jinx, Nubia, Cedric, Syren, Cameon, Faerie, and Arcanel belong to me. I do not own Spyro, Cynder, Flame, Ember, Sparx, or any other characters belonging to Activision and Insomniac Games or their respective creators.

Chapter 1: Off to a Gassy Start

The temple was a chorus of exuberant murmurs, laughs, and sighs. Digit waited as he sat on his haunches. Nervousness shone in his amber eyes. It was the first day at Temple Academy, and he couldn't wait to start the semester. He turned to observe the other young dragons conversing amongst one another. The ice dragons boasted about their talents, capabilities, and heritages, and the fire dragons chatted about sports, games, and sparring. Most of the electric dragons rambled on about the classes and its subjects with the earth dragons commenting concisely.

In the middle of their conversations, Digit felt his nervousness escalate to a new level. Never before had he been this apprehensive in his entire life. Whenever he felt this way, he would always embarrass himself. C'mon, Digit, it's just school, the young earth dragon told himself. What's the worst that can happen?

However, Digit soon learned what was worse. A sudden bubbly constipated feeling boiled in his stomach. No, it can't happen now, he thought with a groan. This is the worse time to be farting. Taking a Scanning around him, Digit noticed a lone black dragoness idly pawing the ground in boredom, her head bowed. She was a lithe and graceful creature with emerald green eyes, underbelly, and wings, and something about her seemed to interest him. Whether it was beauty, loneliness, or appearance, he couldn't tell. For a moment, he forgot about the uncomfortable feeling. Digit didn't pay attention to his gut until it was too late. A loud fart escaped his bowels and echoed through the temple causing Digit to blink. Uh-oh…

He froze as the chatter came to a breath-taking halt. He searched his mind for a valid explanation or excuse to say, but he couldn't find one. Digit hoped that they would dismiss the noise and continue to talk. It was a simple mistake and biological process. Why would anyone care? However, the dragons questioned each other of who the culprit was. They went on with the investigation and were about to quit when someone pointed out Digit. All eyes turned towards him.

Among them was his older brother Cedric, an earth dragon like him. Cedric was an athletic and stocky sort of a dragon with the forest green scales and yellow under scales. He had light brown spots on his front legs. He broke away from the group and stared at Digit with a smug expression. "Well, well, well, you're off to a gassy start, huh? Did you just let one rip?"

Digit smiled weakly at his brother because Cedric learned of the random moments of flatulence his father had. In fact, Cedric had grown up with him since they were tykes. The older earth dragon often teased him for having such a condition.

Darn, I hate when he does this, Digit thought. He always pieces the puzzle together before anyone else has a chance to. With a deep sigh, he nodded his head.

Every dragon roared with laughter. Hearing their voices, Digit blushed and lowered his head. He placed a paw before his face, wishing the ground would swallow him. Wonderful, the first ten minutes, and everyone think I'm a loser. When he looked up at them again, he noticed that the black dragoness wasn't laughing at him. Instead, she stared at him with a mixture of confusion, interest, and disgust in her vibrant eyes. That expression quickly faded into a little smile as she swished her tail from side to side. A small giggle escaped her lips.

Maybe this day won't be bad as I thought, Digit told himself, smiling. Hoping to impress the dragoness, Digit winked at her and struck a movie star pose. However, his stomach disagreed with him and a small fart was introduced into the cool autumn air. Fortunately, the black dragoness was the only one to hear it. She laughed again and winked at him. Digit blushed and looked down at his paws. Great, just great…

Digit considered speaking up and going over to the dragoness, but something creaked. It drew his attention as well as the other teenage dragons. Turning to the front entrance of the enormous stone temple, he saw the wooden doors swing outward. The time had come. The Dragon Elders were coming.