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Invaded Existence

Chapter One

It wasn't but two hours earlier when I satiated my thirst. Yet, already I want more. I'm usually good for several days after I get my fill. That scent! That heavenly, wonderfully delicious scent is calling to me. Suddenly, I'm ravenous and nothing but the person whose scent that belongs to will satisfy me.

I have just returned from my 'camping trip'. You see I came across two hikers in the northwestern mountains along the Canadian border. However, their hiking days are now over thanks to me. Hikers missing, it happens all the time.

Being a vampire for so long has left me with wonderful senses. Oh, I can smell the blood of my prey from very far away. I'm usually pretty particular though about my prey. I, of course, always practice on the side of caution. In my line of 'work,' as I think I'll call it, we vampires know that we must keep our presence unknown. It wouldn't do for one of us to lose our composure say in the middle of a crowded airport. No, we know that we must always keep humans thinking that vampires are only a myth. Then only humans that know of our existence only know for a short time before we have drained them of their blood.

Wondering through Port Angeles, Washington is when I came across the powerful scent. That is where I am now, following the trail to finally fulfill the destiny that awaits the unknown owner.

The scent has led me to an alleyway in the port district. As I close in on the source, I am stopped by a rather curious sight in front of me. Three men are surrounding a young girl and their thoughts are consumed with how they are going to take her.

'Virgin meat, man, I can't wait to be inside that.'

'Bet she's got a tight pussy.'

'I'm gonna take her from behind.'

I can't get a read on the girl's thoughts. Funny, with being as scared as she is sure to be, then I should be able to pick up some of those thoughts. Who cares? Her brain is probably in shock or something.

One of my enhanced gifts of being a vampire is the fact that I can hear the thoughts of others, other vampires and humans. I am rare in the extra gift department. Not all vampires have any other gifts besides what comes with our vampiric nature. This human girl is the only person I have ever come across that I have not been able to get a read on. Hmm, like I said, it must be shock.

"Stop! Please, let me go. Please!" I hear the beautiful voice of the girl cry out even though it is laced in fear.

"No can do, darlin'" the red-headed swine said as he tore at the girl's shirt.

"Yeah, come on baby, it's all in good fun," said the dark haired greaser.

"Please…please…don't do this…j…just let me go" the girl begged.

I sigh and realize I can't let these cretins damage my meal. So I guess I'm going to have to take care of them. I guess some appetizers couldn't hurt.

I start with the red-headed, beer bellied pig. It's quite easy; I just slam him against the brick wall and snap his neck. I decide not to partake any of this one because this specimen is just nauseating.

I then grab the spiky, sandy haired, surfer dude want-to-be and sink my teeth into his neck. I drain him within five seconds. So easy. It's hardly a challenge anymore.

I then turn my attentions to the last one. Watching this guy is like seeing one of those comic book scenes where the guy is frozen in fear as he awaits his impending doom. I can't help the chuckle that escapes my lips as I approach him. He can't form any words but his thoughts are non-stop.

'Oh shit! What the hell is he? Did he just suck Tim's blood? Oh my God. He's a fucking monster. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die.'

"That's right. You are going to die." I say as I knock him down and drain him instantly.

Then my attention turns to the girl. She's standing, but leaning against the building. Tears are streaming down her face. Her petite body is shaking uncontrollably. Her long, brown hair is a mess of tangles around her face. I can see large, chocolate brown eyes underneath the tears welling in her eyes. There seems to be some bruises forming on one side of her face. Her shirt is torn open revealing a lacey, pink bra. I can see another bruise beginning to form over her right breast.

As torn and beaten as she looks, I still must admit that she is quite the beauty. She also seems to have a stunning body. Maybe I could prolong my thirst longer now that it's been somewhat satisfied. It would be nice to be able to soothe more than one desire.

"They won't be bothering you anymore my sweet." I said as I approached her while taking in even more of her luscious body.

I put my hand up to her cheek and gently stroked it. "So beautiful."

I let my hand trail down from her cheek down to her throat to her collar bone and to her chest. I skimmed my hand over the swell of her breasts. "It's a good thing I stopped them before they violated you. They don't deserve to touch such beauty." I then slipped my hand underneath her bra. Fantastic! Nice, plump mound right under my hand, just begging for my attention.

She began shaking violently now and I could hear sobs coming from deep within her throat. Her body started to slump down, but I caught her.

"Shh, I've got you my sweet," I said to her as I brought her up into my arms. "I'm going to take you home and get you out of these clothes." and into my bed.