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"Mother, may I go with you to Summer Solstice on Mount Olympus? I promise to not cause trouble."

Demeter glanced at her child with a long exasperated look plastered on her face. She sighed, "No, Kore. You are too young to be attending celebrations on Olympus. Besides, last time we visited I let you run along with Hermes. I found you out later, Kore. I do not trust Hermes."

Kore's face turned a deep shade of crimson, almost matching her amber hair. You don't trust me! Besides, who does not play games on Mount Olympus?

She looked at Demeter with disdain, as always, when she was not allowed to anything. "Fine" she muttered while storming off into the forest.

The nymphs came out eager to greet their friend. Usually, Kore would run down the hills with the nymphs or take a refreshing swim in the springs with the naiads. They had been her constant companions since birth. That day, the Goddess of Spring ran down the hills acknowledging nobody, enveloped in her wrath. As she ran the flowers began to wilt from exhaustion, like they had been exposed to the damaging rays of the sun. Her friends avoided her, knowing, firsthand, that she could throw big tantrums.

She ran until she was too exhausted to be mad. Her trail of dead, wilting flowers beacme an easy path for those who would wish to pursue her. She walked by the refreshing stream, slipping her feet in while her tears rippled the water.

I am not a child, anymore. Why cannot Mother see that I am no longer a child?

Stifling back her tears, she submerged herself into the cool spring. Her, mossy green, doric chiton clinging to her adolescent curves.

Creusa, the naiad, stuck her head out of the water. Her hair a sleek blonde, and her eyes, a misty oceanic blue, "Will you be joining us at summer solstice? Apollo will be playing his lyre. Oh, how I long to see Apollo! He has not visited me since Winter Solstice, and I long for his company."

Kore let out a saddened sigh, "No, I have been forbidden to go. Send Apollo my greetings."

Creusa began to giggle with mischief. "Your mother forbade you to go. But, did she make you swear on the River Styx?" With those final words Creusa sank into the water.

A spark caught in Kora's golden eyes. She never did.

His dark green eyes glared at her, while she crossed his throne. Lovely place to be a Queen, she thought.

He whispered in his dark, velvety voice, "Eris, what a pleasure to see you." Oh, what a pleasure indeed, he mused to himself.

Eris, the Goddess of Discord, walked over to him. His dark green eyes took in account of her disastrous beauty. Her hair, raven black, was let down long and sleek like the moonless night. Her clothing left very little to the imagination. Her smoldering black eyes, almost as black as Chaos itself, looking directly into his. He reached a hand out to her smooth, ivory skin.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" he asked, almost purring to himself.

"I am glad that I please you, Lord Hades. Though I grow weary for Ares has not taken me these past few months, because of, that wretched, Aphrodite. It has been a dull winter, with nobody to play with. I was wondering, perhaps, if you could entertain me, Lord Hades?"

He grabbed her waist bringing her lips to his. I know many ways to entertain you Eris. Eris pulled away, quickly.

"My Lord, I come here asking you to accompany me to Summer Solstice. It has been long since you have attended, you and I both."

His face grew somber, for an instant it looked like Death flickered through his eyes. He growled, "What business, have I on Mt. Olympus? None of my brethren invited me, therefore I shall not go. Now, is that all you are here for Eris?"

He looked up to see a cold smile play on her face. "My Lord, I am here for you."

At those puny words, his breath caught. He moved his lips against hers caressing the small of her back. His thoughts accelerated further, but he would find out he could not act upon them.

"Ahem" someone cleared their throat. He brought his gaze to the Moirae. The Fates stood before him holding a beautiful tapestry of woven threads full of knotts and thinning edges.

He glared at them with evident annoyance in his eyes. He pulled himself away from Eris. Her face began to contort with anger. "How may I be of assistance, ladies?"

Clothos spoke first, "Lord Hades, the annoying messenger god left something for you. In the process he made me ruin a nice life thread."

Atropos spoke next, "I did not have the chance to cut the thread, my lord. So make haste and read it."

"Ladies, I would love to, but I'm in the middle of something. I'll call on you when I am finished."

All three spoke in unison, "Yes, Lord Hades."

While retreating Lachesis muttered to her sisters, "He is not aware of how important the Solstice will be for him this summer." They all burst into a frenzy of giggles. Hades cast a glance at them.They have been acting queer. Now back to business.

"My Lord, why do you have two thrones? You are neither married nor have a Queen." But, I would love to be your Queen.

The throne was, completely fascinating, carved out of Death itself, with jewels emitting a luminiscent glow. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, onyx, and pearls were arranged meticulously depicting small stories. He was not known as the God of Wealth, for nothing.

"If I ever choose to be married, I have the decorations well underhand. I want my Queen to have the best, which is why her throne is adorned with jewels from Dis. Everything will belong to her." She eyed the jewels hungrily like a wolf devouring its prey. If only they were mine.

He noticed that hungry look in her eyes. She could not hide it from him, spending so much time with the dead led him to read eye expressions easily. Suddenly, he was in the mood to be alone. "Eris, my dear, I am tired and if you plan on going to Summer Solstice then you must hurry and change."

"You're coming?" she pondered with hope. He shook his head and crossed the throne room to sit in his rightful throne. The throne forced upon him by Fate and Zeus. Damn Zeus, he thought.

"Charon will accompany you. I have personal matters to attend to. People never stop dying. Will you come back and visit me?" he inquired.

I will come back and visit until I am Queen, she silently thought to herself. "Of course, my Lord. I hope we can pick up where we left off." She gathered herself and walked out of the throne room fuming with anger.

Charon helped her across the river, Acheron, towards the exit of the Underworld. Eris sat uncomfortably at the edge of the ferry with the Dead glancing at her. They sat on the ferry either weeping to themselves or gazing at the water of Acheron deciding if it was worth the risk to try to escape. But nobody could escape Death, especially not in the Underworld. Their eyes were glazed over making them look glossy and creating a cetain detachment from relaity. Those who eyed Eris, gazed at her with jealousy, for she lived eternally.

Eris averted her eyes to other objects, rather than the Dead. She held no sympathy for the dead. Humans were only pawns in the games she lived to play.

"Charon, your Master has given order, that you are to accompany me to Summer Solstice."

He nodded, never speaking a word. His black eyes were old and tired. I'll be the laughing stock on Olympus. Who would want to take Charon? He's no fun.

Hades looked at the envelope with Zeus' lightning bolt seal. He sighed, then opened it slowly, like it was his Death. He grimaced when he finished reading it.


Brother, I seek your advice tonight after Summer Solstice. I am afraid I cannot mention it in the letter. You are to be here, no matter what. The meeting, though, concerns our Grandfather. If you do not attend, I will visit you to drag you here myself.

Zeus, King of Gods

His eyes then turned as black as his Underworld. I am older; he should have been listening to me.

Hecate entered the room, wearing a black exomis outlining her curves. Her black hair was in loose curls. "Hades, Artemis calls on me to visit her. I will be back tomorrow."

If only she weren't chaste, he mused. "I will accompany you Hecate. I have business to attend to on Mount Olympus. I need to ready my chariot."

Hecate glanced at Hades, "My Lord, you never leave the Underworld. Are you sure that you will accompany me?" Hades could feel the question underneath her tone. The will-you-try-to-have-your-way-with-me tone.

Hades rolled his eyes. "I respect your quest for chastity, Hecate. Like I said, I have important matters to attend to. Besides, I have been summoned, if not I would be here, tending to my Kingdom."

He left the throne room to find Minos, one of the judges. Minos was busy judging a poor soul and reading a scroll. "You have lived a life full of sin, full of wrong choices with no plans of redemption. Your soul is as black as Tarturus, where you belong." The poor soul began to cry, silently to itself. The Furies entered the room after hearing the verdict. The Furies, punishers of those who do wrong, dragged the soul out of the room. The poor soul clawed at them and yelled for help, for mercy, but Hades did nothing. He knew the soul had done wrong in his life and the punishment for a life full or wrong choices and actions led directly to Tartarus and under the merciless control of the Furies.

"Minos." He turned to see the King of the Underworld before him.

"My Lord, have you come to judge?"

"No, Minos. I will be leaving for a day or two, if anything occurs you may find me on Mount Olympus." Minos nodded and let another soul enter into the chamber.

"Hermes, you have to help me." Hermes reached out his hand to the Goddess' amber hair.

"Sure my love, what do you require?" Kore glanced around the forest, hoping nobody would snitch on her. Then again, the nymphs were too busy adorning themselves for Apollo.

She whispered, "You're going to sneak me into Olympus, without my mother finding out."

He choked on his own saliva, "What! But your mother forbid you. I'm already on her bad side, she would annihilate me."

"Whimp. You are supposed to be the God of Travelers, and Thieves. You need to help me, use your stealthy skills. Besides, mother forbid me from attending, but she did not make me swear on the River Styx."

Hermes glanced around the trees. "Fine, but if we get caught, we are done for." Kore jumped with glee and kissed him on the lips. It made him blush a bit, but he returned the kiss. Hermes scooped up Kore in his arms and headed for Mount Olympus.

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