Summer Masterpiece

Chapter 1, Reunited

[Sasori's Journal]

To be frank, I wasn't all that sure what to do with my summer. I could pass my time studying, but there's only so much material one needs for high school that I fear I will become over educated if I continue reading as I have. After all, I'm always at the top of my classes.

"I'm going to art camp." I wasn't a topic to debate over, I had made up my mind and I was going. I stared at my grandmother for a second or two, but, anxious for a response repeated myself.

"Grandmother? Grandmother?!"

"Hohoho, don't worry, dear, I was only pretending to be dead."

"Well, good, then you heard me." I sighed.

"Do whatever you'd like, Sasori."

I could've done extensive research into what Art camp would have been the best...but the only one close to here is that "Akatsuki" one. It's relatively new, but it's only half an hour away so it can't be too bad. I thought as I stamped the letter for my enrollment and forged my Grandmother's signature on a check to the camp.

"A nice peaceful place to create and appreciate art... that's what I want."



I stood at what had been the entrance to the school, which looked almost like an expensive private one from the outside. Smoke rose up into my face and obscured my vision, the scent of charcoal and ash rising into my nostrils, bringing with it the memory of other scents as well. Vanilla bread, sunblock, clay. Even before the smoke cleared, I knew who I would find red-handed, the culprit to the short-lived case.

"Deidara." I stated.

"M-master?" There he was, just as I had remembered him, sunflower yellow hair and black rimmed eyes, one hidden behind a veil of his long hair.

"Deidara, why did you blow you the door to the camp?" I asked, kicking a piece of wooden that had been cast away in the explosion.

"I got here early, and I thought I should show these fools here what real art is, yeah." He gave me a wide grin. "But what in the world are you doing here, Master? I haven't seen you in..." I could tell he was trying to remember as his blue eye looked up at the sky, his eyebrow moving downward in thought.

"It's been a year." I told him. That's right, the two of us an been "friends" once, long ago. During hot and sticky summer days full of vanilla bread and chocolate ice cream and countless explosions. "And I came here because I have nothing better to do, and I wanted a nice, serene place to practice my art." I saw his face fall a bit at me empathizing the word serene.

"I guess you still haven't realized what true art is, yeah." Deidara nodded his head on the "yeah" part, as if he was agreeing with his own statement.

"Not this again." I rolled my eyes. "Come on, let's get inside before anyone comes and sees what you did to the door, I don't feel like being thrown out on my first day." I walked into the building, pushing past Deidara and looking around. I would have called it a nice place had their not been pieces of it's entrance scattered on the ground. The floors were wood, which seemed odd, be it most schools and public facilities use tiling or linoleum now a days. The whole place had a sort of old charm to it, made of faced red bricks and with clean, but worn wooden doors lining the hallway. I can see myself getting used to this. I smirked, walking forward as the hyper blond boy bounced behind me, rushing so as not to lose the friend he had just found.

Deidara was an odd one, wearing his long blond hair in a pony tail and painting his finger nails, yet trying to act tough whenever anyone insulted his "art work". He was cocky, immature, and thought a lot of himself.

"You know where you're going Master, yeah?" He asked me.

Well, for all the pride Deidara had, it astonished me he could bring himself to call me with such respect. If he wants to call me master, let him. That had been my view on the matter since the first time he had substituted my name with the honorable title.

"We should go to the office, we're early. We have to pick up our uniforms, find out what dorm we're staying in, and get out schedules. Didn't you think to do any of that?" I raised my eyebrow at the blond. Truthfully, it was a stupid question. This was Deidara I was talking to, it was hard to believe he would think of anything before explosives.

Deidara looked away from me, as if the wall was more interesting than what I was saying. "Well, I just had art on my mind, yeah."

I hope he's not mad at me now. It would be easier not to fight with someone like him... and it is easier if I know someone here, that gives me an excuse not to have to talk to other people... and I guess I shouldn't lose the only person I can call a friend. I thought, deciding to try and reach out to moody boy. "Maybe we'll get dorm rooms together."

"That'd be great." Deidara beamed.

Far from it, actually. He'd keep me up all night with his firecrackers and sparklers and whatever else he managed to fit in his luggage. I thought, stepping into the office.

"Hello." A girl peered up at us, dusty pink hair framing her face. Her forehead was rather large, her eyes a shade of greenish blue. She looked around fifteen or sixteen, so it felt a tad odd to be spotting her sitting at the desk like a professional secretary. "My I help you?"

"We were wondering if we could get our schedules, uniforms, and room numbers. My name is Sasori Akasuna and this is Deidara..." I paused. "Deidara, what's your last name?"

"Does it matter? S'not like there are any other Deidara's here, yeah." Deidara shrugged.

"Right, your room numbers are room 17 for Sasori and 18 for Deidara." She told us.

I felt relieved, but I could see the disappointment on Deidara's face. "We'll have rooms next to each other, that's nice, right?" I gave him a smile, careful not to be overly generous.

"Yeah." He grinned.

"Your schedules should already be in your rooms waiting for you. If there's anything you need, just tell me." The girl at the desk smiled at us as we made our way out and up a flight of stairs.

"You look just the same as you did last year, you know, Master."

"Thank you." I wasn't sure whether he meant to compliment me, but didn't dwell on th subject.

"Let's compare our classes." Deidara suggested once we reached the dorms. They were long lines of rooms with wooden doors and rusted metal room numbers tacked on, the flooring full of scuffs from all the students that had walked the wall in the years pass. I counted fifty rooms, and assuming that this was the boy's dorm and that there were more rooms for girls on the other side of the building, came to the conclusion that at max there could only be a hundred students.

"Sure." I agreed with Deidara, "But why don't we see our rooms first?" Standing in front of my door I twisted the knob, revealing a modest, but suitable living arrangement. There were no windows in the room, but it wasn't something I particularly minded. It gave the cozy quarters an extra sense of privacy, something I knew I would end up craving after a few days of living in the public camp with other students. The bed was plain, a twin with white sheets and a firm looking pillow resting at an equally plain headboard. There was a manila folder laying on top of the the sheets, which I was pleased to see were not as old as the rest of the building. I took the folder in my hand, slipping the paper that was inside out and giving the room one last look, as if the paper was a curse and once I looked at it I would never be able to see the room again. In a way, It was. I knew Deidara wouldn't spend any time getting to know where he would be staying, and would run into my room at any moment.

There was a closet at the side of the room, the wood dark, a deep ebony that contrasted the light rosewood of the flooring. The walls were an off white, and I found myself wondering if Deidara's room too had an oddly out of place closet.

"Master Sasori!" I almost jumped at the sound of his voice behind me, almost.

"What is it, Deidara?" I played it off as if I had expected him to be there the whole time.

He held up the paper in his hand. God, he was predictable. I snatched it from his hand and held t against my own, reading down both lists at the same time.

basic pencil work 1. basic pencil work

woodworks2. sculpting

human anatomy3. pottery

Lunch 4. Lunch

painting 15. origami

still life6. painting 1

pastel works 7. pastel works

art study8. art study

"We have three classes together." I handed him his sheet back, "Block one pencil work, block seven pastel works, and block eight art study."

"We have block one together, yeah? That's great! We'll get to see each other first thing in the morning!"

Great? You're the last person I'd ever want to see first thing in the morning. I thought, visions of the chatter box exploding anything he could get his hands on floating into my mind.

"We sure have some catching up to do." He smiled.

I let out a sigh, but returned the look. "Alright, how have you been?"

"Haven't gotten arrested yet, that's a plus, yeah?" He smirked.

"Deidara, how many illegal explosives or fireworks or anything did you bring here?"

"Not enough."

I let out a chuckle. It seemed as though I had forgotten what worthy company the explosive artist was.