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The scavengers

chapter 1: scavenging

After 2033, the world experienced a devastating nuclear war. Fallout and radiation has caused widespread mutations to human and animal populations alike. Now 200 years after the war every day is a struggle for survival, raiders, smugglers, strange creatures and monsters. Resources, clean water and food where hard to find Some places like towns and villages try to remain civilized with all this chaos some people were scavengers, looting every they found and trade it for food or any other thing they like and so this is the life of everybody in the planet.

Our story begin with three young man around 19 years old, they were scavengers, they trade goods for other goods, Takuya a tanned, brown haired man was the leader of the small group, Kouichi and his twin brother Kouji were his best and only friends in this wastelands, the life has taught them many things, they had passed by many "adventures" always putting their life on the line.

Takuya was always wearing brown leather coat, a red t-shirt, a black cargo trousers, a pair of army desert boots, several leather cartridge carrying belts around the waist, a black glove in his left hand covering all the arm and a black fedora with goggles around it (fedora is a hat), he always carry an AK-47 and a .44 magnum.

Kouji wears a long leather coat with the arms removed, worn over a white t-shirt and a blue bandanna. The lower part of his clothing consists of a pair of stitched and reinforced pants with chains around the ankles and a pair of army boots, he was a gun-nut, always giving names to any weapon he found, like his favorite "Janice" a minigun, a big metal case attached to the minigun with 5000 bullets 7.62mm caliber, due to lack of electric power source to active it his brother make a hand-cranked mechanism to it.

Kouichi is the smartest of the group, he was complicated, suffering from Mysophobia (fear of germs) and a slight case of Gymnophobia (fear of nudity), that's why he always wears a full face gas-mask, he modified it to be capable of wear it for weeks before he need to change the filter and a firemen helmet, his clothes were similar to Kouji's clothes, except for the upper part, a large black vest with a green long sleeved undershirt, a pair of black leather gloves and a belt around his shoulder with several leather bags carrying gadgets, he was no great fighter but he have great knowledge about mechanics, medicine and explosives, he uses a lot of explosives and a scoped rifle.

They were traveling in unexplored terrains for them, Kouichi was using his metal detector trying to find anything of value, Takuya close behind him, he was alertness for any possible attack of riders, Kouji was behind their two headed pack mule "Koji" of course Takuya put that name to it to make fun of his friend who also carries a lot of heavy things like his minigun, it was around 10:00 am it was a "cold" day of 35° Celsius, it was winter and the other seasons like summer were at 50° to 60° Celsius.

"Takuya we haven't found nothing in three days, I told you before, nobody else comes here because there is nothing to loot or even interesting to see" Kouji complained

"I know but, much of the facilities in the outskirts had underground floors and not everybody had a metal detector like us, don't be such a pessimist" Takuya retort

Kouji grunted, "are you hungry Koji?" Takuya asked

"yeah a little" Kouji replied

"I asked to the mule" Takuya said

"screw you man!" Kouji yelled at him

the time passes and it was already the 1:00 pm, the guys were still walking along some hills not even a single destroyed building to rest a little, Kouji was getting angry he never liked to walk too much only watching the butt of a mutated mule.

"hey Darth Vader, haven't found something yet" Kouji asked his brother

Kouichi quickly turns to his brother "First of all Kouji *breath* I have a name and I don't like to be compared to a *breath* fictional character from two hundred years ago *breath* and yes, I found some weak signals near this place, all points to a cave" Kouichi replied

The twins continue arguing while Takuya was staring at a hill, he saw some movement, apparently were some mutants.

"guys?" Takuya said but their not answered

"guys?!" Takuya yelled a little

"WHAT!?" the twins yelled and a terrific grunt was heard over the hill that Takuya saw

"that..." Takuya said

they take cover behind some rocks and start shooting to the mutants, large humanoids creatures with great strength and almost no brain but enough to fire and aim a weapon, they were almost 20 against 3, Takuya decided to pull back.

"pull back guys it's too dangerous" Takuya

"pull back?! But why? this too fun! And besides to where we're gonna pull back?" Kouji said while attacking the mutants

"Kouichi! How far is that cave you mentioned?" Takuya ask

"*breath* it's not too far just at 20 meters behind *breath* the opposite hill of the mutants!" Kouichi replied

"okay let's go!" Takuya

"yeeeaaaahhhh, take that bitches!" Kouji yelled

the three guys run as fast as they could pulling Koji to the cave, they entered and Kouichi trow a flash light to the end, surprisingly after running for a lot of tunnels they got a metal blast door with a console in one side, Kouichi pulled out on of his many strange gadgets and attempt to hack the console and open the door.

"hurry brother! I can hear those things coming!" Kouji yelled

"patience my brother, I'll open this door in no time" Kouichi said and the door opened

"hurry get in!" Takuya said

as everybody get in the door closed behind them.

"are they gonna get in too?" Takuya asked

"nah, unless they know the code *breath* which is unlikely to those stupid creatures" Kouichi replied.

As they ventured more deep in the place, they discover that it was some kind of underground laboratory machines, computers, not everything was in a perfect state but they commence to grab whatever look of value, they reach a door that says "cryogenic suspension room" and enter, as they a lot of chambers where destroyed, skeletal bodies out of it, some of them just stop working and died years ago, only one of them still works, at the end of the room, Takuya was the first to investigate it, while Kouji remain in the entrance and Kouichi check the records on a nearby computer.

Takuya remove the frost of the chamber's window and discover something very interesting.

"guys check this out!" Takuya yelled

"what is it" Kouji ask

"a beautiful blond girl.."

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