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chapter 8: the inner beast

it was midnight already, Takuya and company were only at 500 meters from the scrapyard, the darkness conceal their presence to the gate guards, they decided to try a different way to free the slaves instead of just go and fight their way to the cages, as Kouji wants, Zoe suggested a method less violent at first, a disguise, one of them would be a prisoner and the other would try to sell him, the prisoner would be Takuya with his cybernetic arm it would be easy to break free from any cage, they'll agree with Zoe's plan, slavers usually buys other slaves to re-sell them at higher price so Takuya fake to be a prisoner while Kouji takes him to the gate and negotiate a deal, while Kouichi and Zoe wait with sniper rifles in case something goes wrong.

"have you ever fired a rifle?" Kouichi asked Zoe but knew it was a stupid question he now she doesn't

"not really but it can be that difficult, just aiming with the scope and fire isn't?" the blond say making it look easy

"technically yes but the recoil of the rifle can hurt your face...a lot, try to aim to the head of the guard with the machinegun" Kouichi instructed

"it's more difficult than I thought, the scope keeps bouncing no matter how I try to hold it with my hands" Zoe said

"it's because you're kneeling, try to prone like me, lie on your belly with your legs spread out, your feet arch down partly embedded in the ground and the rifle tight in your shoulder, this position is the more stable as to have the recoil be absorbed through your body, this will cut the recoil enough to give you better accuracy" Kouichi said and Zoe do exactly what he said

"the scope's still bouncing but very little" Zoe

"when you're ready to shoot try to hold your breath a bit and always no matter what happen, if you're sniping you must remain calm at all times, don't let the pressure break your concentration, if you lose your target or the enemy finds where we're hiding we must change the place" Kouichi keep giving sniping lessons, Takuya and Kouji at ten meters from the gate when one of the guards stop them

"halt!" a man with a mohawk hair style yelled

"what do you want here?" a bald one said

"relax guys, I was told that I can sell you people here" Kouji said kicking Takuya's ass to make it look real

"who told you that scum?" the mohawk guy asked reading his gun

"I don't know a guy I found in the wastelands, he told me there's a new slave camp and give this direction" Kouji kicked Takuya again this time far enough to reach both of the guards feet

"ouch fucking slaver" Takuya muttered standing on his knees

"what the fuck you said!? I'll teach you now fucker" Kouji aproched Takuya to fake a beating but the bald guy who has a machinegun stopped him

"that's bullshit! No one knows about this place!" the bald one said "you will tell me who send you before I kill you!" with that Takuya made a signal with his hands to Kouichi and Zoe

"hey easy man I don't want any trouble" Kouji said looking for a knife in his waist

"I will kill you! Mother fuck-" the guy with mohawk was interrupted by a shot on his head, his eyeballs fly like birds, pieces of his skull and brain exploded, while the body falls Kouji slit the throat of the second guy and Takuya break his neck, a third guy appeared ready to shoot at them but it was killed by Zoe's rifle, a clean head shot between the eyes making a big hole in the back of the head

"those guys don't bought it we need to be quick before someone notice" Takuya said breaking his fake handcuffs, another guy spotted them and activated an alarm, a second later it was killed by both of the snipers, the spot him too late to stop him from activating the alarm, Takuya and Kouji were fighting their way to the cages.

"dammit, this locks are activated somewhere else" Kouji said trying to open the cages were the slaves where, for strange reason the cages were covered with cloth and it was impossible to see trough them

"electrical cages? Fuck just great, quick we need to find where the switch is" Takuya saw a man running to a building "there it must be one of those slavers, let's make him tell us how we open those cages" they followed him but the door was closed

"shit now what the hell we're gonna do?!" Takuya said stroking his hair

"how the hell I know!? Open the god dammed door fucker!" Kouji , kick the door but it won't move, then one of the window's curtain opened, a man was behind it, it looks like he was in his fifties but an evil smirk in his face suggested he was planning something

"you open the door if you want to live" Takuya slammed the big and wide window, but notice it was very resistant

"don't think so kid" the old man mocked, Kouji shot to the window but this one don't suffer any scratch despite he fired a shotgun at three feet away from the window

"bullet-proof glass!? Bastard!" Kouji spit in the window

"I'll let my pets play with you, I don't know or care why are you here but no one kills my men" the old man then pressed a button in the wall, all the cages were opened but what came out of them it wasn't slaves, what came out from them were ghouls, feral ghouls to be exact, flesh rotten beings with an only thing in their minds, feed, that's why people sometimes call them zombies but this could be killed like any other thing, Takuya and Kouji were back to back, dozens of ghouls were surrounding them

"right now your big fucking gun will be a good aid" Takuya said to the raven haired man

"I know..." he replied

"too bad you leave it at home" Takuya said checking the ammo of his machine gun and magnum

"I know..." Kouji replied again

"this gonna hurt" Takuya said looking for any exit

"I know...sorry for staring to Zoe's ass by the way" Kouji said reading to fire his shotgun

"I knew it but I can't say I'm a saint either I looked at her ass too" Takuya smirked and both of them laugh, the ghouls attacked them and they began to shoot, far from there Kouichi and Zoe tried to help them but they feared they can shoot Kouji or Takuya.

"what do we do Kouichi?" Zoe asked trying to get a target but Takuya and Kouji were moving around to not get swarmed by the ghouls

"I don't know, shit stop moving around assholes!" Kouichi said shooting to some ghouls

"we must do something!" Zoe said worried about Takuya

"they can handle it as long they have bullets, I got an idea but how much you know about explosives?" Kouichi asked her making his way to the humvee

"I don't know where I learned it but I know a lot" Zoe said unsure of what was the intentions of Kouichi

meanwhile in new vegas

Yuuko and Tommy were walking or better said Yuuko was walking while Tommy was being dragged by his arm.

"ouch miss Yuuko can you stop? We were walking by two hours now!" Tommy complained

"awww you're so cute when you complain Tommy-kun, don't worry we're already here" Yuuko said pointing to a big pyramid, a lot of people were gathering to enter, most of them were men

"wow what is that place?" Tommy said impressed by the size of the building

"it's The Luxor, used to be a hotel and casino but now it's something much better!" Yuuko said paying just one ticket

"I have to pay my own ticket?" Tommy said afraid, checking his pockets

"of course not! Kids enter for free" the girl in the red kimono said

when they entered more people where inside, bleachers covered the once full of gambling tables casino people cheering, yelling insults to the center of the pyramid, Yuuko and Tommy take a seat a couple behind the front row, from there Tommy could see everything, now he could see what the people where yelling at, in the center of the luxor, some sort of arena or old Rome coliseum, it had spikes to prevent anyone to escape from combat, eight men where fighting one were big, with a great mace of various things, the other seven were fighting him, all of them with swords or knifes even fire axes.

"this place is an arena!?" Tommy said watching with great excitement the battle

"not just an arena is the bloody dome people come here to settle down their issues without putting in any danger the other citizens, other just do it for fun or money" Yuuko explained

"that big guy is gonna lose, one to seven" Tommy still watch the fight

"don't think so, maybe he is in disadvantage in numbers but those guys doesn't seem to even know what the hell they're doing" Yuuko remained calm, her cheerful personality seem to fade away while watching people fighting, the big guy takes three of his attackers with only a swing of his enormous mace, the other four were frightened, the big guy take one of them by the leg and throw it to the spikes at the sides of the arena, impaling him, the rest try to attack him but were easily killed by another swing of the mace, spreading their organs and limbs trough the place, the people cheer him in unison even Tommy did it but Yuuko doesn't seemed surprised

"pussy!" she yelled, everybody in the luxor turn their head to see the foolish person who yelled that

"who said that!?" the big man said looking for someone to answer him

"I did it, pussy!" Yuuko replied standing in her seat to everyone saw her

"wanna fight me bitch? You wanna die so early? You couldn't take fly" the big man mocked

"wanna bet?" Yuuko jumped down to the arena, Tommy's eyes widened "what the hell is she doing"? He thought

"so the little girl was talking seriously, I don't have problem with that" the big man once again teased

"talk less and get ready to fight bitch!" Yuuko pulled out a Katana from her kimono, she doesn't unsheathed it but she was preparing to strike

"I fought seven men at the same time and you think you can kill me with a tiny sword like that!?" the big man laugh like a thunder, Tommy was nervous he can't do something but watch

"you'll eat those words when I cut your head clean off..." Yuuko's eyes darkened and she take a battle position still without unsheathing her sword, the big man doesn't seem to like Yuuko's fearless attitude and decided to smash her to the ground, his mace made contact with the ground but Yuuko wasn't there anymore, she was behind him, she was sheathing her sword like she just draw it a moment ago, while the man tried to pull his mace this one cut in two only leaving a metal pipe.

"what!? What the fuck you did to my mace!?" the big man growled

"I've take care of that useless weapon for you" Yuuko scoffed

"I will kill you and then I will rape your body!" The big man attacked the young woman but she jump to the same height as his head, then in mid-air she draw her sword and cut the head of the enormous man, it looked like a lighting just came through the neck of the man, he just stand still with his hand lifted like trying to grab Yuuko, the girl with the katana sheathed it and the man's head fall to her feet from his neck lots of blood poured and the body kneeled, Yuuko watch to the people on the bleachers, she smiled and made the peace symbol with her right hand "I win!" she yelled then returned to Tommy

"where did you learned that!?" Tommy asked surprised of Yuuko's skills with the sword

"family tradition" Yuuko answred

"can you teach me?" Tommy asked

"I don't know I'm not a very good teacher" Yuuko replied

"pleaaaaaase pleaaaaaase" Tommy said making some puppy eyes

"aww you look very cute of course I'll teach you" with that both of them leave the Luxor and returned to the New York

back to Takuya and Kouji

"I'm running out of ammo dude!" Kouji yelled firing more shotgun bullets at the ghoul army

"me too, my machine gun is depleted and my magnum only has 3 bullets left!" Takuya replied running away from the horde

"that bastard closed the gate from that office, we must find a high place where they have difficult to climb"Kouji suggested

"lets go to that crane over there" Takuya pointed

"I'll follow you" Kouji said blowing the head of another feral ghoul, they climbed the crane with haste with the hope of the ghouls can't reach them

"look Kouichi, they climbing that crane!" Zoe said

"they must be run out of ammo we must hurry" Kouichi place another explosive in the scrapyard gate

Takuya and Kouji where kicking the ghouls off the crane, it seemed that they can go all the night doing it but one of the ghouls take Takuya's leg and pulled him down to the ocean of mutated creatures

"Takuya!" both Kouji and Zoe screamed

"shit, get off me freaks!" Takuya punched and kicked out the hungry creatures but they overwhelmed him, they pinned him down trying to bite him, Takuya tried to think in what to do, Kouji doesn't have any gun with him to help him and it would be suicide to tried to help him bare handed, suddenly Takuya remember the strange syringe that Lady Grim give him, in the middle of the fight he took it and injected himself with it on the chest it will increase your combat potential those words resonate in Takuya's mind while he injected, then all his muscles got toned, his brown eyes turned bloodshot his teeth grinding, suddenly the mountain of ghouls that where on to of him were scattered, with a growl Takuya throw a punch to the face of on the ghouls sending him like bowling ball to the pins, another tried to bite him but Takuya take its face with his right human hand and crushed the face of the creature

with such strength that the creature no longer had a head.

"what the fuck is happening?" Kouji thought as he watch the bloodshed takes place a few feet away from him, the bald man in the sealed room watch in horror how his puppets were killed easily by a berserker Takuya, when he tried to close the curtains Takuya turned his attention to him, grabbed a ghoul by the head and throw it to the bullet proof glass cracking it a little, with another growl Takuya lunged towards the glass and punched it several times, with each strike the glass began to crack more and more, the old man takes his golden pistol, Takuya finally break the glass and entered the room the old man didn't think it twice and shot Takuya in the chest six times unloading his gun, however Takuya don't seemed to feel any pain the holes made by the bullets healed very quickly almost instantly, the horrified man tried to get away but Takuya dug his left arm in the man's lower back taking his spine, the man was paralyzed in pain he felt how his life was fading away, then he felt Takuya bite his throat and rip his head, Takuya spit out some flesh and leave the body of the man, more ghouls tried to enter the room but Takuya crushed them all with his hands, suddenly an explosion opened the gate blowing away more ghouls, it was Zoe and Kouichi in the humvee shooting to the remnants of ghouls unaware of Takuya's recent behavior.

"quick guys get on the truck!" Kouichi yelled, Kouji get off the crane and rushed to his brother but as he pass next to Takuya he saw it as a threat and strike him in the chest sending him twenty meters away crashing on some dumpsters

"Takuya what's wrong with you!? That's my brother!" Kouichi yelled, Takuya approached to the truck, Kouichi get off the drivers seat

"what the fuck are you do-" Kouichi was interrupted by a punch on his stomach courtesy of Takuya, then he grabbed him the neck and slammed him against the door

"Takuya what are you doing!?" Zoe asked him, as she place a hand on his shoulder he let go an unconscious Kouichi and takes her instead

"T-Takuya why..." Zoe had difficult to breath, Takuya just pressed her hands more against her fragile neck

"y-you said you'll protect me" Zoe said some tears pouring from her like rivers, you'll protect me those words penetrated in Takuya's mind like needles, he let her go then walk a few feet away and growled again slamming his head against the humvee again and again and again until blood came out from his forehead, he finally fell to his knees, his body returned to normal he was panting then Zoe came from behind and pressed her head against his back and her arms where around his

"I'm sorry" that what Takuya said before passing out

not very far form there a man in a black robe watched everything with a pair of binoculars

"the girl is with them" he said on a radio

"yes sir I'll return immediately" the man hop on a car and drive to New Vegas

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