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There was only one word that could describe what Casey was feeling the moment he walked through the doors of the Montecito: anticipation.

The thought of seeing his wife for the first time she had decided to put their marriage on hold felt like an elephant sitting on his chest - squeezing the air out of his lungs. He didn't doubt himself or the actions he had taken up until his point. His main concern was how his "wife" would react to his sudden reappearance. He admitted that he was probably the most incriminating skeleton in Sam Marquez's crowded closet as he was proof that she was capable of loving someone more than she loved money and power.

Becoming a billionaire was hard work in of itself but to become who he was without the help of his father was both expected and surprising. Yes, he had attended the most renowned private schools, gotten the best university education money could buy and built a personal network throughout his privileged life, but Casey was doing it on his own. Casey perfectly remembered the day this seven year journey had began. He had just revealed yet another wedding present to his wife and it was something she had wanted, but never had the courage to ask for. Their town car pulled up in front of a typical New York City apartment building, the kind that didn't have to advertise vacancies - there was a waiting list that stretched a few decades. Casey got out first and then led his new wife into the white marble lobby area. The doorman nodded a polite hello to the new Mr. and Mrs. Manning as he wondered how long these two were going to last. They didn't seem like the typical couple who lived in the building - they looked like they actually like each other. The couple took a private elevator up to the top floor. Sam's eyes widened as the door opened to the Penthouse. Sweeping her off of her feet, Casey easily carried her into the residence which was decorated in his wife's favourite spice colours with leather and stone accents. Without a second thought, Casey took his bride to their master suite and led her to the bed with that passionate animal look in his eyes. She was more than happy to give in to his desires as they "broke in" their new bed. And their tub. And their rug in front of the fireplace.

Time went by quickly and Casey suddenly spotted the time. It was time for had shared countless meals together ever since they had met but this one was meant to be special. Deep down he knew that he had won the girl of his dreams fair and square and that his family's money took no part in his wedding. This girl was special - she had fallen in love with who she thought was an upstart lawyer who was determined to make a difference in the world. Truthfully, Case knew that half of the story was a lie. He wasn't a lawyer, but he was determined to use his family's wealth and prominence to his advantage. Unfortunately, his plan had hit a slight obstacle. Upon hearing that he had eloped, Casey's father scoffed at his son's recklessness and immediately decided to cut Casey off from the Manning money. Without his family's support Casey was left to fend for himself but he knew he had what he wanted - he had his girl.

The dinner was going well. Chef had prepared an excellent meal and the wine lightened the mood even more. Casey had always found it easy to talk to his wife which was hard to imagine considering he had previously only been acquainted with dimwitted blondes who also came from money. When they weren't talking, Casey would just stare at his Sammy and she would stare back with an intensity never seen before. He would never forget the way her eyes bore into his soul and left him naked. There was no way he could hide anything from this one. She was too smart for that.

"Sweetheart. There's something I need to tell you." She looked up from her plate and looked inquisitively into his eyes.

"I know you're not a lawyer. Lawyers can't afford places like this and clothes like these. And let's not forget the two months we just spent in Hawaii."

"Haha. Well, I was hoping you'd at least figure that out on your own. But there's really more to me than you think."

"Really? Do tell."

"First of all, do you remember when you said that you thought had heard of my father before? You probably did - he's one of the wealthiest men in America - well in the Western Hemisphere to be more exact." Sam's eyes grew with with shock. "And it seems that he intends to keep it that way for now. When he heard I had married you...He cut me off from all Manning family accounts and assets. I'm out on my own."