I always hated the summers at Forks. I've been doing this ever since the divorce and it is really getting old. Twelve year olds don't want to spend their summers with their father whom they barely know.

To make matters worse I have to spend it here in Forks. Phoenix is warm, dry and beautiful. Forks is rainy, wet and way too green. While other kids are taking vacations to Disney World, I'm going to Forks. Whoopy!

I was standing in line ready to go through security. "Bella, Don't forget to call everyday. Try not to be so mopey for Charlie's sake and at least try to have fun," my teary-eyed mom said to me as she hugged me goodbye. Phil gave me an awkward hug and a simple "Take care, kid." Our relationship was just as awkward as the relationship between me and Charlie.

My mom gave me a kiss on the forehead along with one last

"I love you" and then sent me off through security.

The flight to Forks was something I'm used to. I pulled out my new copy of Wuthering Heights and began to read. Before I knew it, I was in Washington.

I was in no hurry to get off the plane to see Charlie. I took my time gathering my bags at Baggage Claim, took a deep breath and walked into the crowd to find Charlie.

I spotted him on the bench just outside of the bathroom with his eyes closed and he was lightly snoring. Leave it to Charlie to fall asleep in the middle of a giant crowd.

I purposely dropped my bags making a loud thud. His eyes popped open and then jumped up giving me and awkward hug just as Phil had earlier.

"Hey, Bells! Man, have you grown! Look at you!"

"Well it has been a year," I said forcing the best fake smile I could.

"So is this everything?" he asked picking up the two small duffle bags I had brought. I hadn't been that much into fashion ever since I got out of diapers, so Charlie shouldn't be that shocked to see that I packed light.

"Yep, this is it." I followed him out to the parking lot and wasn't surprised that he had brought the police cruiser. Charlie is well respected in Forks due to the fact that he's been Police Chief Swan for nearly twenty years now.

I pulled my hood up to avoid the rain and took a risk and ran to the car. Luckily, I made it without tripping.

The car ride to his house was long and silent, except for the occasional questions that he asked every time I saw him.

I was strangely relieved when I saw the small white house come into view. I guess there's something about going up into your room for the night and being all alone to think.

The inside of the house hadn't changed one bit. The kitchen was still the same yellow paint my mom did when she first lived here. The family room was still the dull blue color with the worn couch facing the television that Charlie seemed to worship.

As expected, Charlie made his way into the living room and plopped down on the couch. I headed upstairs to unpack.

"Tell me if you need anything," Charlie called after me.

"Will do," I called back.

The only difference in my room was the desk. He added a desk instead of my dollhouse that I had when I was younger. He also added a computer that was only a few years old. I'll have to thank him for that.

I unpacked for about an hour and was disappointed when I was finished. Now what am I supposed to do? I pulled out my copy of Wuthering Heights. My mom thought it was strange that I was reading Wuthering Heights at age twelve, but she's also said that I am wise beyond my years.

It was about six when Charlie called up the stairs asking if I wanted to go with him to Billy Black's house for dinner. I figured that if I wanted to eat, I'd have to go because Charlie sure can't cook.

I could barely remember the Blacks. I remember a Jacob and I remember him being nice but I remember his sisters more.

The Blacks lived in a small red house just in a reservation near Forks. La Push was pretty, compared to Forks.

Billy greeted me with a hug and so did Rachel. Jacob just gave me a friendly wave but I know that hugging a girl at ten is considered gross so I understood. The start of the dinner was awkward but I eventually warmed up to them. Jacob even showed me his collection of car parts outside.

"I plan on fixing up an old car with these parts one day." Jake really was friendly. I could see myself becoming friends with him one day.

Before I knew it, it was time to head home. Billy walked us out to the car.

"I almost forgot!" Billy said to Charlie. "There's a new family that moved in nearby. The parents adopted a group of teens and they're all living together."

"And…?" Charlie asked confused.

"Well I think five teenagers sounds like a group of trouble makers."

"I'm not too concerned," Charlie said.

"I still think you should go down and have a talk with them." That's a little weird.

"I don't see why that's necessa-,"

"Just do it." Why was Billy acting so weird?

"Fine, but I still don't see the importance."

"I just think it would be very, very wise. Just make sure you call when you get back."

"Seriously? You sound like my mother!"

"Fine I'll call you instead." Billy wasn't making any sense.

"If you think you should."

"Thanks. See ya' later! See ya' around, Bells!" Great, now the whole town has caught onto that stupid nickname.

"That was weird." I said once Charlie was in the car.

"Very weird. I'll have to head down to talk to them in the morning. You don't mind tagging along, do ya'?"

"Na, I wouldn't mind meeting some new people."

I was eager to get into bed and drift into unconsciousness, to be able to be alone, to be able to think. And eventually, I did fall asleep.

My dream was out of the ordinary. I was in a never-ending black tunnel and at the end of the tunnel were seven white dots. For some reason, I kept walking towards the dots. I wasn't afraid of what the dots were or if they were dangerous, I just walked. As if I trusted them or something. This dream didn't make any sense.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of rain hitting my window. I quickly threw on a pair of jean straight legs and a zip up hoodie along with my grey converse. I just had pop tarts for breakfast, as if I had another option.

Charlie joined me in the kitchen not too long after I sat down.

"Morning," he said grabbing a coffee mug and filling it.

"Morning," I responded.

"Ready to go?" he asked as he grabbed his keys.

"Sure," I said grabbing a quick drink of milk to wash down my breakfast.

The ride was even more silent than before. We drove farther than usual and then pulled out onto a small tree into the woods. We wound through the forest for a while before we came upon a gorgeous white mansion nestled on a hill. It had mostly glass windows for walls. It seemed to be three stories high.

Charlie let out a low whistle as he gazed at the house. We must have looked like idiots standing there with our mouths wide open and our jaws to the ground. I followed Charlie up the porch steps. He rang on the doorbell and what shocked me more than the house itself was the man that answered the door.

The man was about twenty five and as pale as a ghost. He had faint bruises under his eyes and he had pale blonde hair that was neatly styled. He wore black pants with a white button-up shirt and a purple tie. He wore a light blue sweater vest overtop. But what shocked me the most was that he was breathtakingly beautiful.

He was the first to speak, "Hello, you must be Chief Swan. My name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen."