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"My mama told me love was an awful big word, 'Yasha. I dunno why, 'cuz there's only four letters, right?"

At eight years old, little Inuyasha Takahashi felt he knew the answer to everything. He never tired of telling this to his gullible neighbor and best friend (though he would never admit it), 6-year-old Kagome Higurashi. They met every day by the swing set in the park, and Kagome would bombard him with questions and conversation, while he pretended to be frustrated by the stupidity of a younger and frailer human girl.

It was a daily ritual.

"Don't be stupid, 'Gome! It is a big word- 'cuz... 'cuz... well, it's a LOOOT bigger than like!" He spread his arms out wide, jumping off the swing, as if to show exactly how big love was.

Kagome's eyes nearly bugged out of her skull. In first grade, like was the highest form of respect you could have for someone.

"Love must be really really big and strong like you, right, Yash?"

Inuyasha blushed under the admiring gaze of Kagome. "Keh!" He briefly considered telling the girl that he was even bigger and stronger than love, but he remembered what his mother had once told him before she died.

"One day, you'll be strong like your daddy, Inuyasha. But you have to remember that there will always be something more powerful than you."

"What is it, Momma?"

"Love. It makes the biggest and the strongest fall just as hard as the smaller and the weaker."

"Love's really p-po-powerful, right, Momma?" Inuyasha stuttered over his new vocabulary word.

"Right. So remember, don't judge someone by how strong they look, but by how big their hearts are, okay, baby?"

"But I can't see people's hearts, silly!" Inuyasha shrieked and giggled, leaning up from his mother's lap to give her a sloppy kiss on the cheek. Izayoi smiled and hugged him tighter, laughing at her son's next question.

"Is my heart powerful, Momma?" Her son's eyes shined eagerly up at her, waiting for her answer.

"You, sweetheart, are the strongest person I know," she answered, pulling him in for an affectionate nuzzle.

The young boy's thoughts were interrupted as he felt a small hand slip into his larger, clawed one. He looked down in surprise at Kagome, who was grinning toothily up at him.

"I love you, Inuyasha." She paused, looking unsure of herself. "I don't think I'm strong enough to use the word, though."

Inuyasha blinked rapidly, the cogs in his childlike brain working rapidly to process what she had said. Kagome's eyes teared up, her bottom lip sliding out into a pout ash she began to pull away. Why wasn't she Inuyasha's friend anymore?

"...Love you too, 'Gome," the half-demon murmured, gripping her retreating hand so she couldn't get away. "And for what it's worth, I think you are strong. Still not stronger than me, though!" Inuyasha smirked cheekily down at her, half-expecting her to push him away and blow a raspberry. His grin grew just a little wider when she only curled her hand tighter around his, leading him home.

A/N: Oh, children. Later on, they will realize that love goes far beyond friendship. :'D Best to let them have their fluff now. Considering making this into a little series. For some reason, I don't like this shot. Ergh.