Welcome to the twisted, warped, and demented Mind of A Demon. Let us see what this imagination of mine can conjure up. I'll start off slow then get to the good stuff. I don't own Naruto, a Japanese genius does. Thank you to Acaykath for Beta reading my story.

Fox Blood

A momentary lapse in Naruto's judgement leads him to make a decision on the rim unconsciousness that is his human end. Naruto is manipulated by the Kyuubi in his moment of turmoil and now has to face the world that he worked to make respect him, as a demon. KyuuNaruKyuu, Yaoi, M-preg, Rape. Starts with the rival fight.


"Kyuubi's Speech" As well as other demonic voices.


Kyuubi's Thoughts


Chapter One: No Quarter

They choose the path where no-one goes.
They hold no quarter, they hold no quarter.
Walking side by side with death
The devil mocks their every step
The snow drives back the foot thats slow
The dogs of doom are howling more

No Quarter, Led Zeppelin, Houses of The Holy.

He is really trying to kill me. He is after my head this time. This is no game. He is not playing anymore. Naruto came to this realization in his mind as he drifted to the surface of the water. This is so confusing. I don't understand why.

Deep in Naruto's mind scape, his figure, unknowingly to him, was being beckoned to the cage that housed an incomprehensible power. His confusion was all that the demon of deity power needed to complete what he desired. Naruto's figure now stood in front of the cage that reached up into darkness; the top of the jail could not be seen.

"Kit, smear your blood on the seal." The Kyuubi's voice said in a soothing, non-alerting tone, trying not to distract his jailer from his mental ramblings.

Naruto's figure was mumbling in confusion as he bit his thumb and then smeared his blood across the seal. The blood on the seal glittered a bright red, then soaked into the seal. The beast inside the cage felt his plan beginning to work. Naruto's blood began to mix with his.

Seeing as we don't want Naruto's little friend to kill him, I'll make him rip it in half so when the time is right I can finish what is to be done, the demon thought. "Kit, tear half the seal off," he again spoke in the calming tone, a little faster because Naruto was beginning to come to terms with what was taking place.

Naruto grasped the seal and tore it in half. The blood is mixed. The seal is weak. Now to just wait, the Kyuubi thought.

It seemed as if Naruto had just come back to reality. He was no longer rambling about Sasuke's betrayal. His figure looked at the seal, then the blood red eyes that bore into his own. Then, in a flash of light, it was gone.

"How you have wronged your son Fourth? You will never see him where you are," The Kyuubi said to no one.

Naruto came down from his turmoil high and became aware of what was happening as he reached the the surface of the water. Climbing out, he saw Sasuke doing the same. He composed himself and as a last minute reassurance spoke. "I will bring you back, teme. I promised, and I never go back on my word. Thats my Ni—" Naruto's ranting was cut off.

"'Nindo, my ninja way.' Naruto you're so naïve," Sasuke said in a bored, playing tone, "They say that when two great ninjas fight, they don't need to speak. They can read each others movements," Sasuke spoke, stalling to give himself time to come up with a plan to kill Naruto. That jutsu of his can counter my chidori. I'll have to find a way of hitting him with my chidori before he can use that technique. I'll use some of my katon ninjutsu and superior taijutsu to make an opening, then I'll ram it through his chest. Let's test this curse mark and the sharingan together.

Just as Sasuke was coming to this decision Naruto was feeling queazy. I shouldn't feel like this; I've had worse falls. This is so wierd. "Ugh!" Naruto spat out some blood. The taste on his tongue foreign and yet welcome. Blood doesn't taste like this. What's wrong with me? Sasuke began forming hand signs and then brought his fingers to his mouth and, after a moment, blew a few large fireballs at Naruto. In his state, Naruto barely managed to avoid the fireballs.

Sasuke, after releasing the justu, activated his curse mark. The ominous marks glowed a feral orange and flowed over his ivory skin. Not a moment later, he took off to finish his attack on Naruto. He made his way behind Naruto a little to easily, noticing the blood around said boy's mouth but ignoring it, and brought his arms down on Naruto grabbing him as said boy flew through the air to avoid the fireballs. After Sasuke kicked him viciously in the side of the head, Naruto was sent gliding across the water.

Naruto, feeling weaker by the moment, began to hear birds chirping. He looked up into Sasuke's blood red eyes as Sasuke grabbed him none to gently by the neck and hoisted him up in the air. "Your a pathetic ninja Naruto. You will never be Hokage," Sasuke said in almost a whisper.

Why can't I move? What's wrong with me? I feel so sick, but this bloodNaruto was torn from his thoughts by Sasuke's chidori being rammed through his chest. The blood flowed even more from his mouth. Why does my blood taste so…good? It was the last thought on Naruto's mind as he fell into unconsciousness.

Sasuke removed his hand from Naruto's punctured and bloodied chest, letting his limp body fall into the water. It began to rain and Sasuke could feel Kakashi's chakra signature coming closer. He looked down on Naruto as his body began to submerge. The last ray of sun from the rolling clouds was on Naruto's face before it faded. Sasuke removed his headband and dropped it on Naruto before leaving. He was gone before a small red glow formed around Naruto's wound and the water above bumbled as if being boiled. The red glow faded, leaving Naruto's fatal wound gone without even the slightest scar.

Kakashi was at cliff's edge not a moment later with Pakkun by his side. Peeking over the ledge, he saw something orange beneath the water. He, in a panicked dash, ran over the cliffs edge using chakra to stay on the wall as he headed for the faint color beneath the water. He leapt out into the middle of the river and dove for Naruto's body. He brought Naruto's body to the surface and checked for a pulse and respiration. There was a pulse which was surprisingly strong, but Naruto's breaths were raspy and faint. The boy's hair was matted with bits of blood, but the hole in his jump suit was confusing Kakashi. He checked the boy over for serious injuries, but could not finding any.

"Can you still track Sasuke's scent?" Kakashi asked his canine companion who was sitting patiently by his side.

"Sorry, but the rain has washed his scent away," Pakkun replied, "I can hardly smell anything except fish, blood, and wet dog."

"Alright. Well, Naruto seems fine. You can go. There is not much more that can be done." Pakun disappeared in a puff of smoke as Kakashi picked up Naruto's limp body. He wrapped Naruto's arms around his neck and piggy backed him back to Konoha.


Naruto woke up in a hospital bed feeling rather chipper and surprised that he was there at all. He punctured my heart. How am I still alive? What's going on? Looking around the white room, he noticed his clothes on a chair in the corner. He got up and quickly changed, getting ready to leave. The hole in his jumpsuit reminded Naruto of the strangness of him being there. He let this go and tried to decide what to do next. I should go see the old lady to check how the others are doing, Naruto decided and jumped out the window, heading towards the Hokage Tower.

A few minutes later he landed in front of the tower and entered the front doors. A few people gave him the expected dirty looks, but he just brushed it off and headed to see the old lady. After ascending to the level her office was on, he opened the doors to a crying Shikamaru and a few other who were unknown to him and in the same state in front of the Hokage. Deciding against interrupting Naruto turned around and closed the door quietly.

He waited, leaning on the wall for about fifteen minutes until the door opened and the occupants of the room filed out. After they were all gone and Naruto had said hello to Shikamaru, not expecting a response, he entered the office. "Hey, old lady! What happened? I don't think I've ever seen Shikamaru cry before. How are the rest of the team that was sent to get Sasuke?" Naruto asked casually in a mild attempt to lighten the mood that seemed to hang over the room.

Tsunade turned around from looking out the window with a rather blank expression on her face. I'm so glad at least he is okay. "Naruto you failed your mission," it was said with very little emotion, "Sasuke has vanished. Kiba has suffered some bad wounds, but is going to live. Shikamaru is in the same boat. Neji is in critical condition, but we have a very good team working on him and at this rate it looks like he will make it." At the thought of the last member she lowered her head before she spoke. "And Chouji has passed away." Tsunade was afraid to look at Naruto.

Naruto was confused. Screw trying to save that bastard. I'm going to kill him myself. We all risked our lives and then he just runs away. I'm going rip his spine out and shove it down his throat! I'm going to rip all his limbs off one at a time! Naruto was shocked at his trend of thought and tried to distract himself with conversation. "When is the funeral?" he said in a very uncharactericly bored tone.

"It's in three days. You know where." Tsunade was surprised by Naruto's tone, but just brushed it off as being a state of turmoil.

Naruto began feeling very agitated and just wanted to be alone. "I'll see you later Tsunade," he said as he turned around and left the room, headed for his apartment. What the hell is wrong with me. Naruto mentally questioned himself as he left.

I sure hope he is alright, Tsunade thought. She felt a little guilty for not expressing her concern for Naruto in the form of a hug or some comforting words.


"It's time to set things along," The Kyuubi said to himself, alone in it's chamber. The massive beast brought one of his claws to his wrist and slit it, letting the blood spill into the water which was still red from what Naruto had done the day before.


Naruto had just arrived back at his apartment when he began feeling the same queazy feeling as when he was fighting Sasuke. He took out his keys and unlocked the door to find a relatively trashed apartment. A few rocks had broken the windows where, undoubtedly, the criminals had entered. Spray paint was on the walls, saying hateful words about it being Naruto's fault that Sasuke had left and that he should be banished because he was a 'demon'.

Naruto did not notice most of these things as he keeled over in pain. He managed to close the door behind him. He could barely stand as he tried to get to the washroom. What the hell is wrong with me? He felt like he was burning from the inside out. His clothing was burned up and gently blew off of him, leaving him nude. He made his way into the washroom and attempted to turn on the light to find that all the light bulbs had been smashed. He looked into the mirror to find a pair of bright red eyes with slit pupils looking back at him.

Kyuubi, he thought, looking away from the mirror as another wave of the immense pain washed over him. He began to feel like millions of little needles were piercing through his skin all over his body. His head hurt as he clutched it, finding claws digging into his head. He managed to glance at the mirror before he blacked out from the pain. What he saw also added to his lack of consciousness. There was a dark orange-red fur growing all over his body, except for white growing from his chest down to his groin and dark brown-black fur on his forearms. His hair was no longer the bright blonde it once was, but a deep red. That was all he noticed before he fell to the floor unconscious.


Naruto woke up in front of the cage of his mindset to find the seal completely gone and the bars wide open. Water running red as blood was all around him. "Stupid-fox what have you done?" He was surprised by his tone of voice. It was almost as deep as the demon's usually was. It bounced off the walls much like the Kyuubi's had the last time Naruto had come to this place. He looked around hesitantly as he heard a deep laughing.

"'Stupid-fox' you say? Well I'm not the only fox here and I'm not the one who couldn't perform a simple bunshin. So I would say You are the stupid-fox."

A boy, looking to be about sixteen or seventeen years of age, with deep red hair emerged gracefully from the darkness of the open cage. A scent followed the boy's appearance which made Naruto drift into a daze for a moment before he snapped back into focus. What drew most of Naruto's attention was the nine blood-red, white-tipped tails that gently swayed behind the boy. His ears resembled those of a of fox with red fur and black, almost brown, tips. White fur protruded from inside the ears that poked out from the top of his spiky red mane. Less taken in by Naruto were the whisker marks which were the same as the ones he had adorning his face and the red slit eyes Naruto remembered seeing in the mirror. Fangs were hanging over a smirking lip. He had claws where finger and toe nails should have been on both his bare feet and hands. The boy wore a deep red cloak with sleeves. If Naruto had seen the back of said cape, his view would be of a fox head with the kanji for 'Kyuubi' underneath. All black attire was worn under the cloak. All in all, the boy looked beautiful to Naruto, not that he would ever admit it.

"My Naruto, don't you look dashing? Here, take a look at yourself," the same deep voice came from the boy.

A mirror appeared next to Naruto out of the blood red water. Naruto was afraid of where this was going. With the knowledge of what he had witnessed before he blacked out and what the Kyuubi was implying, he hesitantly turned to view the mirror. What he saw was exactly what the boy, who he thought was the Kyuubi, looked like. This is a trick. I look just like him. It must be some sort of genjutsu. I'm not a demon, Naruto thought as he looked at the mirror, that was until the other boy walked up beside him and slung an arm over his shoulder casually.

"No illusion. No trick of the light. We are just two peas in a pod, or, should I say, two souls in a body."

Naruto's thoughts took a drastic turn and his reflection's ears flattened and tails sagged. I really am what everyone has been calling me now.

"Oh come now. You should be honored: no longer living a mortal life, no longer being the descendant of some hairy ape. You, my boy, are a demon fox, the most brilliant being imaginable. Embrace it and move on," the identical boy said, his voice, to Naruto's surprise, was beginning to sound entrancing, "I will admit that the bloodlust can get out of control sometimes, but in time you'll overcome it." The Kyuubi, knowing Naruto's state of mind seeing as they were now one in the same, decided to give him some space if needed. "I will leave you to brood; however, you'll have to come to terms with it sooner or later. It is a fact now boy."

Naruto glanced at the boy as he faded walking down one of the many corridors of the sewer in a prestigious manner gliding over the ankle deep red water. Five, four, three, two, and...Kyuubi's thoughts were cut off.

Naruto's will and tough personality came up all of a sudden. "Just where do you think your going? I want some answers RIGHT NOW!!" Naruto demanded. The boy stopped where he was and vanished, only to appear right in front of Naruto with a fanged smirk on his face.

"Ask away fox-boy," The Kyuubi said in a tone that stressed the fox part just to piss Naruto off.

"First off, what the hell have you done to me?" again, with his demanding voice, Naruto asked. His face was not displaying quite what his voice was portraying. Tears were coming to his eyes he was not happy at what he thought was happening.

In a calming tone, the Kyuubi spoke, "I have done what was necessary for my survival. Your mortality would have brought me to hell. So I turned you into a fox-demon."

"But the seal? How could you have broken it? The Fourth made it!" Naruto questioned legging on any excuse he could find to argue that the fact in front of him was fiction. He was crying now, tears gently falling from his eyes.

"Your father was indeed a brilliant seal-master and great ninja, but I am a being of slyness and trickery that is almost ten-thousand years old. It was not hard to find a way around that," Kyuubi stated in a calm tone, trying to ease the boy.

"My…my father? The Yondaime?" Naruto stammered. His ears perked up and he had a confused and surprised look on his face.

"The funny part of all of this is that you're the one that broke the seal, really," Kyuubi said this just to continue confusing and frustrating the boy. Before Naruto could say anything, the Kyuubi spoke. "My revenge is what this has given me. Your father wanted you to be viewed as a hero, but instead you were viewed as what you are now: a demon. My desire for you to have a miserable life was granted, but I did not get any satisfaction out of it so I decided to do something more," The Kyuubi smirked as he spoke. His aura reeked of power and arrogance."When you were fighting that pathetic Uchiha, you were deeply confused and a doppelgänger of yours appeared here and I kindly asked it to tear the seal in half after making it perform a seal that would mix our blood," The Kyuubi's grin continued to expand as he spoke, "I told it only half so as not to give the Uchiha boy a chance to actually kill you. You passed out right now which is what would have happened if you tore the whole seal off."

"And how exactly did you get the other half off?" Naruto asked. His mind was used to having to deal with mental abuse constantly, so he had understood what the Kyuubi was talking about. However, he was still upset.

"With half the seal gone and our blood mixed it was rather easy. Your blood would allow me to touch the seal and my taint wouldn't be strong enough for me to be repelled by it. Though, if the whole seal was still there, I would not be able to break it. With only half, I was more than strong enough to break it, so I did." The Kyuubi took on a nonchalant look. "My revenge is that you will live to see all your friends die, never get to see your father or your mother where they are, and you would be what you strived so hard to prove you weren't: a demon. You can't transform to change how you look either. It's either you're a fox, or one of the different types of half demon foxes. Basically, I have ruined your life. Ha Ha," a small laugh of spite escaped the perfect lips. The Kyuubi counted down in his mind for what he predicted to happen. Five, four, three, two and–His thoughts proved to be a second off and were cut short when Naruto collapsed to his knees, bringing his clawed hands up to his face. Naruto's tails wrap around himself in a defensive manner and his ears flattened again. "Funny, you seem so natural with your tails and ears." Hitting him when he was are down was what Kyuubi was doing. Break the boy's will and he will let go of the ninja filth.

I want to strangle the blood out of him. I want to rip open his flesh. UGH!! No stop thinking like that. You're thinking no better than him. Control, Naruto, control. But, he looks so… so beautiful. I just want to… to... Naruto's thoughts were stopped when the Kyuubi spoke.

"There is no point in thinking here boy. All your thoughts enter my mind. The reason you can't hear mine is because I know how to keep you out of my mind. I have to say, I like your taste in killing though. It's blunt and rash. The control you're clinging to will eventually come, but, for now, I will have to sate it." Another grin appeared on the Kyuubi's face. "You may not have noticed, but you can smell me and my smell is encouraging you to do many things. One being to taste me. Another is sex, but that will come later."

Naruto could not handle this anymore. All reasonable thinking was gone, so he leapt at the Kyuubi with his fangs bared. Kyuubi wanted to express what he thought without Naruto knowing it, so he chose the perfect slot of time when Naruto would not really be listening. Kyuubi fell back as Naruto had tackled him and tilted his head to the side displaying his neck to let Naruto sink his fangs in.

"Drink up so you can calm down," he calmly said as Naruto sank his teeth in and drank, rational thought slowly coming back.

After, Naruto's thirst was quenched and his mind was in the right order. He quickly jumped back as if the Kyuubi were a vile plague. "Why did I just do that? The blood... Ugh. Blood is supposed to be gross." The question was from curiosity, but he was not really really desiring any answer.

"Blood-lust, my fox-boy, and my blood is the most exotic of them all. That's seven questions that I have answered. The one of your father, the answer would be yes; that courageous, powerful, but foolish man was your father. Now anymore?" Kyuubi's suaveness about the whole situation was what Naruto would call rude, but he, not having a history of receiving sympathy, was going to cope with it one way or another, so he started blunt as usual.

"Then what now? Why would you turn me into something that rivals your power?" Naruto questioned.

"Simple. I am fatigued by a world of humans and lesser demons and, personally, I think things come better in pairs. Don't you?" Kyuubi continued with the casual was still laying on the ground where Naruto had tackled him inspecting one of his claws for any imperfections.

"What do you mean by pairs? First off, you don't have a body. And second, I would never join you." Naruto was confused as to why the Kyuubi was just so calm about everything.

"Naruto," his voice made every syllable of the name flow into Naruto's ears like silk, "Me getting a body is a small task when using some of the many elements I control to create one. And second, you are now a demon. Nobody, but me is going to accept you. And don't worry, I'm not going to destroy Konoha. It was never even my intention to attack." Continuing to confuse the boy, the Kyuubi stood up, after not finding any imperfections with his claws, and walked over to Naruto.

"What do you mean 'not your intention'? You killed hundreds of people and laid waste to half the village." Naruto stepped back from the Kyuubi, holding an arm up infront of him in defence.

The Kyuubi stopped walking. "A very powerful user of the Sharingan used the mangekyou sharingan to manipulate me under an extremely powerful illusion. His name was Uchiha Madara. He was, your little brat of a friend, Sasuke's great, great grandfather. You and I are going to destroy him." The Kyuubi stared Naruto in the eyes. "You seem to be ever drifting from that boy as you learn more about him. I think he was right on one front though, you most likely won't become Hokage. Oh well, it's not as though you will ever be his friend again." The Kyuubi closed his eyes and tilted his head to side before he opened them again in a manner of putting the past in it's place as he spoke.

Sasuke. I have to bring him back for Sakura. I promised.

The Kyuubi kept switching the element of which he spoke in regards to Naruto's life: what has been, what is, and what will be in Naruto's life. And for each of these periods of time, he was switching from a fact that does not matter to one that is negative in his speech. He wanted to depress the boy with confusion, so he kept switching the topic and stayed away from anything positive. "Oh yes, but you made a promise, and you always keep your promises. It's your 'Nindo, your Ninja way'. Bahhg. You are a demon now, not a ninja. Put the head band away. Thats twelve questions now. Still curious?" Alright I have had my fun. Let us end this so he can sleep. Oh! Maybe just one last trick. The moment he looks into a mirror he will realize it wasn't just a dream.

"I…I ugh. Just leave me alone." Naruto said and turned around to leave. He drifted out of the sewer and into a happy dream. The Kyuubi made it seem as though what just happened to Naruto was just a dream before he took to creating his body.


In Naruto's apartment the body of an unconscious, half demon, fox, covered in red fur, lay on the floor. It's tails, wrapped around it for warmth and protection, began to glow an eerie red. The red glow left the body and elements of the air around began to form a very similar body to the one on the floor. The glow faded as the body was complete. The half demon fox stretched it's newly formed limbs and muscles before speaking.

"One last joke before the boy can receive my quarter," the Kyuubi said to the moonlit room.