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Yamamoto, Mayuri and Ichigo looked at the shocked Soi-Fon standing in front of the door.

"Soi-Fon what is the matter?" Yamamoto asked her.

Soi-Fon opened her mouth but nothing came out.

Ichigo side glanced at Mayuri who looked back "Are you alright?" Mayuri questioned.

Soi-Fon shook her head very fast.

Ichigo got an annoyed look "Spit it out women!"

Soi-Fon gulped "I'm pregnant!"

Momo jumped on Toshiros bed as Toshiro was reading a book, or trying.


Momo looked at him as she fell on her butt "Yes"

"What, are you doing?" Toshiro asked while putting the book down.

Momo looked at him "Jumpin"

Toshiro rubbed his eyes with his thumb and pointer finger "Why?"

"Because, I'm bored"

Toshiro looked at her "Then go find Ame" He told her while picking the book back up.

Momo smiled and jumped off the bed.

But turned around "Well?"

Toshiro looked up from his book "Well what?"

"Come on, you don't think im going to go alone do you?" Momo said to him.

Toshiro sighed and got off the bed "Fine"

Momo and Toshiro walked to Sajin where Ame was.

Momo barged into Sajins office "Ello Fluffy!"

Sajin looked up "Hi Momo"

Ame came running from behind Sajin and jumped on Momo.


Toshiro walked in with his hands in his pockets.

"Hello Captain Hitsugaya, what can I do for ya?"

Hitsugaya waved "Im just here for the dog" And pointed at Ame who was licking Momo in the face.

Sajin smiled "Alright"

Momo waved bye to Sajin and chased Ame out the door.

Toshiro slugged his way after her "God why me?"

Yamamoto was standing there gogging at Soi-Fon "Your what!?"

Ichigo was wide eyed "Who in the hell got you pregnant?"

Mayuri starred at her "And when have you ever be interested in guys?"

Soi-Fon looked at them "Im pregnant, uh I have always been interested in guys" Soi-Fon said while glaring at Mayuri.

Ichigo looked at her "Who in the hell got you pregnant?" Ichigo repeated.

Soi-Fon hesitated "Uh, um, Grim- Grimmjow"

Mayuri and Ichigo's jaws hit the floor "HOLY SHIT!"

Yamamoto for the first time in his life,..... fainted.

Ichigo went up to her "Grimmjow got you pregnant?"

Soi-Fon just nodded his head.

"And you got pissed at Yoruichi for getting pregnant by Kisuke" Ichigo laughed.

"Shut up ass hole!" Soi-Fon snapped while stomping out the door.

Rangiku came running in to her Captain office startling Momo making her drop her cup of chocolate milk on Toshiro's lap.


"Sorry, Giku made me" Momo said pointing at Rangiku, who was no longer there "Giku?" Momo looked to see Ranigku collapsed on the floor.

"Giku?" Momo hopped down from Toshiros lap and ran to Rangiku and started to poke her "Giku?"

Rangiku jumped up real fast "GUESS WHAT!" She shouted making Momo jump and run and cling on to Toshiro leg.

Toshiro looked up at Matsumoto "What?"

"No you have to guess" Rangiku told him.

Toshiro groaned "I don't know, just tell me"

Momo let go of Toshiro leg "You finally learn how to spell your own name?"

Toshiro was in his room changing his outfit and chuckled. "Hell naw"

Rangiku looked down at Momo "I know how to spell my name"

Momo crossed her arms "Really?" Momo said "Then how do you spell it?"

Rangiku looked at her "R-A-N-G-I-K-U, Rangiku"

Momo's jaw dropped "Wow, you do know how to spell it, Lil'Shiro did you hear that!?"

Toshiro walked out of his room "Yes, that was impressive"

"Boo you both" Rangiku told them both.

"Aw come on Giku, tell us what it is" Momo said while setting on the the couch with Ame.

Ranigku took in a breath "Soi-Fons PREGNANT!"

Toshiro fell out of his chair "What!

"Whats pregnant?" Momo asked.

Rangiku walked over to her "That is when a girl like Yoruichi and Soi-Fon have a baby in there" Ranigku said while poking Momo's belly.

Momo looked down while standing on the couch "But how does it get there?"

Rangiku sat on the floor "Its when a boy and girl-"


Ranigku looked to see Toshiro setting back on his chair. "Oh fine"

Rangiku sighed "Uh, a women gets pregnant by an Angel putting a seed in the girl-"

"Like a flower" Momo said.

"Yes like a flower, and the seed just like a flower starts to grow and sprout little arms and legs"

"Oh" Momo said with a smile.

Toshiro was actually surprised "Wow I didn't know you could think that much"

Rangiku stuck her tongue out at him.

"But Giku, Renji said that a boy helps make a baby" Momo said.

Rangiku looked down at her "Oh the boy does, he uh, he uh, the guy helps by giving the baby a special vitamin that it needs to grow" Rangiku told her.

"Ah, ok" Momo said while smiling.

Toshiro who had a very impressed look on his face looked at Matsumoto "And do you know who the guy is?"

Rangiku snorted "Uh, yeah its Grimmjow"

Toshiro eyes went huge "What!?"

"Does Blueberry know that he is gonna be a daddy?" Momo asked.

Rangiku looked at her "No, Soi-Fon is kinda scared to tell him"

"Cant blame her" Toshiro said while looking at Momo who has twirling in circles.

Before Rangiku could say something Rukia barged in the room.

"Oh my god, did you hear about Soi-Fon!?" Rukia shouted.

"Yeah, shes pregnant" Rangiku told her while standing up.

"With Grimmjows baby" Rukia laughed.

Rangiku nodded her head "What color hair do you think it while have?"

Rukia smiled "I don't know, i kinda want it to be a girl with blue hair"

Rangiku smiled "I know"

Momo walked over to Toshiro "Uh, they are acting weird"

Toshiro looked down at her "When are they not?"


Rangiku turned and looked at Momo "Huh?"

"When you gonna have a baby with Smiley?" Momo asked.

Rukia and Toshiro snorted "Yeah Rangiku when are you?" Toshiro asked.

Rangiku blushed "Uh, when Rukia finally tells Byakuya she has had sex with Ichigo"

Rukia glared at her "I'll tell him,... when his not angry"

Momo raised an eyebrow "But, Bya-Bya already knows"

Rukia turned to Momo "What, how does he know!?"

"Because I told, well kinda,... ish" Momo told her.

Rukia's jaw dropped "Why did you do that?"

"Because Renji told me about, and I told Bya-Bya that you didn't have a shirt on, so but he didn't seem angry" Momo said to Rukia.

Rukia sat on the couch "So, he wasn't angry?"

Momo shook her head "I mean he called Ichy an asshole, but that about it"

Rukia sunk in the couch "Thank goodness"

"Momo, seriously, you and your language" Toshiro sighed.

Yoruichi walked in the office "Hey guys"

Momo ran to her "Kitty"

Yoruichi smiled down at her "Hi sweetheart"

Momo looked at her "Your belly is grew, its like big"

Yoruichi nodded "Yes it did"

"So what can I do for ya?" Toshiro asked Yoruchi.

Yoruichi sat down on the couch "Just came to visit"

Unlike Yoruichi who calmly walked in, Soi-Fon barged in "I cant do this"

Yoruichi looked at her "What honey?"

"I'm the captain of the Stealth Force, I'm not supposed to be pregnant" Soi-Fon told everyone.

"She is getting emotional, that is going to happen alot" Yoruichi said.

Soi-Fon got on the couch and laid down.

"Why in the hell is everyone coming to my office for?" Toshiro asked.

Everyone looked at eachother and shrugged.

"Maybe you should you tell Grimmjow" Rukia suggested

Soi-Fon sighed "Maybe, but uh, his well him how do you think he will take it?"

Momo looked at everyone looking moopy "Okay what is yall's problem?"

They all looked at her "What do you mean?"

"You all moopy and depressed you need to get happy" Momo told them with a annoyed expression.

"Well, it is late maybe we should all go get some rest, and Soi-Fon to tell Grimmjow" Rukia mentioned while walking to the door "I'll see yall later"

Momo waved bye to everyone before going and placing her self on Toshiro's lap.

"Whats wrong Momo?" Toshiro asked the little girl in his lap.

Momo laid down in his lap "I'm tired"

Toshiro chuckled "Then go to bed dodo"

"I don't wanna" Momo told him.

"Alright fine, come on" Toshiro said while picking her up and carrying her into his room, closing the door behind him.

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