Chapter 1 – Prologue

I know this sounds absurd,
but this is what I heard
I know you must be lonely
Underneath, you're insecure
but you can rest assured
I know you're not the only

It's always such a shame
To slander your own name
In a struggle to survive
You're everyone's best friend
You're abandoned in the end
And you never felt alive

It's hard to climb a waterfall
I never realized
That there's a part inside us all
That tumbles from the sky
When we watch a dreamer die

Do you remember when
All of this began,
And you never turned around?
It must be hard to find again
The place where you had been
When you finally hit the ground

And everyone believes
And no one ever sees
Your struggle to survive
And no one understands
Who's there to hold your hand
When you fight to stay alive

It's hard to climb a waterfall
I never realized
That there's a part inside us all
That tumbles from the sky
When we watch a dreamer die

And I don't ever want to
Well, I don't ever want to
I don't ever want to die like you

Dreamer Dies - Autovein


There were noises. Although they were loud, everything seemed muffled and far off. The lights were bright against my eyes; it felt like I hadn't opened them for days." I tried to turn my neck but it was held fast to something. My heart was thudding in my ears and it sounded like the beach at La Push. The waves crashing against the cliffs and for a moment, I was taken back to when I was fifteen and holding Jacob's hand while we jumped. Suddenly my stomach lurched and I opened my eyes to see the face of a man leaning over me. He was holding a bag of clear liquid over my head. Somewhere in my brain I recognized the bag as an IV, the line down and out of my view. There was jumbling and tilting. I was lying on something hard and lumpy, it crinkled when I shifted. The loose pressure on my chest and thighs was beginning to worry me.

What the hell is going on? What is happening?

The noises around me were getting louder and softer at the same time. They pulsed in and out as if someone had their hand on the volume switch. I was in a vehicle, no, an ambulance. The sounds of multiple sirens were fading leaving only the sound of the siren above me, it was leading me. I felt like I was supposed to be looking for something. I've forgotten something important. What is that? My brain went into a fuddled frenzy as I stared intently at the lights on the ceiling of the truck.

Keys, purse, phone, watch. Keys, purse, phone, watch. Books, notepads, pens. Fill gas tank, pay electric, buy more milk. Call Jacob, take Saturday off for play. Buy new copy of Pride and Prejudice. Keys, Purse, Phone, Watch.

Green, Amber, Silver, Red. Red. Green, Red. Red was wrong. Why was the red wrong? Green, Amber, Silver, why red? What is Green? Eyes. Eyes are green. The red was between the green… Edward.



The pressure on my neck followed my lurch against the straps of the gurney as I tried to get up. I fell back and cringed into my side. Something was wrong; very, very wrong. Voices were shouting in and out of my mind. I glanced over at the EMT beside me as he grabbed the radio on his shoulder and began to speak.

"Caucasian female, twenty-three years old, gunshot wound to the shoulder and lower abdomen. Bullets are contained. No, I repeat, NO through and through wounds, condition is critical…she's fading fast. Our ETA is 10 minutes."

Sounds of static and murmuring faded out into the background and my eyes slipped shut. Fuzzy memories of a dark room came to mind. A foyer with marble floors and high vaulted ceilings, it was so familiar. Red dots were swimming in my vision. My gut was telling me the red dots were bad. My memories became hazy again and I didn't have the energy to try and figure anything out. The doors of the ambulance opened and I was jarred out of the confines of the truck's bay. The sun was bright outside and my vision turned red behind my eyelids as I tried to squeeze them shut against the onslaught of light. There were people in scrubs running beside me, and soon I was in an elevator with people touching and grabbing my body. I felt stabs of pain around my sides and my arms. When I finally opened my eyes again, I saw the face of a kind woman next to me. She smiled and said something I couldn't quite grasp before I felt a sharp prick on my arm.

Edward. They were going to kill him. I took his place. I smiled. Or at least I had the idea of smiling. He was safe. I knew it, I could feel it. He had to be; he wasn't here. Suddenly the memories came at me like a heavy blanket. Work, lunch, Mike, my paycheck, the bank… Edward; it all came back to me.

After a few moments of clothing being cut away from my body and my arms being poked and prodded, I began to feel heavy and numb. And right before the shadows consumed me, I thought…

Edward, where are you?

The darkness was my answer.

I know you're all like, damn that was short. But it's the prologue. First chapter is written and being beta'd right now so keep ur knickers on. I'll post really soon kk? This is different from SB...obviously. If you liked it let me know. If you didnt let me know. If you dont care, dont review. hahahaha.

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