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Rated T for swearing.

Chapter 1: Time To Duel

Kanami Mutou was getting impatient.

"Your move, Valon," she said in a sarcastically cheerful voice, "any time now." The blue-eyed brunette teenager didn't even bother to look up from his cards. He replied in a thick Australian accent.

"You say that like you're winning, but okay." He never did make his next move because at that moment a burly and extremely tall blond man interrupted them.

"All right, that's enough. We've got real duels to fight." He said. Valon grudgingly started to gather up his cards, but the brunette girl scolded.

"Oh, come on, Raphael! Think of this as practice. We can't take people's souls if we can't beat them."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Raphael moaned, walking out of the room as he said it.

"You got lucky this time, Kanami. Next duel, you'll be crushed." Said Valon cheerfully. Kanami smirked at him, but her amethyst eyes gave away her self-doubt. She rarely defeated Valon in a duel and she wasn't winning when they were interrupted.

Kanami and Valon followed Raphael through the long hallway, knowing full well that he had interrupted them for something important. He wouldn't have cared one way or the other how they spent their time, unless he needed them. He was nice enough to them, but as a general rule, he kept to himself. They had not been walking long when a skinny red-haired young man joined them.

"Hi, Alister." said Kanami.

"Hey Nami, Valon." he replied.

"Morning, mate." answered Valon.

Kanami didn't often beat Alister in a duel either, and she had never beaten Raphael. It wasn't that she was a terrible duelist. Those three just had more experience than she had. She was nineteen and had only been dueling for the past four years. Raphael who was twenty-three had been dueling for five years and eighteen year-old Alister had been dueling for seven years. Valon was seventeen years old and had only been dueling for three years, but he seemed to have a real gift, because even two weeks into starting, he was dueling like a pro.

It was depressing to think about, because Kanami used to duel beautifully when she was a child, but unfortunately she was forced to quit for many years. That wasn't her fault, of course.

The enormous hallway finally ended to reveal a even bigger room. Torches hung from every wall, yet the room was still dimly lit. There were massive columns supporting the dome like roof above, with a giant serpent carved in a spiral around each one. In front of them was a small flight of stairs and at the top were three serpent statues that were woven into the wall, so that it seemed that they were slithering down from the roof to the floor. Their mouths opened wide to reveal sharp fangs and they really did seem alive. The room, actually, the whole building was ancient. Thousands of years old, and yet for some reason, it seemed brand new. Either way, it was beautiful.

Kneeling in front of the snakes was a man in a long cloak. He no doubt heard them come in, but stayed where he was. Raphael bent down on one knee and the others followed suit. Raphael spoke up.

"You asked for us, Sir?"

The cloaked figure finally stood up and turned to reveal a blue haired man.

"The time has arrived, my children," he answered, "I have found a spell that will allow me to lock onto the power of the Egyptian God Cards. That alone will enable me to open the door to the Shadow Realm. The Leviathan will be freed from his prison there, but he won't be strong enough to emerge here in our world."

"In other words, we need to work overtime," replied Alister.

"Yes, for the Leviathan to rise, we need powerful souls."

"Like the soul of the Pharaoh," said Raphael.

"For starters," the cloaked man replied.

"Right, let's get rolling then," Valon answered.

"Well said, Valon, I will begin the spell this morning, be ready for anything. You're dismissed." Kanami and the others stood up and answered in unison:

"Yes Master Dartz." They began to leave, but Dartz continued,

"Kanami, I want a word with you." Kanami was surprised, but she stayed and said nothing. She knew better than to contradict this man. Dartz turned to face a large vat of oil and lit the oil on fire. He motioned for Kanami to stand next to him and he stared at the fire concentrating. The image of a face appeared in the fire. Kanami's blood turned cold. It was her little brother, Yugi. The image looked very much like a movie, Yugi was walking down a sidewalk, smiling and talking. Kanami could just make out the arms and legs of his friends passing through the fire, but the image was mostly focused on Yugi.

"I have often heard you talking to the others about your brother, Kanami." Said Dartz. Kanami nodded. She knew what was coming.

"I have also noticed that you've been saving the newspaper clippings about him," he continued, "I told you to let go of your past. As a servant of the Orichalcos, it is your duty to do so. Your previous family no longer exists for you. This is where you belong."

"Yes, Master Dartz." Kanami replied, bowing her head respectively, "I will do better."

"Perhaps you need to learn to have more respect for the Orichalcos. Go out and collect twelve new souls. I will give you three days. You may go now."

"Yes Sir."

Kanami groaned under her breath. Twelve souls, in three days! That meant she had to duel a minimum of four people a day! One duel alone took a lot of energy.

But what could she do? When Dartz gave an order, no one dared to argue. Dartz may have been trying to save the world, but he wasn't a kind man. Not that it mattered to Kanami though. However cruelly he treated her now, this was the same man who took her in when she had nowhere else to go and gave her more power than she even thought possible.

Still, that didn't mean she had to obey. It just meant she had to be extremely careful not to get caught. When she reached her room, she went straight to the opposite wall where she kept all the pictures of her brother that she had collected. She smiled at them adoringly.

It had been three years now that he had become the top duelist in the world, aptly named "King of Games." Any one who played the well-loved game of Duel Monsters knew him and Kanami had saved every mention of him that she could find. She wasn't all that surprised. He had always been great at any game. He beat her at every board game and puzzle they played as children, even though he was two years younger than her. She was so proud. She pulled the pictures gently off the wall one by one and held them stalked together. She looked around the room.

"Well now what?" she thought. She certainly was not getting rid of them, but she couldn't let Dartz find them. Then she remembered a loose brick in that same wall. She had never fixed it because it opened up a small space between that and another wall. It was dirty, but it still made for a great little hiding spot and now she was glad she had saved it for just that purpose. Kanami snatched up a small box and dumped the contents on her desk. She put the pictures inside, slid the box into hole, and replaced the brick.

Dartz just didn't understand. Yugi was Kanami's whole reason for fighting. She was rebuilding paradise on earth for him.