In an effort to keep the Yu-gi-oh characters true to their original selves, I re watched some of the episodes from the Orichalcos saga, aka season four. Unfortunately, it's just now occurring to me that some readers are either accustomed to the manga, which doesn't include the Orichalcos saga, or they haven't seen the entire series. So before I give away any more spoilers, I'm going to tell you that this story falls between episodes 145 and 184. :)

Chapter 6: Valon's Girlfriend

Alister, Valon, Raphael, and Kanami reached the main room at the same time to see Dartz staring at the god cards. He seemed enraged. Kanami shuddered. "Here's hoping he's forgotten about my little outburst." She prayed silently.

"Listen well, all of you." he addressed them without turning around, "Apparently Fate is not on our side. Timaeus has been reborn.

"One of the legendary dragons?!" said Kanami.

"You gotta be kidding me." Alister moaned under his breath.

"Just as we are able to unleash the power of the sacred Seal through a magic card," Dartz went on, "Timaeus has taken the form of a duel monsters card, and now, the Pharaoh wields the dragon's strength."

Raphael, Alister, and Valon automatically shifted their eyes to Kanami, who was frozen rigid to the spot. Dartz didn't notice and probably didn't care. He called out Raphael's name.

"Yes Master Dartz," Raphael responded, bending down on one knee. "I know what to do. I'll find the Pharaoh, and this time, I'll make sure we drain his power to feed the Great Beast, Sir."

"Why don't you try listening?" Dartz scolded, "It's really a wonderful skill, and when you master it, you'll realize that we need more than just the Pharaoh's soul!"

"Then we'll deal with the others too." Alister chimed in, "I'll take Kaiba."

"I've got me eye on someone too." Valon added, "That feisty little bloke Joey Wheeler. Heh, he should be fun to take apart." Alister frowned.

"I know why you're after Wheeler."

"Mind your own business Alister! What about you? Why the sudden interest in Kaiba?"

"Look, I have my reasons Valon."

"Really?" Kanami stared at Alister. She knew what his reasons were, and she wondered if Alister was bold enough to really go off on Valon in front of Master Dartz. Raphael didn't take that chance.

"Knock it off! We're in the presence of Master Dartz!"

"The Pharaoh and his friends are on their way to see the one we've been watching." said Dartz, "Just make certain that you reach him before they do."

The one they had been watching was Pegasus, the creator of the Duel Monsters game. It had been a while now since he had lost his Millennium Eye and the powers it gave him, but Dartz still saw him as a threat, and he was right to do so.

In Pegasus's travels and studies of the Shadow Realm, he had learned about the Orichalcos. He knew about the lost city of Atlantis, and how it had sunk to the bottom of the sea due to a terrible war between the three Legendary Dragons and the Leviathan. He also knew that the Leviathan was currently locked away deep in the Shadow Realm, where no monster or human could unleash it.

The dragons had been imprisoned as well, but there was a legend that three "warriors" would come to free them. Now it seemed that one of those warriors was the Pharaoh, and Pegasus planned to tell him everything he could about the Leviathan and it's history.

Just as Kanami and the others were leaving, Valon whipped around and went back to Dartz, a look a realization on his face.

"Um, Master Dartz, wouldn't this be a good chance for Mai Valentine to… show off her dueling skills? Someone's going to have to capture Pegasus's soul, and she does have to start somewhere."

Dartz considered Valon's words for only a few seconds, but to Valon it felt like years. "Very well, take Miss Valentine with you and proceed as planned. If she fails this test, then I'll expect you to pick up the pieces Valon."

"She won't fail Sir; I promise you." Valon replied, barely hiding his joy. He literally ran past the others, including Kanami whose mouth was hanging open in shock of his behavior. This giddy schoolboy attitude was so unlike the hard-hitting biker.

"What was THAT?" she asked, watching him go.

Alister rolled his eyes in disgust at Valon. "You mean you haven't met the Harpie Queen yet?"

"Huh?" she turned to Alister.

"New girl," Raphael told her, "She joined a few days ago. She keeps to herself so you've pretty much missed each other."

"Lucky you." Alister added.

"So…" Kanami started, wondering if they were talking about a person or a time bomb. "This Mai Valentine, I've heard that name before."

"That's because she's a famous duelist. She can actually play the game all right; the problem is she's a cow." Said Alister.

"Don't insult cows." Raphael sneered, "Now let's go."

They caught up with Valon to find him talking with the blond woman who must have been Mai. Kanami decided to judge this woman's attitude for herself and walked up to her.

"Hey, you must be Mai." The blond woman turned and glanced at Kanami with a bored expression.

"That's right, and you are?"

"Name's Kanami. Did Valon tell you about Pegasus already?" Seeing Valon nod, Kanami continued. "I hear this is going to be your first duel."

Mai blinked and then glared at her. "Do I look like an amateur to you?"

"Bad choice of words," Kanami replied calmly, "I mean it's your first time dueling with the Seal of Orichalcos, right?" The five duelists started to leave as Mai answered gleefully.

"That's right and I intend to start things off with a bang."

Raphael reprimanded Mai, "Let's get one thing straight. This is no longer a game for you. Don't have fun dueling Pegasus, just win."

"Whatever Loser. Pegasus is nothing to me. There's only one person I need to take apart and I'm not about to lose my soul before I even see him." This interested Kanami.

"Old boyfriend?" she asked Mai. Mai spun around and looked like she was about to jump Kanami before Alister answered the question himself.

"That's pretty much it." Now Mai turned her attention to Alister.

"Listen punk, those geeks held me back from being a winner and I'm going to make them pay, and Wheeler's going to be the first to go."

"Joey Wheeler?" Kanami glanced at Valon and suddenly Alister's words made sense. "I know why you're after Wheeler."

"Wheeler and Yugi Mutou, I've been playing the second-rate duelist for too long." Mai was just getting on the plane when Kanami stepped in front of her, blocking her way so that Mai was forced to look at Kanami dead on.

"Mai, stick to Wheeler. If anybody's going to challenge the Pharaoh, it'll be me." Kanami was so focused on Mai's reaction, that she failed to notice the other three concerned reactions that came from hearing her sudden determination to take away the Pharaoh's soul.

"Who the hell are you to order me?" Mai snapped, shoving Kanami out of the way. "I don't take demands from anyone, unlike you who can't turn around unless your master commands you to."

"WHAT? And what do you call what you're doing right now?" Kanami lashed back.

"Listen Hon," was Mai's smug reply, "I'll duel Pegasus, so I can see the power of the Seal of Orichalcos for myself, but I'm not interested in your take-over-the-world routine. I do things for myself." Kanami was about to respond when Mai continued. "As for this Pharaoh, I don't even know what you're talking about."

Alister purposefully jammed his elbow into Valon's arm. "You didn't tell her?" By now, they had all gotten onto the plane. Raphael casually took the pilot's seat.

"Don't think she'll care one way or the other, but okay." Valon answered, "Mai, your former friend Yugi is possessed by the spirit of a five-thousand year-old Pharaoh." He shrugged, "Not much else to say really." Kanami looked at him, noting the fact that he didn't tell Mai that Yugi was her brother.

"Well, that certainly explains the Battle City finals." Mai finally said, "But you're right Valon, I don't care. If this card is really as powerful as you say it is, then I'll crush that little wimp even if he is taking backseat dueling advice from a ghost."

"I told you, back off! The Pharaoh's mine!" Kanami hissed.

"Go find your own opponent! Preferably someone in your league, like a dueling dog."

Kanami answered in mock sweetness. "Okay Mai, draw your cards." Mai sneered at the insult.

"Cute Honey, how about I take you up on that offer? How would you like to lose your soul to the Orichalcos?"

"I've got a better idea." Kanami said, "How about you kiss my…"

"RAPH! ARE WE THERE YET?!" Alister purposely interrupted.

"We only just left. What do you think, stupid? Keep your dueldisk on!" Raphael shouted back. Clearly, he was not hearing the uncomfortable conversation behind him. Kanami didn't finish her sentence, but the message got through.

"What did you say?" The glare in Mai's eyes dared Kanami to answer. Kanami smirked at the effect her comment was having.

"I'm sorry Mai, let me translate that. Woof, woof!"

This was the premise of the entire trip to Industrial Illusion headquarters. Mai and Kanami did everything but physically beat each other up, although Kanami was tempted to punch Mai at one point. Valon and Alister sat between the two girls, both wishing that they weren't sitting between them, and Raphael was completely oblivious to all of it.

It was getting dark by the time they arrived. Raphael was the first to get off the plane. He turned to the others behind him.

"All right Mai, Pegasus is all yours." He said, "The rest of us are going to make sure that your duel isn't interrupted." Everyone nodded. They went to the side of the building and found a back door with a lock that required a number password to get in. "Alister, can you crack this?" Raphael asked.

Alister looked at him as if it were a trick question. "Is Slifer the Sky Dragon a high level monster?" He immediately set to work. He took a gray and black laptop out of the backpack he was carrying and plugged in a wire from the computer to the lock. For only a minute, there was no sound except for the fast typing of Alister's keyboard, and then the door clicked. Alister smiled widely and opened the door with ease.

Technology and computers were to Alister what drawing was to Kanami. As soon as they were inside, he repeated the same act on yet another security system. The others looked around. They were in an unlit hallway.

"Alister," said Raphael, pausing until Alister looked up from his computer, "When you're done disabling the security, hack into the files of this place. Dig up anything you can about Atlantis. Valon, you and Mai go find Pegasus." Lastly, he turned to Kanami "Half-pint, you're with me."

Half-pint. That name started out as a joke, but now Raphael used it out of habit. Thinking about it got Kanami wondering if she and Mai could actually get along with time, like she had with the others.

Four Years Ago:

Kanami Mutou had now been living on the streets for five years, if it could be called living. The only friend she had was Saggi. Her deck was left behind with the house when she left for the orphanage, but she had managed to hold onto his card. Other than him, she trusted no one. Why should she when no one trusted her?

One day, she was taking shelter in an abandoned factory when she heard motorcycles approaching. Knowingly, she hid herself behind some wooden crates before anyone could see her. Whoever this was couldn't have been too friendly.

A biker gang composed of seven men stopped their bikes on one side of building's interior and two other bikers stopped on the opposite side. One was skinny and had red hair. The second was slightly shorter and had spiky brown hair. They both looked to be about Kanami's age.

"Ready to dance, boys?" shouted one of the seven bikers to the two across the room.

"Yeah Rick, show 'em whose boss!" shouted another.

The only response from the two was a unified and confident smirk. Kanami stared at them wide-eyed. Were they insane? The man named Rick looked as though he could have slaughtered the two without any help from the other six hostile bikers. She had been in enough street fights to know that the odds were absolutely not in their favor.

But to Kanami's surprise, Rick and the red-haired boy didn't fight; they dueled. She enjoyed watching them from her hiding spot. She really missed dueling. It amazed her that she could still remember all the rules and even recognized most of the cards played, except for one. The redhead played something called the Seal of Orichalcos. It must have been rare; it certainly was powerful.

Eventually, he defeated Rick, and that's when things got weird. The Seal shrank till it was only encircling the loser of the duel. Rick let out a terrified and painful scream while his opponent looked on casually. Suddenly the biker collapsed to the floor and his gang ran to him. Kanami couldn't see Rick anymore because they had circled him, but judging by their shouts, he wasn't waking up. The brunette teenager walked up to them, smiling.

"My turn!" he said, "So whose next, anybody?" the remaining bikers cowered away from him and ran, leaving their bikes behind. "Aww, and we were having so much fun. Pity they had to leave." He was Australian, judging by his accent.

The redhead ignored him and picked up the card that had materialized beside the motionless body. "I knew that guy was all talk. I could've dueled him blindfolded." He told his friend.

Kanami tried to get a good look at the card he was holding, so much so that she forgot she was hiding.

"Hello, hello. What have we here?" said the Australian. Kanami turned and realized with a start that he was looking at her. She backed up till she was against the wall, figuring that now they couldn't get behind her. They walked up until they were just a few feet away and then stared at her.

"What are you looking at?" she barked.

"Heh, I don't think she likes us Mate." The brunette laughed quietly to his friend.

Kanami looked between the two to the person still unconscious on the floor. He seemed dead. "What did you do to that guy?"

"Nothing." The red-haired teen answered. "All I did was play the Seal of Orichalcos. He lost, so it took his soul away. It could just have easily taken mine." As soon as Kanami heard those words, she thought of the stories that Saggi had told her about ancient Egypt and the Shadow Games. Did these guys really know magic?

"How about you Love?" interjected the Australian, lifting up his arm to show off his dueldisk. "You duel?"

"Not anymore." Kanami felt embarrassed, but she didn't break her gaze.

The redhead looked her over. She was wearing jeans, a gray T-shirt, an olive green jacket, and white tennis shoes. All of which was worn out and filthy, and there was a bruise on her cheek.

"What do you mean not anymore?" he sounded interested, "Something happen to you?"

Kanami looked away to hide her confusion. Who were these guys and why did they care? "Get lost." She finally said, "You're annoying me."

The redhead stepped up and gripped her chin in his hand, forcing her to look him in the eyes. "Did I strike a nerve?" he asked.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" she screamed and drove her knee into his stomach. He doubled over. Kanami was about to hit him on the back of the head, when the Australian jumped her and knocked her down to the ground. When she was on her back, he leaned back on his knees and put his hands on her wrists, pinning them next to her shoulders. He was leaning sideways from her, so she couldn't kick him.

"Stay down." He ordered. Kanami looked up into his icy glare and realized how much trouble she was in. She stayed put. She only had to wait for a good opportunity to try and fight back, if she was still alive in five minutes.

The redhead got back up, but for some reason, he wasn't angry. He was more interested in something that had fallen out of Kanami's pocket when Valon tackled her. As he picked it up, Kanami realized in horror that it was the picture of her and her family about a year before her parents died.

"How sweet." he said. "What's the matter?" his stare seemed to reach right into Kanami's mind. "You can't be a runaway if you feel the need to carry this around, so what happened? Were they taken from you?"

Rage boiled up inside Kanami.

"Who do you think you are!?" She writhed and struggled to get free.

The teen holding her didn't budge. "Calm down already." For reasons Kanami couldn't figure out, she listened to him.

"You fight like someone who's got nothing to live for, but doesn't want to die." the redhead said as he bent down on one knee next to Kanami.

Kanami just stared at him. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means you're pissed off at the world." the Australian answered, "Isn't that right?"

"Yes, my life sucks! It doesn't take a genius to figure that out! Now let me go!" Kanami demanded furiously.

"But it shouldn't be this way, should it? You deserve more and you know it." He finally let go of her, but she didn't move.

"We know someone who can give everything you need, everything you want." The redhead continued. He smirked. "Interested?"

Though she hated to admit it, Kanami was interested. "Show me." The two both stood up and offered her a hand each. Kanami stared at those hands like she didn't know what they were.

"We don't bite, hard." joked the Australian teen. The other boy shot him a quick glance of annoyance.

"Come on, it's okay." He said more seriously. Kanami wondered for only a second if she was going to regret this before taking their hands and pulling herself up.

"I'm Valon; this is Alister."

"Kanami. Kanami Mutou."

The next thing she knew she was on a plane. She asked herself what could have possessed her to trust these two when she saw an castle on an island out her window.

"Home sweet home mates." said Valon. Kanami's mouth dropped.

"You guys live here? In a castle?!"

"I never get tired of that reaction." Valon said smirking.

The building was even more impressive on the inside. Kanami was gaping at the hallway she was in when Alister tapped her shoulder.

"Come here." She followed him to one of the doors and when he opened it for her, she saw it was an elaborate restroom. Alister handed her a hand towel. "If you're going to meet Master Dartz, you'll need to clean up a bit. You do want to make a good impression right?" Kanami might have countered if she hadn't thought that it was true.

She hadn't looked in a mirror lately, but she guessed what she would see. She stepped in front on the mirror tentatively. She was right. The face that she saw didn't shock her though. She knew that she had been through hell and expected to see the results in her face. It was just hard to look at. Maybe it would be worth her while to hear what this Dartz had to offer her, because things couldn't get worse.

She washed her face and hands and brushed the dirt off her clothes. She still didn't look good, but it would have to do. When she came out, Alister and Valon were talking to a man that she would later find out was named Raphael. As soon as she saw him, he looked up and saw her.

"Who's this?" he asked.

Valon replied as if he were showing off a prize on a game show. "May I present the lovely and radiant Kanami Mutou?"

"New recruit." Alister said simply.

"Master Dartz needs powerful duelists and you brought in this half-pint?" Raphael scoffed. Kanami gave him a short "HA!"

"Well I would seem like a half-pint to you Goliath!" She waved her hand in his face. "Can you hear me all the way up there, or do I need to raise my voice?"

Raphael looked at Kanami like she was a persistent fly that kept buzzing around his ear. "Great, that's what we need around here, a half-pint with lip." Kanami gritted her teeth.

"Stop calling me that!" She tried to punch his jaw, but he caught her head in one hand. He made it look effortless, which only infuriated her more.

"Why bother?" Raphael asked, "You just admitted I'm bigger than you."

"Doesn't mean I can't try."

"Tough girl, huh?" He looked up at Alister and Valon. "Well, what are you waiting for? Take this girl to meet Dartz already." As he finished, he shoved her back harshly and the two caught her quickly before she tried to attack Raphael again.

"Right, let's go Kanami." said Valon. He and Alister pulled her along. Raphael walked a few steps away before he turned around and called out. "Good luck, Half-pint." Kanami glared at him, but kept walking.

Present Day:

There were three security guards in the lobby. From around the corner, Kanami and Raphael watched two of them take the elevator to the basement. The other was sitting behind a round desk looking at surveillance cameras, or rather wrestling with them. Thanks to Alister, all he was getting from the screens was snow.

"All right Half-pint," Raphael said quietly, "get rid of the guard and this time, hey!"

Kanami was off at the word guard. In the time it took for the him to see her and get out of his chair, Kanami had run up to the desk, jumped on top of it, and karate-kicked his head. He slammed his back against the desk and slid down to the floor. Satisfied that he was indeed out cold, she hopped off the desk and smiled at Raphael proudly. His reaction was not what she was hoping for.

"As I was saying, get rid of the guard and this time, use your magic!"

"Well, where's the sport in that?"

"Kanami." Raphael scolded with a tone that a parent might use.

At that moment, the other two guards came back and ran towards the intruders as soon as they saw them. Kanami rolled her eyes and took off her Orichalcos stone earring. She held it over her head and it began to glow with a blinding green light. When the light faded, the guards were stock-still, as if frozen in time. They each had a green aura, eerie looking as it was the only light in the room.

"Happy now?" Kanami complained, "It's not like I don't know how to use the powers of the Orichalcos."

"I'm only reminding you of what Master Dartz said." Raphael looked down at his own stone around his neck and held it in his hand. "Activating the magic contained within these stones strengthens their power which…"

"Which in turn strengthens the Great Leviathan." Kanami finished, "I know, I know." She put her earring back on. "You want to tattoo that on my arm?"

"Ha, ha, ha." was Raphael's only answer. One by one, the rest of security was "frozen," mostly by Raphael. He figured it was easier to do the job himself. Kanami went back to check on Alister. He was sitting cross-legged on the floor with his computer in his lap, entirely focused on its screen.

Kanami snuck up and teasingly startled him. Alister yelped, but then pulled her hair in revenge. "Ow! Alister!" she said through laughter, "So what does Mr. Pegasus say? Anything worth deleting?"

"Nothing we didn't already know about him." He continued searching for a moment. "Hey."

"What's is it?"

"Yugi and the others will already be on their way." Alister said, "Dartz will probably want us to set a trap for them."

Before anything more could be said, Raphael came and told them that Mai was dueling Pegasus. Alister, Raphael, and Kanami went to the roof of the building to find the two locked inside the Seal. Valon was watching silently and happily from the sidelines.

Just as Alister had said, Mai certainly could duel. She still had most of her lifepoints intact, while Pegasus had lost all but one hundred of his. The monsters on Mai's side of the field were Harpie Ladies, but Kanami didn't recognize his monster.

"Next I'll sacrifice two of my Harpie Ladies to summon Harpie's Pet Dragon." Mai smiled when the snarling beast appeared. "My new monster gains five-hundred attack points from the Seal of Orichalcos, plus three hundred more attack points for every Harpie Lady I have on the field, and I count four Harpies!"

Harpie's Pet Dragon: 3700 Atk points

Pegasus actually seemed pleased. "I activate Relinquished's special ability!" he said.

The monster that was apparently called Relinquished began to glow and all of a sudden, Harpie's Pet Dragon vanished. It soon reemerged from inside Relinquished, fused to it like some sort of wart. "Now, not only does my monster gain the same attack and defense points as your monster, but if you attack, you'll only being destroying your own monster." Pegasus grinned, "And my turn's only just begun. Relinquished, use the power of Harpie's Pet Dragon and attack her monster!"

"I activate Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation!" Mai shouted. A bright burst of flames erupted from the ground, forcing the onlookers to shield their faces. When Kanami opened her eyes, the flames had encircled Mai's harpies. "The power of my trap card stops your monster dead in it's tracks."

Sure enough, Relinquished couldn't penetrate the wall of flames that now shielded the Harpie Ladies. "Hold on!" Pegasus said angrily, "Where did you get that card? I had it banned." Valon spoke up.

"Well in case you haven't figured this out already, we Orichalcos Duelists don't take orders from you."

"I end my turn." Pegasus replied, realizing that there was no point in arguing with these people.

"Good, then I'll summon another Harpie Lady." Mai told him, "Then I'll activate my other trap card, Ultimate Offering. At the cost of five-hundred lifepoints, I can summon another Harpie Lady to the field." Now she had six harpies on the field and three thousand lifepoints.

"This isn't over. I still have one hundred lifepoints left!"

"Not for long, my move." said Mai. "You thought it was fun to steal people's souls in Duelist Kingdom, didn't you? Well now it's time for me to have a little fun. I activate Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation! Since I have six harpies, it lets me destroy up to six of your monsters." The harpies combined their power into a swirl of energy and then Relinquished and Harpie's Pet Dragon were gone. "And thanks to my magic card, the sum of your monster's attack points get subtracted from your lifepoints!"

"NO! This can't be happening!" cried out Pegasus. But it was happening, the Seal closed in on him and his soul was taken away.

"Damn." said Alister as Valon walked over to Mai to congratulate her, "She passed the test. Now we're stuck with her."

"We don't need her to be our friend; we just need her to capture souls." Raphael informed him, "That's all that matters."

Kanami wasn't listening. All she could hear were Alister's words echoing over and over in her mind. "Dartz will probably want us to set a trap for them." She sighed, "Well this just keeps getting better and better."

Somebody mentioned in a review that Kanami sounds like Konami. Honestly, I got the name Kanami from the anime Scr-y-ed. I needed a female Japanese name and I just liked the sound of Kanami. I had completely forgotten about Konami, but now I just think it's funny as all get out. Besides the fact that Konami makes the Yu-gi-oh card game, the name of Kanami's brother, Yugi, means "game." XD HA HA!