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The falling quasi meteors had lit up the sky in a spectacular way for a brief moment. Leaving them all blinking or cycling through various optical settings to see again when the brightness suddenly went away. That momentary weakness enough for the four 'comets' to come crashing into the shifting sand of the Nevada desert before anyone had time to truly react. Though that didn't stop the earthlings, robotic and organic, to duck and flinch in a delayed reaction. Another oddity that the yellow Autobot scout added to the rapidly growing compilation of things that were not normal Cybertronian behavior even as he stood at attention as the four forms shifted into bipedal form. Bumblebee noting that somewhere along the route to this location his superior officers had transcanned suitable vehicles for their planetary external armor and alt modes; a good thing considering how quickly they would have to work in getting what was needed done before a 'con came upon what they had discovered.

Matters which became more complicated when Ratchet, during Optimus Prime being himself and making the new sparks stare at him in some odd emotional mixture, had sent out a very surprised flash of his field and a phrase that had the rest of the team in shock while the new sparks and Sam seemed confused.

"Five of them are a Gestalt."

Lennox was finally in a familiar position as he and the rest of his surviving team members had agreed to be part of the human detachment that had gone along to meet these 'good guy aliens', even if he did chafe over being about a mile away and leaving the kids to be the first contact. Forget that the two geek kids that had been in his personal space not more then two days ago had been running around before lightbulbs had been invented, they still acted like some of the kids he had gone to high school with, most of his team had taken to calling them kids, and the transformers didn't seem to mind it at all. 'Jack having gone on about how as nonbiological life forms their aging scale had to be drastically different and for all they know they were children still. So he was actually feeling somewhat sympathetic to the uptight Sector Seven asshole that was currently pacing the length of their designated area with a cell phone at the ready to hit speed dial for heavy back up if one of the kids so much as acted distressed or in danger.

The suits and his men seeming to also be feeling this as they were tensed and silent, without the usual looks and sarcastic comments that had started to define the interaction of these two groups. They probably wouldn't do major damage but they'd do enough to get the message across.

To this day Lennox would deny jumping in surprise when there was a sudden shout of 'WHAT?' from the meeting area and then promptly some of the kids laughing themselves sick. Even as Streetwise ambled calmly over to them to give them a heads up about these new guys and such. The amused look on his face though showed he was barely keeping from joining the rest of those who they could still hear giggling like mad on the other side of the hill. When uptight Sector Seven had been got the gist of what was going on he asked the question that was on all their minds in regards to outburst and laughter. Only for the police car to lose it and begin snickering as well. The only discernable word during the fit being 'Voltron' and 'Megazord'.

Lennox finally ignored the hysterical laughing and zeroed in on what had been told and the now nervous and cursing head suit who was not at all pleased by what he had been told. He was going to have to corner the guy later and get a full, with no bullshit excuses, explanation of what this Allspark and Megatron was. Until then he'd keep up the good little soldier routine as he and his men joined the odd convoy of transformers and aliens now heading back to Hoover Dam.

It was going to be a long couple of days.