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Dean Winchester: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street



"…What do you think, Mr. Winchester?"

Dean sat up, jolting awake at the sound of his name.

"Huh?" He said.

"What do you think Shakespeare meant by 'Methinks I see thee, now thou art so low,
As one dead in the bottom of a tomb'?" Mrs. Sueltz asked, smiling smugly at him. She knew he didn't know the answer, and she was right. Dean had no freakin' clue what that meant. So, he improvised.

"Uh, Juliet thinks Romeo's dead and she needs her eyes checked?" He ventured, smirking. The classroom erupted in laughter. Some because they thought the comment to be idiotic, which was why Lucy Walker was red faced from her own laughter, and some thought it was funny.

Mrs. Sueltz on the other hand, was neither. She pursed her lips into a thin line, her eyes daggers for the Winchester boy. In the back of the classroom, Sam ducked his head.

"See me after class, Mr. Winchester." She said.

There was a chorus of "oohs" that drowned out his groan.

"Quiet!" Mrs. Sueltz barked. "Now, Miss Walker, could you continue?"

Twenty two minutes later the bell rang. Dean took his time getting his stuff together as the rest of the class filed out of the room. Sam looked back at him before Dean motioned him to go on.

"Alright, sweetheart," Dean said. "How much detention am I getting this time?"

"I'm not giving you detention, Mr. Winchester." She said without looking up from the test she was grading.

"I'm not gettin' a Saturday School am I?" He asked, almost whining. The elderly teacher smiled and looked up at him over her bifocals.

"No, you are not." She said. Dean didn't like the look she was giving him one bit.

"Then…what am I doing here?" He asked. She sighed and set down her pen.

"You are failing my class, Mr. Winchester," She said. Dean nodded. He knew this already. "You were only supposed to be in here for a semester and you've ended up in both."

"Yeah, and?"

"And if you do not pass my class, you do not graduate from this school."

"So, what do you want, Mrs. Sueltz?" He asked.

"I am not going to punish you for your comment today, nor for you falling asleep in my class. I am giving you an extra credit opportunity." Dean wasn't sure he had heard her correctly.


"You will be eligible to gain fifty points extra credit, if you meet Mr. Turk's requirements."

"The Theatre dude?" He asked. She grinned.

"Yes. You are going to help with the school play, Mr. Winchester, if you have any hope of passing this class. If you enroll in crew, I'll give you twenty five extra credit points. If you, however, somehow manage to make it into the cast itself, I will give you fifty."

Dean's jaw would have dropped if there was any saliva left in his mouth.

"The play?" He asked. She grinned again.

"Yes, Mr. Winchester, the play. Auditions are tonight. So I'd cancel any plans you may have," She sat back down, picking up her pen again. "You may go, Mr. Winchester." Dean left, dazed and dreading. He was supposed to hang out with his friends tonight. He would have to tell them he couldn't make it. And he would have to tell him why.

"You're joking, right?" Bobby, or more fondly known as Bear, Dunn asked, mouth full.

"I wish I was, dude." Dean said truthfully, pushing around the tuna surprise on his plate.

"That's freakin hilarious!" Trevor Berman, or Lipstick, cackled. He ran a comb through his perfectly placed hair, snickering.

"As funny as it is, Rifle, you should go for it," Greg, Jet, Windon said. "You wanna graduate, right?"

"Of course I do," Dean said. "But I'd rather feed all of Mrs. Sueltz cats and clean the twenty different litter boxes than do this. Have you seen those theatre freaks? They're crazy!"

"Hey, they hate you too, man." Keith, Kirk to his close friends, Spangler mumbled, biting into an apple.

"What are you talking about?" Dean said. "I'm a joy to be around." The others laughed.

"They don't think so," Kirk said. "They think you're a meat-headed jerk who can't keep it in his pants."

"That's why we love him!" Bear said, clapping Dean on the back.


"They think you all are," Kirk said pointedly. "And you guys are kinda mean to them."

"And they like you so much because..?" Lipstick ventured.

"I don't know. I'm friends with some of them. They don't bother me. Some of 'em are really cool. I bet if you guys gave 'em a chance you'd like them." Kirk said.

"Thank you, preacher, but I've been around them too. They're loud, obnoxious, horny, and smart asses." Dean retorted.

"That sounds a lot like you," Jet said. "Maybe you'll fit right in." Dean punched him in the arm.

"What you should be worried about is Lucy Walker," Bear said. "I'm like two times bigger than she is and she still scares the shit out of me."

"I hate that chick," Dean spat. "She talks to me like I'm stupid and glares at me all the time."

"Well you are stupid." Lipstick said.

"Shut up." Dean spat.

"Look, if you want to graduate I'd show up at those auditions tonight. Otherwise you have to get your diploma in summer school." Jet said. Dean sighed.

"I don't wanna," He grumbled. "But I guess I have to."

"We'll wait for you, dude," Jet said. "And good luck." Bear scoffed.

"You'll need it."

Dean pushed the Forum doors open, trying to do his best not to be noticed. He took a seat in the back, ducking his head down and burrowing into the seat.

Leslie Garret saw him come in. And when she did her jaw dropped to the floor.

"Oh my god," She said, gaining the attention of the group of people around her. "Is that the quarterback?"

"No," Colby Bennett said, shaking his head. "Maybe it's his twin brother or something."

"Who's twin?" Joey Thompson asked, hopping up and sitting on the apron of the stage.

"The quarterback's." Leslie said.

"Ooh," Joey said, grinning. "That boy's delicious already, he don't need a twin." Leslie rolled her eyes.

"Down boy," She said. "Lucy is gonna flip her lid."

"Why?" Gabby Daniels asked, coming up behind her.

"Because the quarterback's in here."

"Is he lost?"

"Who knows? But Lucy's not gonna like it."

"I wouldn't mind if he stuck around." Joey said slyly. Krista Jones nodded eagerly in agreement.

"Oh, you whore." Leslie teased. Maggie Peterson giggled.

"She's seriously gonna freak, though," Colby said. "This is her last show. And if this guy's here to make some joke out of it…I'd hate to be him when she gets a hold of him."

"When who gets a hold of who?" Lucy asked, walking up to them, taking her ponytail out. They all looked at each other, wide eyed.

"Nothing." They said. Lucy folded her arms and glared at them.

"What's going on?" She asked firmly.

Leslie sighed and inclined her head in Dean's direction. Lucy turned, an amused smile on her lips. And it quickly turned into a seething scowl when her eyes found Dean. She whipped back around, her curtain of black shiny hair flying.

"What the hell is he doing here?" She hissed through her teeth. Leslie shrugged.

"Your guess is as good as mine." She said. Lucy shook her head smiling.

"Doesn't matter. He'll sign up for crew and never show up. His audition will be a mess and we won't have to worry about him making a mockery of this theatre." She said, folding her arms.

"Just focus on the audition, babe," Leslie said. "You gotta keep your head if you're gonna get the part you want."

Lucy nodded and walked away, taking deep breaths.

"Hey guys," Suzie Robinson said, trotting up to the group. "Who's that guy over there?" Leslie rolled her eyes.

"You and your sisters never leave this place, so you?" She asked. Suzie smiled shyly.

"That's the quarterback." Joey said, trying to hide his smile.

"Oh…" Suzie said, recognition in her eyes. "Didn't recognize him without the helmet on," The others laughed. "So, what's he doing here?"

"Auditioning, I guess." Colby said. Suzie's eyes grew.

"You're joking? A jock in the theatre department?" She asked. Leslie nodded sadly. "Oh Lucy's gonna eat him alive."

"She doesn't think he'll be around. She thinks his audition will be a disaster and he'll make crew but never show up." Gabby said. Maggie and Krista nodded.

Suzie turned.
"Well then, I'm gonna be the nice one that tells him what's going on." She said. She walked toward him up the aisle. She sat down next to him and started to speak.

Leslie shook her head.

"She does know that these auditions are college style, right?" She asked. Joey shrugged.

"Well, I guess Mr. Winchester will figure that out soon enough. Here comes Turk."

And sure enough, Mr. James Turk came around the corner of the proscenium and clapped his hands together.

"Alright everyone, fill out these forms," He said, setting down a stack of multicolored paper on the edge of the apron. "And we'll get started in about ten minutes."

Dean stared around the large room. All these people knew each other. All these people knew what to do when you auditioned and what not to do. Dean had no idea. Hell he didn't know what the hell the play was. Until Suzie shoved sheet music in his hand.

"What's this?" He asked.

"Music." She said.

"Why do I need this?" She frowned at him.

"We're doing Sweeney Todd. Ya know, the musical?"

"Musical?" That meant singing. Shit…

Dean hated to admit it, even to himself. But he was one nervous SOB right now.

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