A/N: The following is a Repo/Cirque Du Freak crossover, if Evanna hadn't had Mr. Tiny bring Darren back as a little person and Mr. Tiny had had one last trick up his sleeve when Steve and Darren killed each other. This is also alternate universe, so, Cirque fans; it's assuming Evanna never becomes pregnant by Gannen or Vancha.

With Darren Shan and Steve Leopard dead, Desmond Tiny had to resort to plan 'B', something he never did. But resort to plan 'B' he would. After banishing his daughter back to her cave, he transported himself to a university in America where a young man was just graduating. The young man wasn't anything special. Yet. Just an ambitious young man, but he was human and that was what Mr. Tiny needed. Humans were the true agents of chaos, Vampires and Vampaneze, even with all of their recent warring just couldn't match the chaos that humans created and this man would be great. Mr. Tiny had seen it in one of the many possible futures; he would be the catalyst for the apocalypse. Mr. Tiny had it all planned out, there was a plague coming and this man would be the savior of man kind for a time, but his evil blood would turn him into a villain soon enough and he would become the human Lord of Shadows. Des Tiny had been foolish to think that it was necessary for The Lord of Shadows to be a Vampire or a Vampaneze, a human was just as sufficient and this young man, Rotti Largo his name was, was perfect.

"Rotti Largo?" Desmond Tiny smirked as he stepped out from behind the door of the auditorium the graduation was being held in.

"May I help you?" The young man asked suspiciously, dark eyes darting nervously towards the voice. Rotti took in the bizarre appearance of the man before him; the man was short with short white hair, thick glasses and a yellow suit. Most peculiar though were his green rain boots and the watch he carried which was shaped like a human heart.

"I noticed you graduated with honors, top of your class. Congratulations." Desmond grinned.


"Your parents must be quite proud."

"They died of organ failure." Rotti frowned.

Mr. Tiny's grin didn't falter. "So sorry to hear that." He didn't sound sorry. "So, I hear you're married and your wife is expecting a baby? What will you name him?"

"How do you know it's a boy? It's barely been a month." Rotti was getting more and more suspicious by the minute.

"Just a hunch." Mr. Tiny smirked. "I don't really care. Anyway, how would you like to save millions from dying the way your parents did?"

Rotti's frown became a small smile. "I'd love to help people, where do I sign?"

"No contract is necessary. Just follow my instructions exactly." Mr. Tiny gave a small smirk, unnoticed by Rotti.

From that moment, Mr. Tiny taught Rotti the ways of looking out for one's self and living above everyone else. Everyone else was expendable. He helped Rotti decide to sell organ transplants through his company to be named Geneco. When money grew tight due to people missing their payments, he suggested Rotti ought to repossess the organs of those who couldn't pay so he could give them to people who would pay. When Rotti's son (whom he decided to name Luigi) was born, Rotti's wife died, devastating him, but Mr. Tiny introduced Rotti to a beautiful young woman who seemed suspiciously to be made just for Rotti, she was perfect. Five years later that woman gave birth to Rotti's second child, a boy named Paviche. Pavi and Luigi, Mr. Tiny decided, could be used for his nefarious purposes to create more chaos. He went to see two people he'd known from his past failed venture. He left Rotti to his devices to change the world into a world of darkness and chaos. With that out of the way, he appeared to Vancha March, a Vampire prince first. Vancha did not trust Mr. Tiny, but his fellow princes urged him to listen as Mr. Tiny's last terrifying prophecy had proved mostly true. "The savior of the Vampires had just been born in America. He is the son of a human who is just rising to significant power, but be warned, his brother is the savior of the Vampaneze and only one of them will prevail. One of them must inherit their father's company to rule over the humans. Whichever one gains the company will gain rulership over the other races for his race but if neither of them gets it, another war will be sparked. You must do everything in your power to make sure this boy becomes owner of Geneco or else…well…let's just say, your brother will be hearing about the savior of the Vampaneze." Mr. Tiny winked at Vancha, a smirk playing over his face. Leaving the princes speechless, Mr. Tiny waddled off out of Vampire Mountain, home of the Vampire princes, to go find Gannen Harst, a powerful and influential Vampaneze, brother to Vancha March. Meanwhile, Vancha turned to his assistant, a young Vampire simply known as 'The Graverobber', and said "Find the city this boy lives in and stay there, watch over him until he's an adult…Do whatever you can to help him gain power, if anyone stands in his way, find a way to stop them, don't kill them though, it is against our laws to kill humans unprovoked and our peace treaty with the Vampaneze keeps us from fighting them openly."

Graverobber nodded his head. "Alright, it could be fun and it's not like I've got anything better to do cooped up in this miserable mountain."

"You should hurry, but our laws prevent you from flitting near the mountain, so wait till you've cleared the forest, then flit as fast as you can and get a boat to America. The fate of our clan rests in your hands for now." One of Vancha's fellow princes, Mika Ver Leth, spoke up.

"Nah, I think I'll take a plane, I'm not such a big fan of water, there being sharks and all." Graves said nonchalantly. In less trying times, the princes would have tried to talk him out of flying, since most vampires did not, but time was of the essence and a trip by plane would be much faster, so no one protested.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tiny had found Gannen and his small company of Vampaneze and he was speaking to him about the five year old boy who would become the savior of the Vampaneze "The boy is the brother of the savior of the Vampires, imagine that, Gannen, two brothers on opposite sides, can you believe such a thing?" Mr. Tiny smirked at the Vampaneze.

Gannen frowned when Mr. Tiny finished explaining the situation, he had a feeling he was only being told the whole story because there was a catch or something Mr. Tiny wasn't telling him. He felt bad enough having had to fight his own beloved brother Vancha in the name of a war that could have been avoided, it seemed wrong to him that two new brothers who could potentially be good friends if not for their blood separating them should be forced to share a similar fate, but he knew the future of his clan must prevail over his own views and so he nodded. He decided he would blood the boy himself when he was old enough.

Mr. Tiny grinned as he headed back to America, everything was going as planned. Paviche and Luigi would grow up close and then suddenly be torn apart by their destiny and he'd left out two pieces of the puzzle when he'd told the Vampires and the Vampaneze the situation, he'd left out the two women who could change the course of the future, both human, both also possible heirs to Geneco, the two who could spark a new war between the Vampires and the Vampaneze.

A/N: This has mostly been just set up, which is why it's not great, the next chapter will be really good, though, I promise. It's going to be a really interesting crossover. If you give up after this chapter, it's okay, but you'll be missing out.