The next day, Pavi returned to his room miserable and alone. He sat alone on his bed until Graves climbed up the wall and through his window.

"Hey, kid, how's it going?" He asked, grinning as he climbed into Pavi's room. He walked over to Pavi, cupping the kid's face in his hand and raising Pavi's head so he could kiss him. It was then that he saw the three scratches across Pavi's face. The mark of either a victim or friend of the Vampaneze. "Who did this to you?" He asked somewhat coldly. He was quite angry, the Vampaneze were supposed to know Pavi was off limits. "Tell me now!" He was also afraid maybe Pavi had willingly let himself be marked and that made him quite jealous.

"N…No one." Pavi replied, not wanting to admit that Luigi had lashed out at him, Graves as a vampire could really hurt Luigi.

Graverobber grabbed Pavi by the collar of his shirt and pulled him close. "Tell me. I only want to help." He growled.

"A…Alright-a, Alright-a, it was-a my brother." He replied.

"I knew there was something off about him. I had thought he was simply a vampire hunter, but I should have looked closer…" Graves snarled, getting up and heading towards the door.

"Graves! Wait! Don't-a hurt him!" Pavi said, rushing after Graves.

Luigi opened his door when Graverobber knocked on it and was greeted with a punch in the face. "DO YOU MIND TELLING ME WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE DOING MARKING MY FUTURE APPRENTICE!?" Graves roared, eyes flashing with vampiric rage.

"I DIDN'T FUCKING MARK HIM!" Luigi shot back, aiming a kick at Graves, who dodged out of the way.

"Hey, asshole! Our people have a truce! We don't attack you, you don't attack us! Or didn't your master tell you that?" Graves snarled.

Of course, Luigi knew about the truce and maybe he had been wrong to lash out at Pavi, but either way, Graves was overreacting, Luigi hadn't meant to mark Pavi, he'd only lashed out out of hurt. As Luigi thought this and Graverobber shook with rage, trying to hold back from attacking Luigi while he spoke. Meanwhile, Pavi tried to stand between the two of them and stop them from fighting.

"Please-a, you two, this is-a ridiculous! Luigi didn't mean-a to hurt me, but-a he was still wrong to do it…" Pavi said softly, standing between them and holding his arms out to hold them back.

"Pavi…You have to choose now. Me or him, fucker!?" Luigi glared.

"As much of an asshole as he is, he's right, you can't go on dealing with a Vampaneze who doesn't know the laws of the truce." Graves' eyes narrowed.

"But….But The Pavi is not a one person man! I…I wanna to be with both of you…" Pavi whimpered.

"Typical teenage slut behavior." Luigi spat. " If you don't want to be with me anymore, then I don't want to be with you either, you stupid little fuck." And with that, Luigi turned and left his own room just to get away from the two of them.

"Well, looks like he chose for you, kid." Graves said softly. "I'm sorry, but you would have had to choose me anyway, your our savior, we have no choice."

"But….But Luigi….he was-a my brother…. I…I loved him." Pavi said softly.

"Let me tell you a story, Pavs, it's about two brothers. They were very close and loved each other very much…Not in the way that you love Luigi, perhaps, but they were still very close. Anyway, one day they were both blooded by a Vampaneze. He was a good man who taught them well, but one brother didn't quite feel okay with the killing like his brother did. Instead, he was taken in by a vampire and just like that, he and his brother became enemies and could no longer be as close as they used to be….That story is true, Pavi, it's about the man who turned me, a man named Vancha March. He saw the last rise of the Vampaneze Overlord and he can tell you it was terrible and all could have been avoided by a truce….But anyway, the point is, Vancha had to give up any love he had for his brother when they became enemies and so do you. But it's alright, you have me, you'll always have me." Graves said softly, hugging Pavi closely to his chest. "Pavi…I know you're still young, but I have to blood you now…There's no time now that Luigi knows what you are. Pavi, we have to turn you into a vampire now. Are you ready?"

"What? Already?" Pavi gasped softly.

"It's that or you risk being killed." Graves told him. "I am dead the fuck serious."

"Well…alright…" Pavi said uncertainly.

"First, I'll need to test your blood. Normally we would use your fingers, but instead, given how close we are and how down you seem, I would rather do it a different way. Please bite your lip." Graves said softly.

Pavi nodded and bit his lip hard enough to make it bleed. As soon as that was done, Graves leaned in and kissed Pavi, sucking the blood off of his injured lip. Graves frowned for a minute and let the blood roll around on his tongue for a while, he made a face but then seemed to get used to taste and smiled a bit. "I didn't get a bad vibe from your blood, but not such a great one either. Either way, you're our savior, testing your blood was just a formality." Graves said. "Now please hold out your fingers. Both hands, all ten fingers."

Pavi nodded and did as he was told. Graves dug his nails into Pavi's fingers and then into his own. He pressed his fingertips against Pavi's fingertips and their blood began to flow together. Graves pulled away before Pavi could be made a full vampire, turning him into, rather, a half vampire. Afterwards, Graves licked his own fingers, then ran his tongue sensually over Pavi's fingertips, closing the wounds with his saliva.

"Pavi Largo, you are now a half vampire. Er…you're gay, right?" Graves asked as an afterthought.

"No, bi, why?" Pavi asked softly.

"Oh…well…you didn't plan on having kids ever, did you?" Graves asked.

"I don't-a think so….Why?" Pavi asked.

"…You're sterile…" Graves winced.

Pavi nodded his head from side to side for a minute, then cracked a grin. "No more condoms. Wonderful!"

Graves smiled, glad that Pavi didn't mind. He would not have been happy if he'd done something to truly ruin Pavi's life.

"Anything else I should-a know?" Pavi asked softly.

"Well, there are a lot of things you shouldn't drink from in the animal kingdom, but there are some you can drink from in a pinch. Also, as you know, we have a truce with the Vampaneze so you really can't attack or kill any of them…There's a bunch of other stuff, but let's discuss it over dinner." Graves winked.

Pavi smiled. "Alright…"