Full Summary:

Oliver has a twin sister that he never knew about. She was adopted the day they were born. Now, his sister is coming home. Using a Choir Competition as a cover up, Lorenna Dougan is coming to Malibu to find her real family. She knows that she was adopted from Malibu and wants to know why she was given up and if she has any siblings. What happens when Lorenna is spotted among her friends while they are singing by Miley, Lily and Oliver? Will the identity of who she is be brought out into the open when Oliver asks his parents why she looks so much like him? And how will Lorenna's family feel when they find out she had other plans than just the choir competition when she went to Malibu? Will both families stay in contact in the end?

Lorenna Dougan:

Hi, my name is Lorenna Dougan and I am fifteen-years-old. I know that I was adopted when I was a baby but I don't know why my parents decided to give me up for adoption. My adoptive parents, whom I love with all of my heart, have always told me that it was the hardest decision my biological parents had to make, not being able to afford me and all. I left it at that, but somehow I knew that they were kind of lying to me and that I needed to find out the truth.

I am a sophomore in high school and belong to a choir of 200 people. We travel all over the country participating in concerts and winning all of them. We have some of the best singers in our choir and I am one of them. We have been invited to a National Choir Competition in Malibu and my parents were allowing me to go because they knew that I would love the chance to sing in front of so many choirs that weren't as big as ours. We always had new singers joining the choir every week, coming from out of the halls of school, and adding their styles. We had different styles of singing and dancing and we were never told that we couldn't do something.

Our choir teacher loved that we had such great inspiration from our classmates and such love for the music that he allowed us to sing whatever we wanted to sing, which meant we always had a lot of Irish music playing in the background as we sang the Irish, Gaelic and Celtic lyrics that we loved so much. Living in Ireland meant that we always had a lot of different music we could choose from. We chose mostly Irish, Gaelic, Celtic, hip-hop, western and world music to sing from because we loved to travel so much.

We knew that our various singing habits and worldly music choices are what won us most of our trophies, but we also knew that we were a great choir and we trusted each other like a family trusts each other. Now I just wondered if, while in Malibu, I would be able to find my biological parents and get permission from the Adoption Agency to contact them. If my biological parents agreed to meet with me, I wouldn't be going alone. I would be going with some of my friends and fellow singers.

Could I really get my biological parents to meet with me? And how would their new family, if any, react to hearing about me? Were my parents even still married? And if so, did that mean that I had siblings?