Full Summary:

Raya Short has been surviving on the island by herself before anyone was ever on the island, including those in the Hotel. Now, she has an opportunity to take along every survivor from Flight 29 on her raft. Will everyone fit? And once she's back in the real world, will anyone remember her? Or is she destined to be lost forever?

Raya Short:

Fourteen years ago, I was two years old. My parents survived with me for four more years. By then I was six and I knew how to survive. Ever since I have been surviving on this island by myself. And ever since I have been fending for myself. Here's the reason I'm even on this island.

We were on a cruise when a huge storm capsized the ship we were on. A lot of the people on the cruise ship were washed ashore. Half the people that washed ashore, died within the first three weeks. By the time a month rolled around, there were only about ten people left. With the supplies that had washed ashore, we used the shovel to dig the graves and lay the dead in the holes and then covered the dead with dirt and placed crosses next to the graves. The rest of us got busy trying to survive. We kept all the supplies together and made sure that the trunk was closed at all times. The first thing we did was set up shelter. We made about six huts of bamboo, bark, leaves, logs, and anything that could be used for construction.

In the first hut we kept the trunk and all the food, water, utensils for the food and cooking materials, firewood, and entertainment that was in our suitcases (ie Books, batteries, CD's & players, headphones, rechargeable batteries and solar charger, games that we had made.)

In the second hut, we had all the weapons to go hunting with including a few guns and the ammo that came with them. We don't know how the guns and ammo got on the cruise ship, but we did know that there were security guards on the ship for security reasons and we just figured that they were their guns that we were now using. Also, we had a few hand made machetes, spears, fishing pole, line and hooks (earrings), bow and arrows (with small rocks attached to the ends to make arrowheads), sling shots, fishing nets, nets to trap the animals in, and extra metal pieces from the wreckage that had washed ashore with us.

In the third hut, we put all the building materials that we had used and made. We had extra nails, extra twine that we had made out of bamboo and strings from the banana trees, sewing thread that we had used to sew the tarps together to make a covering between the huts to stay extra dry. The huts were so close together that the tarp covered the huts and we were able to tie the tarp to the surrounding trees. Also, because we had extra tarp, we made a cradle that we could collect rain water in. We made the cradle first then put the tarp in it so that it would soak into the wood from the cradle. With the cradle made, we now had fresh water to drink instead of boiling water from the small lake that the village sat next to.

In the fourth, fifth and sixth huts, we made mattresses and lined them along the walls. Because we hadn't made any windows and the fact that we had made bamboo floor mats to put in all the huts, the mattresses never got wet (especially since we had the tarp covering all of the huts and our small cash of suitcases that had to stay outside until we got everything in order, then we would separate the clothes and anything else that was in them and divide them between the survivors. Of course, I ended up being the only one after awhile.)