Full Summary:

Chu'mana Bear, a young woman, has been living in the mountains of Virginia. She was dumped there as a young child of two. She has grown up with a female grizzly bear her whole life. She has also been taken in by the town people. The local sheriff and his wife have taken to home-schooling her until high school. She attends the local high school for four years and graduates with the kids she has seen her whole life. What happens when the sheriff calls in the NCIS team and asks for their help? Will Chu'mana's real family finally be found? And will the real reason she was left on the mountain be found out? Was she dumped or kidnapped? And how does McGee & his sister Sarah fit into all of this?

Chu'mana Bear:

I was two when Mum took me in. Mum is my mother grizzly bear. She raised me and she took me to see the sheriff and his wife so that I could be named and schooled. She told me that I was special and that I belonged to not only her but every person in the town we lived near. The townspeople began giving me clothes and food. Mum would bring me into town on her back at first to get medical attention and then for schooling.

She knew that I was sick because I wouldn't eat for the first three weeks that I was with her. She made sure that I was safely on her back with her two cubs in my arms. Then we made our way into town. At first they tried to take me from her but when they realized that I was getting along better with the animals, they instead made sure that I was as safe as possible and even made me a little cabin to live in on the mountain. It housed two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a pantry to keep all the food I collected and brought back from town in. There was also a fridge just in case we needed to keep some things cool that we couldn't do normally in the pantry.

When they found out what I had, it became normal routine to go into town and get my shot, stay there for school, and go home during the vacations. There was even a local college that I went to, to get a degree so that I could say 'yes, I did go to school and yes I do have a degree saying that I am aloud to live with the wild animals of the mountain'. It hangs in my room on the wall above my dresser. The clothes and things the townspeople gave me are in the dressers around the cabin and I make sure mum always stays in the spare bedroom during hibernation time so that she will always be warm.

But these newcomers to the town were what got my attention. They weren't like the others, who only visited to see the wild woman of the mountain town. Or to go to the classes I taught now and then on how to survive if you were ever stranded for a few days on a mountain somewhere. They had badges and I figured them to be cops of some sort. How did I not know that they were here to investigate me?

Oh well…let the fun begin.

What happens when NCIS comes to this small mountain town and investigates how Chu'mana ended up on the mountain in the first place? Will McGee and Sarah know what happened to the sister they were told was kidnapped?