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Oh my God…my head is killing me.

Where the hell am I? I wondered as my eyes refused to open and the stench of antiseptic assaulted my olfactory glands.

I am most certainly not in my bed… I realized as I felt the crinkle of paper like sheets on my bare skin.

This is definitely not Egyptian cotton.

I moved my hand as I struggled to open my eyes. My hand came upon something soft and warm.

Oh shit…someone slipped me a roofie… I thought as I realized someone was in bed with me, someone with really soft hair.

And then I remembered…Edward…the plane…the ocean…the DRESS.

I jolted up, my eyes finally finding the ability to blink. I looked around and realized I was in a hospital bed. Edward was sleeping in a chair, his head resting on the bed near my leg.

I stared at his peacefully sleeping form as small pieces of last night came back to me.

"Life or death, huh? That's pretty drastic."

Green eyes, brown leather bomber jacket.

"Actually it's a 400 Corvalis TT. It's less than a year old and the safest Cessna built."

The static shock I felt when our hands touched.

"Okay, Bella. Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you, we're going to be fine."

That smile…

"I'll make a deal with you Bella. You stay awake and when we get to the island I'll get the chocolate and we can cover anything you want. Then we can fall asleep together all right? I just need you to stay awake okay?"

Oh shit…Chocolate covered sex…what the hell did I say?

Edward sighed and my hand was drawn back to the mop of auburn locks that were resting next to my thigh. I chuckled coyly at the thought of Edward's disarray of hair and its proximity to my thigh. If I could only get him to move a little…upward…

God, I'm sick. Well, in all fairness, it has been a while and something about this man made my lady bits go all a twitter.

My fantasies were interrupted when a doctor came in the room and addressed me. "Ms. Swan," he started rather loudly.

I cut him off, lifting my finger to my mouth. "Shh…" I pointed to Edward's sleeping form.

He raised his brow to me in question.

"My head is screaming in protest," I continued, since he didn't seem to think Edward sleeping deemed worthy of keeping his voice down.

"How are you feeling, Ms. Swan?" he continued in a quieter voice.

"Other than the aforementioned headache you mean? A little stiff, but I attribute that to the bed."

He laughed as I tried to move without stirring Edward.

"We tried to make him leave last night," the doctor continued, "he wouldn't hear of it. Said he needed to be sure you were okay."

I smiled as I thought of Edward arguing to stay with me. I wasn't t sure why he'd do that though. We'd barely just met.

"Ms. Swan? Ms. Swan, did you hear me?"

"Sorry?" I looked from Edward to him confused.

"I told you we were going to release you this morning. You have a mild concussion, the headache is normal. I'll prescribe something for that. You have no other injuries, so you can go if you'd like."

"I'd like," I said rather enthusiastically.

He laughed and shook his head at me. "Yes, I'm sure you would. I'll have a nurse come back with your paperwork shortly. You may want to wake Romeo there."

My head shot up as he laughed, shit…don't lift head quickly…damn that hurt… "It's not like that –" I started, "we're just...we've just met."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to imply anything inappropriate."

"I didn't say it was inappropriate," I defended, "just…he doesn't like Romeo."

I scowled as I thought about his distaste for Romeo, I mean, it's not a total character flaw, but something to consider.

"I'll send the nurse in when your paperwork and prescriptions are all set."

As he exited the room, I huffed at his assumption. Edward just wanted to make sure I was okay since I was his passenger. There couldn't be any other reason: he was just concerned.

I watched as Edward's back rose and fell with his steady, even breaths. I was fighting a losing battle. As I slowly reached out my hand and ran my fingers through his hair, I gladly accepted defeat.

He stirred and turned to face me. I smiled because he looked so disoriented, which was kinda like I felt.

"Hey, stranger, how are you?" I asked him, and he smiled back at me.

"I'm good, how are you?"

I yawned and stretched. "I have a headache but otherwise I feel good. The doctor said I could leave; they were going to get the paperwork together so I could be out of here by noon."

Edward sat upright as he looked at the clock on the wall. "Great. Alice and Jasper were here last night. They said to go back to the hotel and rest for the day. Alice is getting you a new dress and she said her cousin was going to help with all the last minute stuff. She said, and I quote, 'She had better relax or she's going to have to deal with me'. She's kinda scary, huh?"

I nodded my head, noting that small movements didn't hurt as much as the sudden ones. "You have no idea," I replied.

"She invited me to stay for the wedding since I don't have my plane to fly back in."

I winced as I remembered him telling me the plane was going to crash. "I'm so sorry, Edward." I turned away from him, sure my guilt showed clearly on my face.

A warm hand gently lifted my chin. "Bella, there's nothing to be sorry for. It was an accident. I have insurance. Trust me. It's going to be fine."

His eyes showed no worry, and I wondered how someone could lose his most prized possession and not seem to mind so much. But then again, we were alive. I guess that was more important than the plane itself.

Eventually, I was released from the hospital and went back to the resort. I still hadn't seen Alice or Jasper and I wondered how long the reprieve would be before I was pulled headlong into the frenzy that was Alice.

I was happily surprised that Alice had gotten Edward a room at the resort. I decided that taking care of the bill was the absolute least I could do for him after everything that happened.

After we checked in, I told Edward my room number and oddly enough, he had the room right next to mine. I suddenly realized this may not have been a coincidence. This reeked of my pal, Alice.

I wondered what she was up to as we rode in the elevator. As we exited on our floor, Edward was also quiet.

"Well," I quietly stated when I located my room. "Here I am."

"Yep." His tone was as soft as mine had been. "And that must be me, right there."

I shuffled my feet, suddenly feeling the tension between the two of us. It was odd, I didn't want to leave him just yet. It felt…wrong in some strange sort of way.

"So, do you think maybe you might want to get something to eat later?" It was as if he also felt the weirdness between us.

I looked into his beautiful moss green eyes. "I'd love to."

He smiled. "Okay, I'll call you in your room."

"Okay." I slid the keycard into the reader and opened my door, never taking my eyes off him.

When I entered my room, I noticed flowers on the table near the balcony. Sunflowers. Alice knew they were my favorite. I laughed as I read the card. .

Leave it to you to not only be late, but make a grand entrance. You crashed a PLANE? This is, by far, your best yet.

Take a bath, relax, and oh yeah, answer the door.

Answer the door? I quickly walked to the door and looked through the peep hole. I opened it slightly, but there was nothing there.

What the hell did that mean? Answer the door. Maybe it was Alice who hit her head,I thought as I walked over to the bed to find a few shopping bags.

Quickly looking through them, I noticed one from Eve's Garden Lingerie. Okay, Alice was forgiven.

I looked through the bag and found a beautiful blue satin robe. For this alone, I put up with Alice's crap.

I stripped out of the scrubs they'd given me at the hospital and pulled the robe on over a beautiful matching blue bra and panty set.

I now remember why I loved Alice.

All of a sudden I heard a knock on the door next to the dresser.

The hell?

I walked over hesitantly, noticing there was no peep hole. Then I remembered…Edward was next door.

Answer the door.

Never doubt the power Alice has…it's unnerving and scary. Wench, she so planned this.

I unlocked the door and opened it slowly.

Standing before me--hair a mess, shirt unbuttoned and holding a strawberry--was the most deliciously enticing man I'd ever met.

I didn't even bother trying to fight the smile that filled my face.

Edward raised the strawberry to my lips and I bit into it.

"Well, Ms. Swan. I believe I have a promise to fulfill. Would you care for some chocolate?"

Alice was forgiven - Again...

I felt a small bit of juice run from the corner of my lip. I reached for it quickly but Edward's hand got there before mine. He slowly traced the path of the errant strawberry juice up my chin to the corner of my lip. I pulled away from the strawberry and watched as Edward raised his finger to his mouth and sucked the juice from it.

My brand new pair of panties weren't so fresh anymore, and my girly bits anticipated what else that finger could do. .

"You know, Edward." I closed the small space between us. "I'm standing here..." I reached down to the basket of fruit he was holding. "...scantily clad..." I grabbed a pear from the basket. "...and ravenous." I lifted the pear to my nose and smelled the fresh fruit. "Mmm, so fresh."

He looked at me and his eyes narrowed slightly. "Would you like some chocolate with that?"

I shook my head.

"No. You see this juicy, ripe pear?" I slowly raised the pear to his lips. "It's all for you." I watched in wonder as he opened his mouth. His tongue lightly brushed the skin of the pear before his lips closed over the flesh. As he bit, juice ran from his lips down his chin.

"Care to share?" I pulled the pear away and as he swallowed, his eyes never leaving mine. I pushed up on my tiptoes then ran my tongue up his chin to the corner of his lip. "Did you mention chocolate?"

"Fuck the chocolate." He dropped the basket of fruit and pushed me into the door frame. He nudged me with his nose as he ran his hands down my back to my ass.

"I'm not so sure it's the chocolate I want to fuck right now." I reached up and locked my hands in his mess of his hair.

Before I knew it, my back was slamming into the door frame and Edward was all around me, pushing me, kissing me, pulling at the tie on my robe.

I turned him so it was him against the doorway and pulled my hands from his hair, running them down the plane of his chest. His pecs flexed as my fingers passed over his nipples. My hand went to the top of his shirt, and I started to unbutton his super simple and amazingly hot white button down.

He managed to get my robe open and stopped when he saw the panty and bra set. "Holy mother of fuck," he gasped. "I get fruit and you get this. God, I fucking love your friends."

"Edward," I growled. "The last thing I want to talk about right now..." I pulled his shirt off and went for the belt. "...is my fucking friends. Fucking, yes. Friends, not so much."

"God, you're perfect." He ran his hand up from my waist to my shoulders, slightly skimming my chest on his path. My nipples hardened and strained against the lace of my bra. He moved his hands around me to unclasp it.

I heard a knock at the door.

"You've got to be kidding me," I whined.

"Ignore it," he said, continuing to work on my bra. "They'll go away."

"Okay, okay."

I slid my hands to his zipper. I felt his pelvic muscle react as I ran my fingers along the waist of his pants, smiling as I unzipped them. Oh my god, he was so hard, and fucking huge. My lady bits were doing the conga. Thank you god for making some creatures beautiful and well endowed.

"Bella?" I stopped dead. Oh shit.

This was worse than being caught by your mother.

"Bella? Are you okay?"

"It's Alice." I felt all wind leave my sails…shit…cockblocked by bridezilla…fuck fuck fuck.

I changed my mind. I was going to kill her.

I stomped my foot and pouted as Edward looked at me pleadingly.

"She won't go away," I whined. "If anything, she's got a key and she'll be in here in three seconds." I stomped my foot again.

"Bella honey, I'm going to come in."

I huffed and looked at him. "I told you."

Edward looked sadly from me to his very erect penis and I swear I saw a tear in his eye.

"Hold on, Alice," I said as I reached down and grabbed Edward's shirt off the ground. "You might not want to be in here for this. It'll be better if there are no witnesses to the murder I'm about to commit."

He smiled that self-assured little panty dropping smirk of his, and my lady bits huffed knowing they weren't getting any.

"I'll be right behind that door. Get rid of her and we can continue this." Smiling, he leaned down to kiss me.

Lady bits standing at attention again.

Oh sweet fuck, that tongue…

Must get rid of Alice.

He turned and walked away, God, he had a beautiful back. He pushed the fruit basket with his foot as he slowly closed the door, winking at me before he fully vanished.

I pulled his shirt on and buttoned the middle two buttons as I walked to the door and opened it.

Alice stood there, smirking as she gave me the once over.

"Well," she said as she slowly walked into my room and looked at the adjoining door. "That shirt didn't come from Eve's Garden Lingerie."


"No, Alice, it didn't." I slowly closed the door behind her.

"It doesn't look like hospital issue." She paused and tilted her head. "Why, Bella, you look positively flushed." She went to put her hand to my forehead.

I pushed her hand way. "I'm fine, Alice."

"Well, that's good to know since I'm in desperate need of my maid of honor. You know, for that wedding thing that's taking place in like, oh, I don't know…twenty-four hours?" She sat on my bed and pulled the other bags over to her.

"Let see if we can find you something better than…well…that to wear."

I looked down at the wrinkled white button down and glared at Alice. "I happen to like this, thank you very much. And, why am I getting dressed again? I thought I was supposed to relax."

"Well" she started as she threw me a pair of jeans. "In case you forgot, your custom-made bridesmaid dress sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic earlier today. And as much as I've tried I can't get you a new Louis in time for the wedding, so we're hitting the local boutiques. Because as, um, lovely? As you look in Edward's wrinkled up shirt, I'm sure the guests will be expecting something a little more..let's say, formal for the wedding."

"What makes you think this is Edward's?" I stepped into the jeans and fastened the bottom buttons on my newly acquired shirt.

She tilted her head and rolled her eyes. "Bella, Bella, Bella…please."

"Whatever, Alice, let's get this show on the road." I slipped on a pair of heels. "You have no idea the personal cost I'm paying for this shopping expedition."

"Oh don't worry," Alice started, "Jasper is going to come and keep your little pilot friend busy while we're shopping."

"Alice, my darling, let me assure you. There is nothing little about my new pilot friend, hence the aforementioned personal cost."

She laughed and turned to head out the door.

"Um, Al? I need five minutes. I'll meet you downstairs?"

She turned and glared at me. "Five minutes, Bella. If your ass isn't in the lobby by then, I'm coming back up here, and don't even bother trying to hide…the island isn't that big…I will find you."

I threw my hands up. "Alright already, Bridezilla, five minutes, I swear."

She walked over and smacked me in the head. "Don't call me that."

"Shit, Alice. Concussion…Jesus Lord woman, have some freaking mercy."

She let out a short maniacal laugh. "Mercy? Please, five minutes."

She turned and stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind her. I sighed and looked at the door between mine and Edward's room. I should have asked for ten minutes; in ten minutes I could at least…aw fuck…I can't do shit in ten minutes either.

I knocked and opened the door. I walked into his room to find him lounging on the bed with the basket of fruit and a bottle of water. He hadn't put a shirt on yet and was barefoot. I was oddly aroused again, just noticing how nice his feet were.

Jesus, why are you doing this to me?

"Hey," I said, as I walked cautiously toward his bed. Must stay away from the bed… I felt like one of those stupid summer mosquitoes that were drawn to the ultraviolet zappers…lured by the beauty, unaware of the pending death.

"Hey back," he said as he pushed up and threw his legs over the side of the bed. He patted the bed next to him.

"Still trying to get me into bed?" I asked, noticing how sultry my voice was. I stepped back and he smirked at me, a sexy crooked little smirk that just made me want to do all kinds of dirty things to him.

"So," I started, "I have to go shopping with Alice to replace my dress, and um, Jasper and a few of his friends are going to come up and take you out with them, so yeah. You're about to get a crash course in my friends."

He laughed. "I'm sure I can handle it."

"Can you?"

He stood up and walked over to me, lightly running his fingers down the buttons of my / his shirt.

"Oh Bella," he whispered. "I'm a big boy." He leaned in and licked his lips as he looked down at the shirt again. "I assure you, I can take care of myself."

God, everything about this man was just dripping sex appeal.

He stuck his finger between the buttons on the shirt and tugged lightly. "This looks much better on you," he said.

I swallowed. "Maybe you can get it back later," I whispered. "If you're really good."

He chuckled. "I promise I will be very good."

I sucked in a breath and backed away slowly.

"Okay." I took another step away, and he still hadn't let go of the shirt. "I'm under threat of death if I'm not in the lobby in approximately thirty-five seconds."

He stepped forward and I stepped back and hit the corner of the door. "Oww…" I said as I rubbed my head and he chuckled at me.

"I'm going to go, I'll um… I'll see you later?"

He bit his lip and chuckled again. "Yeah."

I leaned up on my toes and bit my lip before I slowly reached up and laced my fingers through his hair. I pulled his head down and kissed him lightly. He kissed me back, softly sucking on my bottom lip. Suddenly, I felt his teeth as he gently bit my lip and I could've sworn I heard him growl.

I pulled away and rested my hand on his chest. "Save me some fruit," I whispered then I turned and walked through our adjoining door. "And leave this open, please," I said as I turned around for one more glance.

Yeah, ten minutes wouldn't have been nearly enough time. I closed the door between our rooms and rested against it.

Hell, ten hours may not be enough to do what I want to do to that man.

I know, I know, but it's not over…if they just jumped right into the sack it'd be over right? What else is there to write! I promise, there will be plenty of reason for an M rating but there has to be some plot right?

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