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Ron sat staring at an exhausted Jake. His fever had broken some time this morning and ever since, the blond had been unable to sleep or, in this case, go back to sleep. Tender fingers brushed Jake's hair back from his face leaving it soft and inviting.

Not up to molesting his lover awake, he set about trying to find anything different than before. Nothing was pointy (or pointier in the case of his ears), deadly to use, or suddenly poisonous. No claws, fangs, scales, wings, tails, fur, double joints (though he had them anyway), glowing, spontaneous combustion, vanishing equipment or extra appendages. He sighed in relief.

Getting a sudden thought, he looked at his hands, the small tattoo like shapes and lines bolder and just a bit darker from the icy blue. Figuring he might as well learn now as opposed to later, he thought of something, anything, when he looked back as Jake. The dragon child was snuggled into his side, lips parted in sleep. Ron's fingers went to trace his lips, the blue flashing – a pretty blond girl kissing him—cloaked girl hitting him square in the face—Trixie kissing his cheek and giving him a noogie—the heat and warmth of another blond, this one male – and he blinked at the new stream of information. Since Ron had never been kissed by any blond girl or Trixie, he assumed rightly that it had been Jake's memories.


Jake was gazing blearily up at Ron, his dark eyes taking in the blond to make sure he was alright. Ron leaned in and tilted his forehead against Jake's. "I'm fine now. Better, even."

Jake glared critically at him, his sharp eyes telling Ron just what the Asian boy thought of the blond's ability to tell the truth when it came to his health. "Mhm, don't believe you."

Ron grinned and kissed Jake softly on the cheek with a small blush. "Yeah, well, it is true this one time. Other than a stiffness, nothing actually hurts." He stretched out, his back arching high off the bed as he yawned widely. "I feel pretty damned good, actually. No pain, little stiffness, nor am I experiencing the need to be head honcho."

Jake was staring at Ron, his eyes taking in the fact that his boyfriend was incredibly flexible. Smooth muscles rippled where the shirt the blond was wearing had ridden up to under his arms, his pants having slid down enough to show the wide elastic band of his underwear and the deep teal color of the cloth. Rolling over and on top of his bonded, Jake smirked at the almost startled squeak that managed to escape Ron's mouth. "Mm, good," he purred, running his hands up the pale stomach and to his chest, urging him out of the top. Ron blushed as the shirt fell to the bedside, his brown eyes looking away.

"Hey, now. None of that," Jake murmured as he tilted Ron's head back. He nibbled on the blond's neck, sucking and licking around to his jugular and causing the teen under him to moan out. Jake chuckled as he went about his lively and much enjoyed task with enthusiasm, trying to wring as many sounds from the delicious male as he wriggled in between those long pant encased legs.

Ron felt as if he were on fire, a gentle one, as it built up in his stomach and further down, his mouth open on pants as small sounds escaped him against his will and to his embarrassment. Who made sounds like that? But Jake was making him forget, his mind going into goo as his body was turned to quivering nerves with every caress and bite. When Jake captured a nipple in his mouth, Ron arched into the suction, his eyes closing and a muffled scream fled from his throat. Deft fingers flicked his other one, the blond drowning in the feeling of thick heat filling him from head to toe.

By some unspoken mutual consent, Jake didn't let his hands go further than the waist of Ron's pants . . . well, his briefs. This time.


Ma Forest had been this close – this close – to opening the door when a deep, long moan met her ears causing a flush to brush her cheeks. "Oh dear," she whispered as she took several steps back. Not even a second later and the house was flooded with enough energy to make her feel faint. It even rattled the pictures on the wall and sent the pots hanging over the stove to clanging softly. A loud cry heard even out here brought a larger wave crashing down, her body now trembling with the force of the power surging. It was the scream that made everything shudder in wonderment as her wards were engorged on the overflow causing them to actually become visible for a moment.

She just couldn't imagine a power that strong.

Preparing herself to go forth into the Lion's Den – the name of the room due to its golden hue but now a much more accurate feeling of doom and the bitter tang of irony – the door opened and Jake stood there, mildly startled to see the older woman standing there silently. A blush rose from his cheeks like neon but he was more or less dressed, if disheveled. But . . . he didn't smell of sex. Semen and sweat and his mate, yes. Sex, no. Her eyes closed. They weren't having true sex and were able to produce that much magic, that much soul searing power without consummating their bond all the way? Ue owed her more than she had first thought.

"I came to tell you that you must leave soon. There are those who would wish you harm for being here."

Jake sighed and nodded, grabbing a few fruits from a bowl and disappearing again into the room. "Ron? We have to leave now. Ma Forest is in danger because we're here."

The blond rose from the bed, stretching and near purring as he looked at Jake from half-lidded eyes that made the dragon warm all over again. Gathering their bits of scattered clothing, Ron went about tidying himself up, slipping his shirt and pants back on. "Sure. However, you do not get to drive. That is my baby out in the drive."

Jake snorted. "Seriously?"

Ron gave a definite smirk, an expression he must have learned from Jake since it seemed too new on his face. "You'll see."

Leaving the room, Ron saw Ma Forest there and bowed low. "Thank you, milady, and may you and your loved ones never suffer." Jake glanced at him in mild curiosity, no matter that he followed his bonded's lead. Ron nodded one last time out the door and grinned at the sight of the deliciously decadent tri-cycle as Jake spluttered. "I thought you might have missed that. You were pretty out of it."

Jake scooted around the cycle with a look of awe and thrill. "I missed this?"

"Hop on. It'll only take a few hours to get back home if I engage the turbo." Ron offered the back seat in an almost mocking manner, joking when Jake swatted his arm lightly. "Oh, you wound me!"

Jake wrinkled his nose. "Just get on the damned bike, blondie."

Rumbling to life, the bike transformed back to its former state, Ron slowly turning them around and down the drive to the asphalt. "Hold tight, don't move too much, and hope that this baby can keep us off any radars and photo systems."

Jake gulped.

"Tracking Scrambler initiated. Level of danger?" the bike beeped mechanically.

"No danger. Need to be fast."

There was a whir of gears. "Accepted. Proceed."

Ron grinned as he felt the seats lay out. With a quiet laugh, he pushed the silver knob, the two rocketing forward and back onto the highway and on their way home.


Ron gave a whoop of joy as the overhead visor clicked back into an ordinary face plate that set thickly on the front of the tri-cycle. Jake was blinking rapidly, trying to bring the world back into focus. Who knew the Am-Drag was ever so slightly motion sick? At least, after three hundred miles per hour. Or was it pressure sick after three Gs? Cause having his stomach adhere itself to his spine was vastly unpleasant.

"Ever do that again and I will hurt you," Jake gagged out as he tried to breathe through the nausea.

Ron laughed as he cocked his hip out to the side, breathing on his fingers before buffing them. "You just can't stop something this damned good."

They both chuckled, Jake's a little strained, when a strange hush seem to befall them, something fearsome tickling their napes. As one, the two turned to see Mel standing with hands on her hips, eyes narrowed and face set in a dangerous pout. Jake was along the lines of "Please tell me she isn't gonna cry." Ron was more realistic and terrified as "Oh . . . hell" ran through his thoughts before his arms were not so gently rung from the sockets as Aunt Mel grabbed him up like a naughty child.

"You, young man, are, from this point on, grounded until further notice," she hissed out . . . right before bursting into tears. "You didn't even leave a number!" she wailed as she glued herself to Ron's side, hugging him breathless and blue. "I was so worried!"

Ron awkwardly rubbed her back, soothing her as best he could while glaring at a gleefully grinning Jake. "It's alright, Mel. We just didn't have time-" which could be seen as a lie but he had felt the need to be elsewhere as fast as they could, "and we were running out of options and power too quickly to ask for a search. I just did what I had to, Auntie."

The short blond calmed marginally, her big, luminous blue eyes looked up into his own brown eyes. "You haven't called me 'Auntie' like that since you were seven. I'm glad I have my Ron back." She hugged him again, less force, but all the more sincere. "Now, we have to call Grandpa and your mother. They're both worried sick!"

Ron gave a grin, quirking a brow. "I guess Jake still stays?"

Mel cocked a hip and punched her tiny finger, obviously made of steel, into his chest. "Don't you go all weird on me, mister. Of course Jake stays. He needs to, remember? And I saw the speed you were getting on that bike as you pulled around the corner. Don't you be driving so recklessly! Another thing-!"

Jake leaned into Ron as Mel continued, walking up the steps like a goddess expecting the two to follow her inside. Ron engaged the security measures of his beloved tri-cycle, slinging his arm around Jake's shoulder. Jake snuggled into the embrace. "Think we should tell your aunt we're all but married?"

Ron snorted softly as he rubbed his face against Jake's hair. "Tomorrow, maybe, but we'll still take this slow, okay? I don't want to rush just because we are bonded."

Jake smirked as he leaned his head back to kiss Ron's cheek. "Sure, buddy. Now, time for food?"

Ron nodded. "Of course. I need to make this up to Mel. A large chocolate Cake of Death should do it."

Jake chuckled as they neared their landing. "How did I get so lucky to have a boyfriend that cooks?"

Ron rolled his eyes. "The same way that my boyfriend is a dragon . . . and not only in bed." Jake chocked, Ron laughing as he slipped away and ran for it. The young dragon snorted. His human-ish boyfriend was such a pain about that.


The talks over the phone had gone well enough, sort of. Gramps was near apocalyptic after Jake's mother and sister both had minor crying fests. Ron's mother and father were distraught. What if one of Kimberly's enemies had gotten him? That had been a total of four days ago. Being grounded and confined to Ron's room sucked. Being in there together made it suck less, but nonetheless, it sucked.

They were bored.

They were bonded.

They were dating.

Something that volatile should be monitored. Aunt Mel wasn't able to do much herself since she worked, but having Ming Ue do it for her was worse. Maybe. The woman seemed to always be "too bizzy, go to room, I got work" as she shuffled to her own apartment, clanking heard periodically. This left them "free" to do whatever they wished . . . inside Ron's room. They're teenagers. Being resourceful is their bread and butter.

Having a tongue down their throats as they kissed might have had something to do with the oddly chocked gasp coming from the door. Really, one had to realize that, yes, they were going to be cuddly and kissy and all over each other. Jake ignored them, letting Ron loom over him and turn his brain into mush. He'd be damned that someone stopped Ron from blowing his mind with the skill in those kisses. For a guy who didn't have many (or any) girlfriends or boyfriends, he was quite skilled and could make Jake loose his mind in a matter of minutes with just his mouth. He'd actually cum from that alone once, embarrassing, but fucking good.

Ron laying full body to him was like an electrical current, his mouth gasping for air as his lover took time to dot his face with peppered kisses before looking towards the door. The moment he did, Ron froze, angry tension lacing his body to soon be replaced by sad acceptance. "What do you want, Kimberly? I know Aunt Mel did not invite you."

Jake shook his head, trying to clear it of the sexual cobwebs, as he rubbed a hand down Ron's side. "Let me up," he whispered to Ron, sighing as he was able to wiggle into a sitting position. With a frown, he faced the doorway, black eyes narrowed. "What an unpleasant surprise. What do you want with my boyfriend?" he left bitch off for the moment. She just might be reasonable, but he sincerely doubted it.

The look of revulsion on her face was enough to make Jake curl his lip back in a silent snarl. She had better watch the fuck out of he'd rip her face off, protector of the NYC or not. "What are you doing, Ron? A boy? Were you just playing me, or is this something you hid?"

Ron flinched as the acidic tone and less than pleasant words. Jake frowned harder. "I am not sure of all that happened, but it shouldn't concern you now, stupid bitch." He glared at the red head in the door. "Hell, you shouldn't even be here. You were not invited and sure as hell ain't wanted, princess, so fuck off."

Apparently, all red heads having a temper was true in this case. She exploded, screeching at them that Ron shouldn't be so unnatural and that he should come home so he could be normal again. Jake felt the hurt radiating off his bonded, his eyes flashing dangerously in a way that even the Underground wouldn't dare touch with a ten foot, gold-plated pole. The small wet drop, a tear, was it for his patience.

"You fucking whore!" he roared as he slid to his feet, body seeming to enlarge as he let his wings and tail form about his still human body. "You will leave. Now! My boyfriend is not your toy, not a pet, and sure as hell ain't your lover or brother. He does not answer to you. Melinda is currently his only authority. She approves of this, and fuck you for not even considering what kind of hell you put your supposedly best friend through." He stalked forward, his words becoming whisper soft and edgy. "If you don't want me to rip your throat out, I'd suggest leaving right fucking now."

He had leaned in, words whispered against her ear, red slowly climbing up his arms from the decidedly deadly black talons gracing his fingers like razor edges. Kim shuddered and gulped. She had never actually been given a real death threat before. Been detained, restrained, and in general threatened with being either detained or restrained, but . . . death threats were something that her enemies didn't do. Like it was taboo to kill a teenager. Well, now the one threatening her was a teenager with a vendetta against her, and his very inhumane abilities frightened her all the more in that he really wouldn't just stop at mild threats but go through with actual life taking. It left a bitter taste in her mouth as she was forced out of the room, the door slammed in her face. It shouldn't have been this way! Ron was supposed to always follow her, through thick and thin! Not . . . not be unnatural and gay.

Jake was breathing hard, his eyes flashing as he stared at the door. It had taken everything in him to not break her effin' neck with a flick of his wrist, but he had managed to calm himself. The tiny whimpering gasp had him whirling around, his eyes widening at the sight of Ron trying to quietly cry, pillow pulled to his face. All the mad, the anger, the hate, left. His bonded, his boyfriend and lover needed him. Needed his comfort and whatever else he could give.

"Oh Ron," he murmured in an unknown mimicry of Aunt Mel months ago. "Don't you know," he asked as he settled around the taller blond, "that sunshine isn't supposed to cry?"

It took a moment, but there was a wet laugh. "That was corny, Jake."

The dragon child grinned, burrowing his face in Ron's hair while rubbing his side in circles. "Yeah, but it worked, didn't it? I made you laugh."

"Yeah, yeah," Ron muttered as he wiped his face, snuggling up around Jake. "You'll make it all better, Momma Jake. Just no going Mary Poppins on me, okay?"

Jake shuddered. "Okay, dude, I don't even want to know."

Ron chuckled, face in Jake's neck. "Mmmm, too bad the mood was ruined. We were really having fun." He nipped the skin by his mouth. "Want to try for it again?"

Jake laughed as he hugged Ron tight. "Maybe later. I can hear Aunt Mel coming up." It was normal now that Jake could hear things so far away. Actually, since their bonding, Jake's abilities had gone through the roof. Gramps had been less than enthused about why Jake was suddenly stronger, better, faster, more aware, but after a long talk, the three had come to something of an understanding. Kind of. Okay, not at all since that meant that Jake couldn't reproduce and spread the dragon gene, but Mrs. Long was fine with it. She had her daughter Hailey for any reproduction necessary. And the little girl had already agreed to have at least four children, wanting a large family in the country. Jake had called her more insane than a menstruating Harpy without her happy juice or something along those lines.

"Boys! I brought home some of Nancy's lasagna. Who's hungry?"

Jake shook his head. "Ya know, with the pregnancy, I think she has eaten more than you and me both in one sitting. I hadn't thought that possible."

Ron snorted. "I was wondering just how her appetite would change. Question answered."


Jake slithered from the bed, Ron out completely, a few tears still lingering on his pale gold lashes. That stupid bitch. She had done this, reopened all those old wounds, making the scarring worse, bigger, harder to heal.


Mel was standing there, pint of chocolate ice cream in one hand, frozen grapes, sliced strawberries, and cinnamon and sugar fried apple slices in the other. Her expression was worried since she had rarely seen the two newly bonded apart from each other in all the time since they came back. Hell, even before then!

"Mel," he uttered softly, nodding his head back towards the kitchen. She followed him back in, placing her things on the table and sitting down, just watching Jake move around. It was a moment as he took down a wok and started gathering the necessary spices. "Possible paid a visit when you were out."

The older woman looked very suddenly dangerous and Jake almost felt sorry for the red-headed bitch. "What did she do and how much am I going to enjoy kicking her ass?"

Jake grinned grimly. "She called Ron an 'unnatural fag' and said that he was disgusting. Then, she proceeded to scold him for leaving, for moving away from her." He sneered, an equally fearsome expression on Mel's face. "I told her I would kill her."

Mel was silent as the sound of frying oil filled the air, ginger billowing deliciously as he washed and cleaned the veggies, giving himself time to calm. "Did Ron hear?"


She sat back, munching on a grape. "Did you mean it?"

"Yes." There was no hesitation, no inflection, but it was a sincere and emphatic response.

"Good," she murmured as she dug back into her ice cream, adding the apples and strawberries in between popping grapes like candy. "He needs a protector from her and someone who will stand up for him, not against him. Not to ridicule him. Make sure you are the one that does that, as much as I and his parents will. He will need it soon."

Jake turned to look at her. "What?"

His voice had been a soft, dangerous hiss of escaped air. Mel looked at him sternly. "Those Harpies, their leader Babita, she said their Sooth Sayer was worried over the young hatchling. That his Dragon Protector would be put to the test. I worry for you both."

Jake stared hard at her. "What did she say about you? And don't even say they didn't. Harpies are not known to just warn people. They have to have knowledge of the one they give the prophetic message to."

Mel groaned. "Just that the lines of three are held together by the blood of one, whatever that means."

Jake chuckled at her disgruntled expression. Making a pregnant woman upset was a generally bad idea, but he was quick enough to duck away just in case. "I guess we'll have to see on that one, then."

Mel wrinkled her nose. I guess. Hey, give me some ah that."

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