:: At the Apartment ::

"Aunt Mel, you can't," Ron reasoned to the heavily pregnant woman, guiding her to a chair and setting her gently into the upholstered embrace. Mrs. Long was there to help, bringing over a stool with a cushion in hand to prop Mel's feet up, Hailey behind her with a plate of fruit and a glass of iced water. They were at the Long Apartment, Mel pouting mutinously even as she started nibbling on the food resting on her large baby bump. She was barely halfway into her second trimester and already she looked to be full term. "Besides, you get to command the home base," he joked gently, as he knelt at her side. "We're going out - well, no, I'm sending people out - to look for clues. In fact, I'll be here until something comes up."

Pouting she waved him on. "Fine, fine , you pest. Be gone! At least you are able to care for yourself."

It was no secret that Ron was suddenly making an army of humans, monsters, beings, and other creatures. Well, to the TMC and UMC networks. With the explicit instructions to keep Mel and whomever else in the Long Apartment safe under pain of Ron's fury. Surprisingly, this was more than enough to keep the Apartment under constant and vigilant watch. Or maybe not, that little skirmish had shown a whole other side and the rumors of the prowess the teen sported in battle was not all that greatly exaggerated.

The blond teen did not know of such, but appreciated the uncomplicated help volunteered to him and his boyfriend.

"Oh yes, Captain Oblivious," drawled Artemis as he walked into the room, Butler behind him like a wall of brick and mortar. Ron snorted at the younger teen, rolling his eyes.

"Stop calling me that," he protested lamely, waving the other teen in and to a chair at the kitchen table. "I am not entirely oblivious, though I still have no idea what you are referencing this time. So stop."

Artemis snorted as he opened his laptop and sat regally, Butler moving his chair back into the table so that he would be able to reach comfortably. Clicking and dragging a few windows, he gestured to the screen. "This is a compilation of the information so far. It is air born dragons bane, there have been several sightings, and it seems to be a previous acquaintance well known to our targeted co-leader. What I am doing right now is running a face-recognition software that is going to pull as much information as possible from the four separate data bases of human, non-human, magical, and Underground. I have a confirmed hit on three of them so far, but I want to be thorough on the actual threat level before fully reporting all my findings, however."

Ron nodded, going to the stove to put an enormous pot on, keeping his hands busy as he listened without speaking. Artemis sighed as he watched his screen, faces tumbling so fast that they were mearly colored smears. Spud, trundling in with a illusion suit being peeled off his muscular arms, thumped into a seat, head leaned back as he closed his eyes. Wade was a step behind him, he too peeling his own illusion suit off enough to let his bare arms and chest show. Trixie pulled up the rear, her suit just unzipped enough to grant some airflow since she was not about to sit all but bare breasted in a room of boys, bra or no bra. Her long hair was looped into impossibly intricate braids all around her head and down her back making her look more like a goddess on earth than a teen young woman. Artemis had to clear his throat and look away. Well. Hormones. There they are. Now time to shove them back into their lonely box. Right then.

There was a ping, Artemis looking to the window profile that had finally finished its check and felt his eyes widen. Oh. Oh no. Flicking a button on the keyboard, the back on the laptop opened and a hologram lit up with the face of someone very familiar to him in the last six months or so with the UMC, but especially the TMC since Folly was chomping at the bit about it. Wade looked sharped eyed but not overtly upset. Trixie and Spud were very suddenly up and dark feminine fingers were white knuckled where they were fisted on the table top. Spud ended up mangling something that was now a vaugely spoon shaped metal mess. Ron looked over his shoulder after hearing the chairs scraping back harshly, eyes sharp on them then the image. His breath caught.



I have written a LOT of notes when I haven't been updating and I have not ignored this story, I've been trying to make it up as I go since all of my previous notes are gone (Thank you, trojan horse that fucked my hard drive, you cum-guzzling gutter slut bitch) which left me in a funk for a while. As may be obvious, I don't know. STILL! Everything is on paper now because fuck why not.