A/N: To let you all know, this is SLASH. Boy on boy, wand on wand. It will start slowly, build up a bit. Give me a few chapters to get the PLOT before the SMUT, kay? But I luv you all anyway. :)

1234567890 chapter two 1234567890

"Sir? Sir, we're here. Can you please wake up?" Ron's eyes fluttered and he turned to the woman who was shaking his shoulder. He glanced outside the window and groaned. So late and Aunt Mel was an "Early to bed, Early to rise" kind of person. He'd catch a cab if he had to and borrow the money from his Aunt until he could pay her back.

Surprise filled his face when he stepped into the airport lobby and Aunt Mel was there, giving him a hug and kiss, pinching his cheek for good measure. "Why, Ron! You've grown! I'll have to double stock everything if I'm going to be feeding a growing boy your age!" And that was it, Ron grinned slightly, a real grin that felt good on his face after all the tight false smiling he'd been doing. He didn't see the flash of worry his aunt hid by closing her eyes in a foxy grin, her bright blond hair and blue eyes sparkling even in the dim lighting of fluorescent bulbs. The bright orange and royal blue suit might have helped.

"Let's get home! I want my bed and chocolate. We'll have our treat tomorrow after I get off at say . . . around four. Explore until then and check out the new stores we have! Old and Used Electronics has a boy about your age there with some of his friends. Maybe you can go see? And further down is the portal to the underground magical community, but don't go there without an escort. The trolls and Man-Eating Orgs are in town and have been grumpy, what with the dragon keeping the peace. You'll most likely meet Grandpa!" Ron had gotten used to his Aunt's habit of jumping subjects, some that didn't make sense but he'd learned at lot on his travels, and that magic was definitely real had been one of them . . . His brain stopped there and he shook his head.

"Aunt Mel, have you moved again?" When the woman beamed, he guessed she had and that she wanted him to see where she was going to take them. She'd always wanted to live near Chinatown, Maybe Kay—Kimberly Possible had helped out and made some quiet connects from the last time they had been saving the world here? He shrugged. It didn't matter.

The thirty minute drive to the apartment was filled with idle chatter on how he was doing, how were the Twins and Wade, did Dr. D and Monkey Fist take over the world yet . . . ya know, normal stuff. He was too preoccupied to realize that his Aunt, always trying to improve his love life some how or other, hadn't mentioned Kim at all . . . not once which usually would have set alarm bells off in his head. It did set of the alarm for his aunt as she watched him distance himself from everything around him. Oh, he was there physically, but mentally he was miles away and barely responsive, nothing at all like her little Ron who liked to cause mischief and mayhem, pulling pranks on all and sundry. If he studied half as much as he saved the world, he'd be passing the Possible girl (an "enemy" had no special name!) in almost everything. And he was one heck of a chef. The food, roasts, DESSERTS . . .

They settled in that night, her heart worrying over her nephew and friend. He was most likely her best friend, teenager or not. And . . . she loved him like a son. A son she could never have. She tucked him in and phoned Marsha to let her know they were in and that Ron was . . . hurting. Marsha turned to John while she was on the phone and put Melinda on the speaker. Their baby boy . . .

The next morning, Ron decided, was too bright and he didn't want to wake up. Ever. With a good night's sleep, everything became clear and everything hurt where it had been numb just hours before. He pushed it away and got dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved black Tee. Rufus was up with him and in his pocket within seconds, the mole-rat happily ridding in the cargo pocket that could have held three of him easily. So roomy!

He left the apartment with toast in his mouth and the twenty dollars and key his aunt had left on the counter for him. He locked up, checked out on the commune balcony for the weather and sighed somewhat happily that it shouldn't rain today. Just in case, he grabbed the collapsible umbrella from his mini pack and chucked it in his pocket with Rufus. Everything he thought he would need was in his pockets, the rest of the stuff like chap stick, a comb (like it would help), and the communicator that he wouldn't be using anyway stuffed in a fanny-pack attached around his waist and resting on his hip. If those got stolen, he could get more, or ask Wade for a commissioned Com Link that he said wouldn't be fielded for a few years yet. Genius friends . . . everyone needed someone like that. Come to think of it, he'd go ahead and get a CL for his aunt too so that they could stay in touch more often.

After two hours of foraging in the game shops, grabbing candy and cheese-sticks from the local grocers, and playing at the arcade ten minutes from the apartment, he finally decided to explore the Old and Used Electronics store.

The bell to the slightly dusty store rang as he made his way in, eyes widening at all the tech stuff he could see just waiting for special fingers to make them work . . . He drooled. Tech geek he wasn't but he could fix some of the older stuff easily with a few minutes and a manual. And this, this was Heaven!

"Hello, can I help you?" The voice belonged to short, old Asian man and was heavily accented, the man's blue robe thing tied with a white sash. If Ron remembered right, the robe was a kimono or yukata and this was very traditional dress. So, a traditional man? Most likely.

Ron bowed to the man, glad to have learned some etiquette while traveling around the world. The man's face was surprised and delighted as he returned the gesture to a lesser degree. That meant that he acknowledged the respect given him and returned it to a younger man, but without age, Ron knew he wouldn't get much more than that unless he was a God or Royalty. He felt honored to receive that much.

"I was looking through the neighborhood and my Aunt Mel told me about this place. I just wanted to see what you had to sell," Ron said quietly as he felt a flush rising up. What about this man made him so nervous? He was as almost as short as the Twins, for crying out loud! "I think I found a new home until I start school," he joked lightly hoping the atmosphere of Doom and Gloom would "Go . . . A-way!" and let him do some business.

"What interests you, young man?" Ron felt as if there was a special emphasis on man that he was positively worried about. His aunt had mentioned the magical community, but meeting one on the first day!?

"Um, anything that I can work on? I'll do it for free, but I just need something to do right now for a few hours. Aunt Mel won't be around until four and I saw that some of the machines were in deep trouble." He pointed out one of the old VCR's and then picked a screwdriver out of his pocket . . . really, after that one time, he never went anywhere without tools now. "It looks like the wheel is broken. I'm not Houdini or Wade or anything, but I can get it working in top shape in no time!" He smiled at the man.

The man blinked then ran a hand down his long mustache that reminded Ron of those Asiatic dragons, pulling on the white goatee that was mostly hid under the white hanging mass. "I don't see why not, young man, so please work your magic."

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