Harry Potter and the Curse of the Purebloods

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Harry Potter and the Curse of the Purebloods

Hermione Granger-Weasely was ten years, two kids, and one dog older. She sat in her living room, while her children, Peter and Molly played on the floor. The house was being reoccupied again, as it was every year because of her job at Hogwarts, teaching Arithmancy, which forced her to stay at Hogwarts with the children. Ron was away much of the year, having been assigned for the past ten years to guard the wizard prison of Azkaban.

An gray owl flew into the open window, screeching to announce it's arrival. It dropped off the post, and their copy of the Daily Prophet, which landed on the table in front of Hermione. She paid the owl, and it flew off again. Hermione left the mail for last, as was her custom. Instead she opened their copy of the Daily Prophet, and scanned the front page.

Has it really been that long? She exclaimed, looking over the picture carefully. Staring back at her was a pair of emerald eyes, set into a head of messy inky-black hair. Next to the picture, a long article read

Reported by: Ginny Weasely
On the tenth anniversary of many momentous events, perhaps the most significant is the release of Harry Potter from the wizard Prison of Azkaban. Mister Potter is known for many acts of notoriety, from his many defeats of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named to his apparent defection from the side of such figures as Albus Dumbledore and former Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge. It was at this time ten years ago that Mister Potter was captured after his defeat of You-Know-Who and tried by Minister Fudge. This trial attracted international wizard attention, and resulted in the downfall of the oppressive Ministry of Fudge. Potter was sentenced to ten years in Azkaban, which he has now served. During this time, he has been a model prisoner, and has caused no trouble with the Aurors. Fudge has not been heard from or seen since that day ten years ago. Minister Arthur Weasely, who succeeded Fudge, commented to the Prophet that Harry Potter's release comes as a great joy to the whole wizarding world. He represents all that is honorable to the world, upholding his friends, family and life against the evil that was You-Know-Who.
Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, instrumental in the education of Potter was unavailable for comment. It is rumored that he will offer Mister Potter a job teaching the yet again vacant position of Defense against the Dark Arts. However, it has not been confirmed. This publication would like to state to all that Mister Potter deserves his privacy, and should not be sought out for comment.

Mum, who's this man? Peter asked, having just built a tower out of blocks.

This man should have been your Godfather.

Not Uncle Draco?

No. He is my best friend in the whole world. He saved the world from an evil wizard.

Like what Dad does?

Hermione looked at her nine year old son and smiled. Molly, take that out of your mouth! She reached over and pulled out the corner of a battered copy of Hogwarts, A History from Molly's year old mouth.

Mum, is it time for lunch?

It is. Goodness. And your father should be home soon.

Peter smiled, as he pushed his way into the kitchen. Hermione picked up Molly and followed him. The Daily Prophet lay on the coffee table, the rest of it unread.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of one of the suburbs of London, a man sat reading his copy of the Daily Prophet. He smiled at the newspaper article about Harry, and threw his copy into the crackling fire.

He cried, and a very battered house-elf popped into the room.

Yes Master?

Cloak, I am traveling. She popped out of the room, and in a moment reappeared, holding a crisp green cloak. The man rose, and slipped it over his robes. Taking a moment to pop into his foyer, he took out a silvery cloak that seemed to disappear, and laid it on his arm. He Disapparated with a pop', leaving the house empty, except for the bustling of house-elves.

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