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"Really, why does this always have to happen when were bathing Sango? I mean just a little relaxation, some time to ourselves and a little cleanliness, is that to much to ask for? Do we always have to be interrupted?"

She jumped from the hot springs they were currently bathing in, Sango following suit quickly donning her black slayers outfit, neither bothering to dry off, while the taijiya answered the young miko's gripe.

"Oh Kagome, we can come back later, don't worry, after dealing with these demons you know we'll definitely be covered in something that's slimy and foul smelling." She giggled thinking that Kagome would really appreciate a hot bath then.

The priestess groaned while throwing all of her clothes on without really thinking, knowing that she probably had something inside out or even backwards. She didn't have time to even dry as the young miko could already hear the shouts coming from Inuyasha and Miroku and though she knew that Sesshoumaru was way too dignified to make outrages comments, he didn't inhibit Inuyasha's wild profanities and unbecoming threats that currently echoed throughout the clearing.

"Kagome!! Let's Go!!" Sango yelled over the escalating noise of the battle while at the same time quickly strapping hiraikotsu onto her back.

The miko grabbed the bow and arrows that always remained close to her, even when at the bathing springs. "Ready." She stated with a nod motioning for Sango to proceed her.

Both girls ran toward the clearing intent on engaging in the battle that was already underway neither noticing the two strange creatures perched high up in a sturdy tree branch watching their every move keenly only their eyes moving attentively in the night.

When Kagome ran into the small clearing they had been using as a temporary camp site for the night, a strange and bizarre glaring contest was currently in progress between the two sides of the combatants.

Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, Kirara, Miroku, and now Sango made up one side of the participants while the other side, the villains side as she saw it, were made up of several misshaped and grotesque demons, no doubt part of Naraku's vast army, and the vile hanyou himself. Each side seemingly waiting for a command to be issued or wrong moved to be made again before advancing and resuming the battle that had suddenly paused.

The priestess wasn't quite sure if she should move from the spot she seemed to be frozen to but judging by the loud shouts that were suddenly directed at her, it seemed Inuyasha just noticed her standing there dumbfounded as well.


"Inuyasha you jerk!!" She cried in embarrassment looking over at Sesshoumaru to unconsciously gouge his reaction to his brothers ignorant words. Though why she would care what the taiyoukai thought about the hanyou's degrading words was beyond her.

He had not even joined them for an entire day since being convinced that joining their group was for his benefit and finally agreeing to declare a temporary truce and alliance until Naraku's defeat, and already Inuyasha was embarrassing her in front of his older, more mature, and of course extremely gorgeous brother. Not that Inuyasha wasn't good looking, he was, but unfortunately when he opened his mouth, his looks no longer seemed to matter. A shame really.

"Perhaps," interrupted Miroku trying to diffuse the situation as always. "We should be worrying about Naraku and his underlings before we fight amongst each other, we should really…." The houshi trailed off, his eyes suddenly turning to the size of saucers starring intently at the young miko before them mouth hanging open in surprise.

Everyone followed his wide-eyed gaze suddenly noticing who or what, he was starring so fixedly at.

Kagome suddenly felt the steady eyes of all of the men present inspecting her form with interest making her self-consciously wonder what they were all starring at. Something had to be terribly wrong with her if Naraku and even Sesshoumaru were starring wide eyed. Ok, well Sesshoumaru's eyes were not as narrowed and therefore slightly bigger than his normal almond shaped, thereby making her believe he could be considered wide eyed.

Taking a quick glance down at her school uniform she noticed that the whole front of her green skirt was completely tucked into her flowery pink panties and her blouse was inside out and backwards. So she guessed that's what they were all obviously starring at.

She blinked.

"WHAT?!! WHAT THE…OH NO…NO…CRAP!!" She screeched in utter embarrassment turning a new shade of red.

The young woman quickly pulled out her skirt and pulled it down as low as it would go -which wasn't much below mid thigh- but as for the blouse, that would just have to wait until the battle ended to be fixed. Maybe she should just take Inuyasha's advice -or angry outburst- and sit this one out, let them handle Naraku and his lowly demons this time.

"K..Kagome?!!" Inuyasha stuttered while gaping at the young miko and taking off his fire rat haori with the apparent attempt to give it to her to cover up.

"Oh Inuyasha! The young woman happily clasped her hands together with glee. "You can really be such a gentleman!" She replied apparently mistaking his intentions of being gallant until his crimson haori came flying at her hitting her in the chest.

"GENTLEMAN!! What the hell!! I only want you to cover up your ass and not be flashing all these bastards like some whore, wench!!

His words had a domino effect of responses that simultaneously erupted from the group.

Kagome sputtered in outrage and hurt, not sure which one was more prominent at the moment. "In…Inuyasha…how could… wha…I mean that was…you…you?!!"

Miroku still unable to push down the image of Kagome's amazing feminine undergarment that he assumed was some wonderful creation of her time, also joined in the reactions of the rest of the group.

"Lady Kagome, surely if you are ever in need of a gentleman, I hope you will come to me willingly and mayhap, my heart can only have faith, that you will also be willing to bear my child?"

Sango, not one to let that type of comment slide, was angered with both Inuyasha's insensitive comment and Mirokus lecherous one. The slayer was also greatly embarrassed on her friends behalf and her cheeks and temper heated along with Kagomes.

"Hentai!!" She screeched bonking the monk on the head with Hiraikotsu and aiming it at Inuyasha threateningly. "Inuyasha you senseless hanyou how can you say that?!!"

Now, it could be said with a great assurance that a certain Taiyoukai never cared about anyone's emotions, feelings, or words…well didn't care for anything at all that didn't involve his lands and home, but on this day and upon smelling the hurt and tears that threatened to spill from the onna, something unexpectedly odd moved within him stirring a strange and unknown emotion. Could it be empathy? Whatever it was, for he willed it gone immediately, was nothing important enough to dwell on or waste time upon. They had an evil hanyou to kill after all not discuss the mikos surprisingly…outlandish but feminine…and….enticing…. - Shaking his head on the ridiculous thoughts he replied along with the others.

"Hn. You astound me little brother, somehow your coarse and callous tongue has not gotten you killed as of yet. Though if you continue with this brutish act I will be forced to be the first to remedy that wrong." He paused looking directly at his brother with a coldness that made the hanyou shiver slightly. "Do not doubt me."

Not forgetting the evil entity that stood across the small clearing, Naraku's breath hitched at the sight of the miko's near nakedness, her small undergarment not leaving much to the imagination.

"Ku, ku, ku…miko you may very well be useful to me in more ways than one. Inuyasha is a dog and knows not how to treat a lady. Perhaps you will allow me to show you how a real man would treat a woman of your caliber?" He added with a lascivious smile.

Kirara, being a cat of sympathy, merely meowed hoping the young priestess would not kill the brash inu hanyou before they had a chance to destroy Naraku.

Kagome couldn't believe it. One slip-up and all the attention was focused on her and not the battle? What the hell? Yeah she did just flash them but that doesn't mean they have to act like idiots!! ARGH!!! She stamped her foot in frustration, involuntarily still holding on to Inuyasha's haori.

"YOU ALL CAN JUST…JUST…GO TO HELL!! The miko turned on her heel stomping off in anger and humiliation.


Unbeknownst to the demon lord, inu-tachi and malevolent being known as Naraku, two hidden youkai watched on in amusement and fascination. Their auras carefully hidden to prevent detection, even their position was carefully placed upwind to avoid being smelled by the powerful inu taiyoukai's nose.

"Shinya, do you honestly believe this to be a good idea? Think it through, perhaps it will not all go as you planned, there could be complications…problems."

"My dear brother, you worry too much. What better opportunity to test out my newest enchanted dust hm? When will I ever be present to witness such a thing again? The great Taiyoukai of the West, the Shikon miko, the vile Naraku, a hanyou, and a human monk and demon slayer all gathered together, and by the sound of it they all speak other than which they really think." Her chuckle accompanied her obvious excitement and glee at having them all as her test subjects.

"Come Kurai, there is no time to waste the miko is leaving! Let us go try this out…I might need your assistance to keep them together afterwards so stay close to me and do not wander far."

"Why is it that I'm the one that always gets stuck doing these kinds of things with you Shinya?" He grumbled

"Well, mayhap because you are my twin brother and we need to share these types of experiences together…you know…to bond." She replied giving her brother a wide smile.

"Now no more questions, come."


Kagome's dramatic exit was rudely interrupted. She just wanted to stomp away and throw Inuyasha's haori down some dangerous cliff after she had thoroughly stomped on it in some a mud hole of course.

She had barely gotten a few feet from her censorious audience when two large shadows suddenly manifested themselves before her making her halt abruptly mid step. Several growls were heard simultaneously behind her warning her of the danger, yet oddly enough she didn't feel her holy powers rising up to defend her from these threat. She didn't feel a malevolent aura or one of friendship but oddly enough it was one that was completely neutral. Why was that? Were they here to join them in the fight with Naraku or aid him in acquiring the skikon no tama? Or to choose sides after seeing who was winning first before deciding whom they would help?

Still, she didn't know for certain so she notched an arrow in her bow quickly aiming it at the darkness before her. The shadows continued to cover the small clearing, casting all light from the approaching sunset out within seconds.

Quickly the area became pitch black and being human she was unable to see anything clearly knowing she wouldn't be able to shoot her arrows as she could accidentally hit one of their own.

She knew that Naraku being the evil being that he was would take this distraction as the opportunity to continue his attack and harm them while they were diverted believing that it would be much easier to kill them off in the dark and take the shikon jewels from her no doubt.

That could only mean that it was someone working for him after all, another youkai trying to redirect their attention from the baboon clad hanyou.

Just as expected, sudden and utter chaos ensued once the clearing became utterly dark, so much so that you could trip over your own two feet.

'Really,' thought Kagome, 'didn't we already have enough distractions with me parading around in my underwear in the middle of a battle? Now we have to fight in complete darkness? Well I guess that way their attention is diverted back to the fight instead of to me…huh….could work out…well except I'm sure all the hanyou and youkai here can see with no problems but Sango, Miroku, and I will definitely have a hell of a time trying not to get killed. Great. Just great.' She sighed. 'I guess not so good after all.'


"Ok so I actually wasn't expecting Naraku to attack in the darkness we created Kurai…we're going to have to just throw all the powder in the air and hope it gets all of them. After they inhale it and it touches their skin, just make sure you make them stay close enough together where they can't escape one another.

The fighting and continued roars and shrieks were escalating in volume as the hanyou and humans were slightly panicking in the darkness. She wouldn't be able to delay the darkness much longer, she only hoped they wouldn't die before her experiment was successful.

"Fine!! Just hurry up Shinya or they're all going to depart this life by the time you get to it!! Throw it out now and fan it out!! HURRY!! Kurai was becoming more and more alarmed with the fighting he was able to see taking place with his nocturnal vision.

It was a good thing Shinya was a tiny bit less panicked than her brother or else she might have just dropped her brilliant plan and run off at the feel of all the powerful auras flaring around her in anger and instead choose to finally materialize from the shadows and toss the contents of her small pouch into the air. Sweeping a fan from behind her dark indigo kimono she quickly fanned for all she was worth watching her sparkling dust make its way around the dim clearing landing unsuspectingly on her targets.

Now all she had to do was wait a few seconds for Kurai to bind them to each other before she saw the result of her hard work. The female youkai smiled thinking of the effect this would have on each of them not even aware she had yet to rematerialize into the shadows and was still in her permanent youkai form. That is until a clawed hand suddenly wrapped itself around her throat squeezing the life out of her and a voice laced with fury spoke mere inches from her face.

"Wench, what have you done? What trickery is this? You will return the light back to the way it was or I will break your neck before you have further chance to aid that filthy hanyou." The voice spoke out in a low growl the hand squeezing even tighter with each word emphasizing its truthfulness to accomplish his threat without much difficulty.

"K…ku..kurai…" She wheezed out barely able to hold on to consciousness.


Kagome was having some difficulty keeping herself from getting killed. She always had thought herself to be rather resourceful and clever and was by no means a stupid girl yet she had allowed a wave of panic to take over her as Naraku and his subordinates renewed their attack. Her pride wouldn't let her run around like a chicken without a head but in that moment she was sure Naraku would easily grasp her small vile of shikon shards and probably snap her neck in the process. After losing control of herself briefly,

slowly she came to realize two things, making her feel like an even bigger fool.

1. She had youkai companions who could easily see in the dark to defend the rest of the 'night blind humans' and,

2. She was able to distinguish between all of the auras present somehow 'seeing' all sorts of distinctive colors as well as being able to feel the power of each aura as it flared in response to its individual person. Seshoumaru's was by far the brightest one blazing with so much power it made her flinch in reaction to its nearness.

The priestess sighed sadly wondering when all of her senses had vanished, where exactly she had misplaced her courage, and when she had failed to remember she was actually a miko.


Inuyasha's scream brought her out of her poignant notions, again slapping herself mentally for falling into her musings instead of running for safety. She was no coward of course and running really shouldn't have even been an option for her, but at the moment it was best not to be a liability to her youkai friends who were still fighting the battle. She wouldn't take the chance of shooting off her arrow and somehow miss in this unnatural darkness and purify one of them by accident, (though if she happened to graze Inuyasha then it was not really a bid deal nor an accident.)

As it was one could barely make out their own hand in front of their face. The combination of their reikis flaring and their eyes glowing like wild animals in the darkness made the area look rather intimidating and eerily creepy. She really had no problem listening to Inuyasha just this once.

The miko turned, her hands infused with her holy power not allowing any youkai to take her down purifying any who came to close for comfort. She was so intent on finding Sango and Miroku's auras to make her escape that she barely took notice of a peculiar sensation suddenly tingling over her skin. She didn't know quite what to make of it but in that instant held herself perfectly still as some more strange glittering powder somewhat resembling the Americans Tinkerbelle fairy dust fell over them blanketing them all.

'What the heck is that?' She wondered. 'Great, I hope its not some kind of poison or something. Can this day just get any better?' She thought sarcastically.


'Oohhh…did I really have to ask?'

The miko heard the roar behind her before she even had the opportunity to turn to face her opponent. She felt its claws swipe down her delicate flesh searing her back in burning pain as an agonizing scream tore from her throat. Just as she fell forward a strong pair of arms wrapped themselves around her catching her before she hit the hard ground.

The priestess, momentarily stunned, looked up at her saviors face as he let out what appeared to be a bolt of lighting from his claws -similar to Sesshoumaru's doukasou- briefly lighting the area no doubt electrocuting the oni behind her. The darkness around them also seemingly lifting little by little as he waved his hand in an arc.

"Wha…wh…who are you? Are you one of the kamis or…be..because you really look like one…wow…your…you're gorgeous?!"

'Wait a second. What the hell was that?' The young woman frantically contemplated still being held in the unknown youkai's arms. 'I didn't mean to say that! Well ok I kinda did but not like out loud or anything!!'

The heart stopping smile he gave her suddenly made her blush more deeply than she already was after realizing her stupid comment was not made in her subconscious but spoken out loud.

"Ya know…you shouldn't smile at woman like that…th…they…might just…pass-"

Kagome was very tired all of a sudden, her eyes growing heavy, she just needed to sleep for a little bit, that's all, maybe just rest for a minute or two. Her body just needed a break from all this fighting or maybe just needed to recharge after infusing her hands with her holy powers instead of using her sacred arrows. She was vaguely aware of the youkai before her speaking in an unknown language and with each word that same strange sensation she had felt on her skin only intensified.

Hazily the priestess was still somehow aware of someone yelling and ranting not far beyond her right and something that suspiciously sounded like an angry inu growl behind her.

"Hum, is that Inuyasha screeching like a…a…banshee?" She giggled tiredly. "Al…Always acting like a baka." Just as she was going to continue to compare Inuyasha's shrieks to that of a wailing child, she caught a glimpse of a predators ambers eyes in her peripheral vision.

"Remove your hands from the miko." A smooth baritone voice demanded.

"Is…is that you Sesshou?" Her voice lowering as she fought her body for consciousness. "I guess it is huh…wh…who…else could sound so deliciously sensuous just by speaking?"

Her last thought before falling completely into the black oblivion that desperately wanted to claim her…

'What? Who the hell just said that?'