Last time…

Hm…perhaps she and Sango should milk this a bit. They were the lucky girls who got to walk with these superstars after all.

Her devious mind was suddenly kicked into overload.

Oh yes, they were definitely going to have to milk this…

…for all it was worth.


Ch. 15 Meeting an old friend

"Ohhh Sesshoumaru," she called out sweetly while winking at Sango hoping she would catch on to what she was going to do.

Kagome was almost sure someone was going to stop them at any moment and beg for an autograph. The miko was not hiding her scowl as she saw several girls giggling and whispering behind their hands as they dared each other to go up and talk to one of the males walking with her and Sango.

Hearing the miko's strange sickly sweet voice, Sesshoumaru turned to study her, raising one eyebrow in question and wondering what she was up to. For she had been behaving civil towards him for some time, and even quite amiable, but not as dulcet as she seemed to be now.

Seeing that she had the daiyoukai's attention, Kagome caught up with him, matching his stride, and held unto his arm with both her hands making a great show of sighing like some school girl in love with her new boyfriend, and tossed her hair behind one shoulder saucily while looking about her.

Noticing Inuyasha turning to look at her like she was either stupid or out of her mind, she quickly reached out to grab unto one of his arms pulling him closer to her in the process, and pinching him a little when he would have made a negative and outrageous comment otherwise.

Looking over at Sango hoping she would do the same with the violet eyed monk, the miko noted the other woman's brief hesitation, but passing another group of gawking girls seemed to push the taijiya in the right direction as she too, held unto the monks arm in the same fashion that Kagome was, making said monk give a sharp intake of breath as the young demon slayer leaned further into him holding unto his arm with both hands.

As Kagome felt Sesshoumaru about to comment she slid her smaller hand into his much larger one, threading her fingers through his, and leaned up into his side, making said daiyoukai squeeze her hand gently in surprise and remain silent, though she still held unto a slightly rigid hanyou as well. Poor Inuyasha neither pulled away nor said anything, too bewildered and uncomfortable to do anything else but look away with a slight blush to his otherwise pale cheeks

Why were there so many damned girls and teenagers out and about right now? Kagome wondered in disturbed fascination. She had never noticed so many young people hanging out and walking to and fro from her school to the shrine before. Well to be fair, not all of the people out at the moment were young. There were several mothers and older women and even men out and about too, though uncharacteristically, even the older ladies stared at them probably wondering if the males were some of the famed models on the magazine covers they kept at home.

Miroku, Kagome observed, was smiling like he had just won the lottery. His smile was so ridiculously large, the priestess thought it might just break. And even though Sango looked somewhat nervous and even a bit uncomfortable -obviously not used to being remotely nice to the houshi, or even as close as to be hanging off his arm -made Kagome so very proud of her friend.

The outright scowls and narrowed eyed stares she and Sango were receiving…well…she could do without those. Although she did prefer to be the center of attention -and looked at evilly- than to have all of these lustful females checking out the daiyoukai as if he were some piece of meat on display.

Heck she didn't even want them staring at Inuyasha or Miroku. All of the males belonged to their pack -to Sango and her- and they were just going to have to teach all these sticks in the mud to keep their eyes and their hands to themselves. It was about time that she and Sango learned to take better care of their males after all.

Eh, call it jealousy or call it what you will, but nobody was going to treat Sesshoumaru like some nude, masculine sculpture to admire…well… nobody but her, she mused with an inner grin.

Turning to look up at him as they were only a block away from the shrine now, and admiring his beautiful features, the young priestess suddenly felt ill and her heart did an odd little flip as she unexpectedly heard her name being shouted over and over again from behind her. Someone was running to catch up to her.

"Kagome-san, Kagome-san!"

No, please tell me that isn't….

Kagome-san! Wait up! Its me…Hojo!"

She groaned.

Why did it have to be him out of all people, and why now?

She felt Sesshoumaru stiffen and Inuyasha give a small little chuckle.

"Oi, look who it is Kagome. Its that annoying human, what's his name…Hoko.

Kagome gave Inuyasha a reproving look as he simply stood there and smiled. It seemed he wanted to see what would become of this little twerp now that his older brother was around.

"Hi Hojo, how have you been?" she questioned nervously as the teenager stood before her slightly out of breath.

"Great Kagome-san! I haven't seen you in such a long time. Are you well?" he questioned with sincerity.

"Hai, I'm well Hojo-san," she answered thanking the stars that the question was quite simple, one not requiring more of an answer.

"That's wonderful news. I'm glad your hestor-ah-mitas isn't bothering you anymore."

The miko laughed uncomfortably before noting that she hadn't introduced any of her friends. Though seeing as how a small group of girls decided this was the distraction they needed, as they rushed to their group to speak to the males, the miko could only introduce Sango and narrow her eyes at the others.

"Oh, I would like you to meet my friend Sango, Hojo-san, she's visiting for a few days and I'm showing her around the modern world for a time."

The priestess immediately knew that she had messed up for the taijiya had elbowed her in the side but thankfully they noticed he hadn't even batted an eyelash at her lapse.

"Oh, that's great Kagome-san, it is nice to meet you Sango, these are my friends Aijay, Kenta, and Mairan. Hey, maybe we can all go the movies this weekend," he said without pause.

And just as Kagome was about to answer, though still not sure if she was about to agree or turn him down gently, she heard another voice answer for her making her grate her teeth in annoyance.

"Like hell!"

"Inuyasha!" the miko exclaimed in return. "Be quiet! I'm talking to my friends, and no one was asking you!" she reprimanded as all the males began to slowly drift back from their conversation with the girls and eye her and Sango with curiosity, and even a bit of jealousy.

"We can meet later today if you'd like Kagome," the human boy continued as if three other good looking males, one of which was rather large and now standing next to her, his stony face set into place as if the gods themselves had carved his beautiful visage out of marble, wasn't setting her on edge.

"Eh heh, heh," she laughed nervously trying to hurry up and think of a best case scenario, seeing as how if she agreed to go to the movies with him, she'd have to bring everyone along. Although, perhaps they deserved it, as apparently they had no problems talking to a bunch of drooling -and might she add human- girls, so why should she stop herself from having fun?

Sesshoumaru didn't want her after all, Inuyasha had chosen his dead love over her, and Miroku was just like a brother to her, and he was in love with her very good friend.

So really…what did she have to loose? Besides, even though Hojo seemed oblivious to the death stares he was receiving from the males in her group he was staring at her so hopefully. She was sure it would hurt him to tell him no once again.

However, his friends were another matter entirely. They were beginning to fidget under the frigid and stony stares of those beside her, even going as far as to shiver with the suddenly seeming tense and cold atmosphere around them.

"O -Okay," she finally answered with a bit of nervousness and hesitation.

She wasn't sure how good of an idea this was -to put a human hating demon in such a small enclosed space with so many of her kind, but he was going to have to adapt and fast, as she was not about to turn down the only guy that actually seemed to like her, or have any interest in her as a female. He was a good, caring guy; a bit clueless at times, but still sweet nonetheless. Maybe it was time she at least gave him a chance. Besides, the guys never said if they had agreed to go to that party she overheard they were being invited to, but she knew that if they had said yes, they were going to literally have to drag her there for she was definitely not going.

"WHAT?!" the hanyou bellowed immediately, making everyone cringe with the sound. "What the hell have ya agreed to wench?"

"Inuyasha," the steely voice of one daiyoukai warned the boy to cease his name calling, still not tolerating for the young woman to be called 'wench.'

"I agreed to go to the movies," she answered forcefully.

"Keh, stupid! The wen- uhh- Ka-go-me," he enunciated purposely, "she just agreed to take us all somewhere…with them!" he pointed a clawed finger at the boys who only stared back…that is until Hojo spoke up.

"Oh! I didn't know you were bringing everyone along Kagome-san. I thought maybe we could just double date or something, you know you and I…and maybe your friend with one of mine."

Kagome had to give the boy some credit. While on occasion the thought that he was just too good of a soul, too innocent and naive, had crossed her mind, it seemed that the guy had some….balls, since he just asked that in front of a bunch of guys that were with her, and that seemed a little protective of her.

She smiled despite herself, and despite the fact that she felt both the inu's tense.

"Well you see Hojo, since they're not from around here, I thought it would only be-"

"A date miko?" a certain inuyoukai suddenly questioned interrupting her little 'yep unfortunately they have to come along' speech, making her turn to said dai in surprise.

"Is this date also associated with what you told this one not long ago? Such as you call…a boy-friend?" the large silver haired male inquired.

The miko couldn't help but to blush as he regarded her with those piercing amber eyes, as if he were trying to look into her very heart and soul to find the answers he sought. She knew she probably looked like a deer caught in headlights…or better yet, prey under the watchful gaze of a predator, so her answer was slow in forthcoming.

"Umm, y -yes. I did -did tell you about boyfriends…and a date is where one goes when they think they want to become boyfriend and girlfriend. Well to -to get to know one another better first I suppose." The miko knew she had answered in a stammer but she couldn't help it, he was still staring at her, not letting her out of his trance.

"Well then, this Sesshoumaru believes it will be impossible for you to go on this 'date', for you see, it is I that wishes to become your…boy-friend, though I am neither a boy…nor do I only wish to be your friend."

She gulped. Why oh why did they have to be talking about this in front of so many people? And wait…did he say…did he really…

"Well you see," Hojo began, finally acknowledging the large male before him, "I've already asked Kagome-san out on a date so she'll be going with me."

'Oh Hojo, you didn't just say that!' The young priestess internally berated wondering if the human boy couldn't feel the dangerous aura Sesshoumaru practically gave off just standing there. Even if he didn't have his swords, armor, or old-fashioned clothing -which she particularly loved- he still executed a dangerous vibe.

Yet as she was still contemplating the suicidal boy, he spoke up once more making her silently gasp and cringe.

"Besides, I don't think you're good for her. You look like a thug to me, with those tattoos all over your face and hands, probably just got out of prison or something."

'Okay, this is not good. Oh Hojo, don't you value your life?'

Sesshoumaru's low growl of indignation was lodged in his throat as he suddenly felt a small hand upon his arm, and the miko's raven head came into view directly before him. It seemed she had taken a stance in front of him, hoping he would not disembowel the human boy before him. How dare the child think he could speak to him thus. Worse yet, the ningen seemed to think he was going to be taking his miko out on one of these 'dates.' The boy was never going to get the chance to court his female if he had anything to say about it.

"Human," the annoyed daiyoukai began, "if you believe you are going to-"

"Oh would you look at the time," the worried miko began pointing at the watch she was not wearing, thus only pointing to her empty wrist. "I mean its just so late, and my mom is waiting for us so we should all get going."

"Oi, just wait a minute there," Inuyasha began in annoyance, obviously taking the same stance his older brother had. "I don't see why we have to stand here and hear this little idio-"

"My mom promised she was going to have some warm ramen waiting for you….remember Inuyasha?" the miko questioned hoping to stall the hanyou from adding his comments and only aggravating the situation more.

"Wha…oh yeah that's right! Then what the hell are we waiting for, lets go! Ya can deal with that twerp later Sesshoumaru, ya know he's not even worth your time."

The young miko almost smacked her hand over her face. Sometimes nothing worked to stop the half inu's mouth when it moved.

"Hey just wait a minute there," the young teenage boy began obviously insulted with the jab.

"No," the silent daiyoukai spoke. "We are leaving. Kagome shall not be joining you on any of these…'dates'. She is only going to be dating this Sesshoumaru and no other. I will be the only one to court her."

As soon as Kagome heard the word "I" coming from Sesshoumaru's mouth she couldn't help but to have hope, knowing that he was being very serious -or more so than usual- and probably pissed off as hell. Not being able to kill Hojo this instant was probably causing him to act so possessive.

Sesshoumaru knew one thing, he had already decided he wanted the miko, and he would not let another have her, not his half brother, not the tora, and definitely not this human boy. He had made his decision and there was not much left to think about as he knew he would never find another like her, nor find anyone to match her power.

She would be his…now the only problem he could foresee, was going to be convincing her to remain with him and accept his suit.


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