Star Wars: The Glory of Redemption

Chapter 1: Prologue and Bad First Impressions

A/N: I got this idea from Newsoundspartan's: What it Means to be Free. If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do.

Ten years in the past.

(A small Trade Federation strike force of Droids have infiltrated a Wookie village with the newly turned Sith Lord; Count Dooku, has been sent by his new master, Darth Sidious to find and destroy a hiding Jedi who left the Order four years ago. After causing much destruction, the Jedi; Kento Marek finally came out of hiding and confronted Dooku.)

Kento: Dark Lord! Whatever you want, you find it here! TURN BACK!

Dooku: You can't hide yourself from me, JEDI!

(Dooku then hit Galek with Force Lightning, throwing the Jedi into the wall of his hut. Galek then got out his lightsaber and charged at Dooku, but he got out his own lightsaber and parried Kento's attack. After a while, Kento was starting to get an upper hand, but Dooku soon found an opening in Kento's defenses and destroyed his lightsaber. Dooku then shot another lightning attack, knocking him on his back. As Dooku gripped Kento with the Force, he could sense a much more powerful presence.)

Dooku: I sense someone far more powerful nearby. Where is your Master?

Kento: The Dark Side has clouded your mind; my master was slain years ago!

Dooku: Then you will share his fate!

(Dooku was about to sever Kento's head with his lightsaber, but it was pulled out of his hands. Dooku then turned around and saw that a small boy around four years old had taken it.)

Dooku: A son?

Kento: RUN!

(Dooku then finished Kento, and the boy watched in horror as his father fell dead. A few moments later, three regular Battle Droids and a Command Droid appeared.)

Commander: Count Dooku!

(The droid then ordered his followers to aim their E-5 blaster rifles at the boy, and Dooku took his lightsaber from the boy and slashed the droids.)

Dooku: Come with me; more will be here soon.

Ten years later

A week has passed since the Republic has gained the favor of Jabba the Hutt, and the Seperatists have been losing the war. Dooku hopes that with his new apprentice will turn the tide. As his new apprentice kneeled, Dooku moved the blade of his lightsaber from one shoulder to the other.)

Dooku: You were weak when I found you, now your hatred has become your strength. At last, the Dark Side is your ally. Rise, my apprentice.

(The young teenager, codename; Starkiller rose and bowed his head.)

Starkiller: What is your will my master?

Dooku: Your training is nearly complete; it's time to face your first true test.

Starkiller: Your spies have located a Jedi?!

Dooku: Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano. Destroy them and bring me their lightsabers.

(Starkiller then nodded and made his way towards the exit of the secret palace, but Dooku stopped him.)

Dooku: My droids are already attacking their base. My master cannot discover you; destroy any who notice you, Republic troopers and Separatist droids alike.

Starkiller: As you wish my master.

(Meanwhile at the main cloning facility on Kamino, Separatist droids have begun their attack on the capitol city. Anakin Skywalker was slicing Battle Droids in half when his padawan Ahsoka ran up beside him.)

Ahsoka: The main facility has been secured master!

Anakin: Excellent! Now we just have to finish off these droids!

Ahsoka: I was really hoping the rain would short-circuit them!

Anakin: I know what you mean!

(After a few minutes of blocking and cutting, Captain Rex soon joined Anakin and Ahsoka.)

Rex: Things aren't looking so good sir! Two more droid drop ships have just landed and are already deploying more clankers!

Anakin: Hold them off as long as you can!

Rex: Yes sir!

Ahsoka: I told you to suggest a lookout post in the Rishi System!

Anakin: Are you going to say "I told you so" on every mission?

Ahsoka: Yes!

(After a few minutes, Starkiller's ship, the Rouge Shadow, landed on a back platform where no one would see the ship. He then made his way towards the battle, destroying every clone trooper and droid he encountered. Back at Ahsoka and Anakin, the two Jedi finally finished the droids in the area.)

Anakin: Ahsoka, you stay here and contact me if anymore droids arrive.

Ahsoka: Yes master.

(Anakin then left the area went where the other troopers were fighting. Starkiller then waited until Ahsoka was all alone, and jumped behind her. Ahsoka then sensed his presence and activated her lightsaber in her reverse grip.)

Starkiller: Anxious to die are we?

Ahsoka: Who are you?

Starkiller: Your destiny! I hope you're ready to become one with the Force!

(Ahsoka then used the Force to try and push Starkiller, but he just held up his hand and blocked it like it didn't even happen. He then used the Force to push Ahsoka, and she was sent flying to a lower platform and landed on her back. When she opened her eyes, she saw Starkiller jump off the platform she was thrown off of and tried to stab her in her gut. She was barely fast enough dodge the attack, but was sent flying again by the Force Wave that came from the impact and saw the large amounts of lighting coming from where her opponents lightsaber hit.)

Ahsoka: Whoa!

(Ahsoka then got to her feet and tried to attack, but his attack style was impenetrable. She could tell that the boy was strong in the Force, and it was confirmed when he performed a Force Repulse; a move that not even Master Kenobi had learned. The blast sent her to the edge of platform and she was losing her balance, so Starkiller used that use his Force Lightning, and although Ahsoka was able to block it with her lightsaber, her uncomfortable balance and the strength of the attack knocked the sword out of her hands and pushed her to the edge where she hung on for life, which was hard to do since the edge was slippery from endless rain. Starkiller was about to push her off into the merciless waves below, but several blaster fire and Anakin's yelling stopped him. He soon saw that he couldn't face so many opponents at once and pressed a button on his glove. A few seconds later, the Rouge Shadow appeared and Starkiller jumped onto the ramp, and the ship flew away. Starkiller then went into the ship and saw PROXY in the pilots' seat.)

Starkiller: You couldn't have arrived a worse time PROXY.

PROXY: Count Dooku will not be pleased that you have failed master.

Starkiller: I know PROXY. I know.

(After Anakin had helped Ahsoka off the edge of the platform, the medics checked to make sure that she didn't have any internal damage.)

Anakin: I can't leave you alone for five minutes without have to save your hide, can I?

Ahsoka: As if you came fast enough. How is it that I'm always there to save your life, yet you always show up at the last minute?

Anakin: Oh, like when you appeared at the last minute when I beat you to the top of B'omarr Monk Temple when I was confronted by three Droideka's?

Ahsoka: At least I was able to destroy them before they started shooting.

Obi-wan: As much as I would hate to interrupt this amusing talk, the Council requests a status report.

(The two looked up and saw Anakin's old master, Obi-wan Kenobi.)

Anakin: Tell them, that we were able to completely destroy all the droids.

Ahsoka: And I request that I talk with the Council, I believe that Count Dooku might have found a new apprentice.

Anakin: Are you sure it was just not another assassin like Ventress?

Ahsoka: Yes, he was to well trained in the ways of the Force. And he was extremely powerful too; he was able to perform a Force Repulse.

Obi-wan: Interesting, most Jedi Masters can't perform a Repulse, and those who can are normally tired afterwards.

Ahsoka: I know, I read about it in my studies at the Temple.

Obi-wan: The Council will be most surprised that there is one so powerful. And he is about your age correct?

Ahsoka: Yes master.

(Obi-wan then nodded and went back to the main cloning facility. Meanwhile, Starkiller was talking to Dooku about the failure of his mission.)

Dooku: The failure of your mission is most…unfortunate.

Starkiller: Forgive me master. I shall not fail you again.

Dooku: I hope not, for your sake my young apprentice. For the next time your fail, I will not be so lenient.

Starkiller: Yes, my master.

Dooku: I have another task for you.

(Meanwhile, Ahsoka was called to speak with the Council about Dooku's new apprentice.)

Mace: So you are saying that Dooku's new apprentice is powerful in the ways of the Force?

Ahsoka: Yes master Windu. In my years of studying the archives in the Temple, I have never come across any Jedi or Sith that has such a strong connection to the Force.

Yoda: Disturbing, this news is. To have such power at a young age, and be a servant of the Dark Side.

Ahsoka: With all due respect masters, when I fought him, I felt like he had not been turned completely. Although it was deep inside of him, I could still sense that the boy had a small amount of good in him, and I remember in my studies that sometimes, it only takes a small amount of good to be redeemed from the Dark Side.

Plo Koon: Ahsoka is right, several Jedi have been able to resist or turn their back on the Dark Side. I believe it was the Jedi Revan that saw good in his friend, Bastila Shan, and used that to help her return to the Light.

Yoda: Correct Master Plo is.

Shaak Ti: I agree. Perhaps the next time we are confronted with this boy, we should try and capture him to help him turn away from the path of suffering.

Ki Adi Mundi: Agreed.

Mace: Very well then. We shall contact all Jedi and tell them to keep a look out for Dooku's new apprentice and try and capture him.

Yoda: Adjourned, this meeting now is.

(Ahsoka then bowed and the hologram of the Council Chamber disappeared. Ahsoka then made her way back to the now fully repaired and modified Twilight. Anakin then started the ship and punched in the coordinates for Coruscant. When Anakin hit the throttle, the ship was soon surrounded by tunnel of blue and white colors that was hyperspace, Anakin had noticed how quite Ahsoka has been since the meeting with the Council ended.)

Anakin: You alright Snips?

Ahsoka: Huh? Oh yeah. I was just thinking about the fight. I just don't get it! How was I able to survive that encounter? I shouldn't of even been able to dodge that second attack, and yet somehow, I did.

Anakin: Just be glad that you did survive Ahsoka.

Ahsoka: But master, I've never seen such power come from someone before. He could've bested Master Windu.

Anakin: Perhaps it was will of the Force. Remember Ahsoka, nothing happens by accident.

Ahsoka: I know, but still.

Anakin: Why don't you get some rest, after that fight, I'm sure you're exhausted.

Ahsoka: (Yawn) I guess your right.

(Ahsoka then closed her eyes and she soon nodded off. She then realized something wasn't right; she was in a strange ship, with something on her mind that was making her scared and worried. As she looked out of the cockpit of the strange ship, she saw a massive debris field. She then felt a hand on her shoulder that made her feel better, but when she saw who's hand it was, she suddenly felt scared again when she saw that it was the hand of the boy that tried to kill her less than an hour ago.)

End of Chapter