Ch. 24

"Excellent! Lord Tyrannous was a hollow shadow of his former self; I knew that one day you would replace him." A dark voice said to Galen as he walked towards a figure in cloak. Ahsoka then looked up at Galen with fear and sadness in her eyes as Galen looked at her with anger and hatred, but she didn't know if that anger was directed at her, or at Dooku, who was now dead, slain by Galen. "You now have but one final test; destroy your ties to the Jedi, and you will be a Sith Lord!" The dark figure said, and Ahsoka heard the snap-hiss of Galen activating his lightsaber and holding it above his head. Ahsoka then looked back at Galen, and was pleading with her eyes not to kill her, but he just ignored her, and swung his blade…..

"NO!" Ahsoka yelled as she awoke from her sleep, realizing it was just a bad dream. She eventually became aware of her surroundings and started looking around. She then realized she was in the Rogue Shadow's infirmary, and she was attached to several computers and tubes. Ahsoka sat up and tried to rub the sleep out of her eyes, but only one hand rubbed her eyes; the other hand, or at least the arm that it was at once attached to her hand, was wrapped in bandages and tubes were going through them. Ahsoka remembered what happened at Hoth; Galen fought her, and gave into his anger and almost killed her. It was Ahsoka begging for her life that caused Galen to show mercy before she passed out. Ahsoka started hearing footsteps coming towards the medical room and was expecting it to be Galen, but was surprised to see that it was her sister.

"AHSOKA!" Lena yelled happily as she ran and jumped into her sister's arms. Ahsoka hugged her little sister tightly, over-joyed to see her little sister again.

"Oh I'm so happy to see you again Lena! I thought you were still Davik's slave…" Ahsoka said, and she kissed Lena's forehead.

"I was for a bit, but Galen came by and rescued me and the other slaves after you were taken, and he killed Davik!" Lena said happily.

"Where is Galen?" Ahsoka asked.

"He's in his meditation room; General Skywalker is angry at him." Lena said, immediately causing her smile to turn into a frown.

"Galen, we specifically TOLD you to wait until a spare Master could join your forces, and you deliberately disobeyed us! Just look at what you're actions cost you; hundreds of your men are dead, and you almost killed Ahsoka!" Anakin said, furious at Galen's disobedience. "The Council is demanding that you come to the Jedi Temple at once, otherwise you will be revoked of all command and expelled from the Order!"

"Yes Anakin….I'm on my way to Coruscant now; I'll be there in two days, and get the infirmary ready for Ahsoka." Galen said, not looking up at his former master. Anakin cut the transmission and the image of Anakin changed into PROXY.

"Would you like me to try and kill you now master?" PROXY asked, already cycling through programs he could use.

"I'm not in the mood right now PROXY; I need to think." Galen said, and he left the Meditation Room and went back to the bridge of his ship. He closed his eyes and started thinking for a few minutes when he sensed Lena's presence. "Is she awake, Lena?" Lena nodded, and Galen turned around in his chair and got up. "Here we go." Galen said, and he walked to the medical room and saw Ahsoka looking at the ceiling. He just looked at her for a few minutes until she sensed his presence and looked at him.

"Galen! I…I… Hey…" Was all Ahsoka could say, and Galen just frowned.

"Hey…" Was all Galen could saw as well. Galen made the first move; he walked over to her, but was having trouble looking at her in the eyes, so, he just put his hand on Ahsoka's good one, and squeezed it, and Ahsoka squeezed Galen's hand in return.

"It's good to have you back Ahsoka…" Galen said, and Ahsoka just frowned.

"You don't mean that; you probably still hate me…"

"I never hated you Ahsoka…I hated myself for letting Dooku get his grubby, evil hands on you, and I may never forgive myself." Galen said, and he gently lifted Ahsoka up so he could hug her, and when Galen let her go, Ahsoka did something Galen wasn't expecting; she kissed him. Galen enjoyed the kiss for a few minutes, and when Ahsoka broke it, she immediately broke down and started crying on Galen's shoulder.

"Galen! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry…." Ahsoka cried, and Galen just stood there, dumbstruck. After five minutes, Galen hugged Ahsoka and began stroking Ahsoka's lekku, and kissing her forehead.

"It's alright Ahsoka…don't cry; I forgive you." Galen said as he continued holding Ahsoka for what seemed like a lifetime. However, they eventually let each other go and just looked at each other.

"I love you, Galen…" Ahsoka said, and Galen just wiped away her tears.

"I love you too Ahsoka…more than you'll ever know." Galen said, and he kissed Ahsoka on the lips. After a couple of minutes though, Galen tried to break the kiss so he could put the coordinates to Coruscant in the Rogue Shadow's Navi Computer, but Ahsoka wouldn't let Galen go.

"Don't go…" Ahsoka pleaded, and Galen complied.

"PROXY, put the coordinates to Coruscant in the computer and put the Rogue Shadow in hyperspace." Galen ordered, and the next sound Galen heard was the Rogue Shadow's hyperdrive activating. "It'll take us two days to reach Coruscant." Galen said, and Ahsoka just smiled seductively.

"So that's two days just to ourselves." Ahsoka said, and she just started kissing Galen's neck.

"And Lena…" Galen reminded, and Ahsoka used the Force to shut the door and lock it, and she started kissing Galen's neck and tried to remove his robes with the Force as well, but Galen broke the kiss. "Ahsoka, I love you, and you know I that I do, but I want you to be fully healed before we do anything." Galen explained, and he expected Ahsoka to yell at him or start crying again, but instead, she just smiled and kissed Galen on the cheek.

"Alright, we'll wait until I get these wounds taken care of." Ahsoka said, and Galen smiled back. "So, we have two days, which I'll be spending in this bed for the entire time….what do you want to do?"

"Why don't you spend some time with Lena; she's missed you over the past couple of years." Galen suggested, and he went to get Lena, and the girl ran into the infirmary and hugged Ahsoka.

"I'll leave you two alone for awhile." Galen said, and he walked out of the room and shut the door.

"So Lena…has Galen been treating you well?" Ahsoka asked, and Lena nodded.

"Of course! He's been like a big brother to me!" Lena said smiling.

"Good…I had a feeling he'd treat you well." Ahsoka said, and Lena suddenly hugged Ahsoka again.

"I've missed you Ahsoka." Lena said, and she hugged Ahsoka even tighter, and the two proceeded to tell each other about what's happened during the past couple of years.

When they reached the Jedi Temple of Coruscant, Ahsoka was immediately taken to the infirmary to have her wounds healed and her hand replaced, while Galen was called to the Council Chambers so the Jedi Council could talk to him about his actions at Hoth.

"Galen, know why you are here, do you?" Yoda asked.

"Yes masters; you wish to scold me about what happened at Hoth." Galen said bitterly.

"We do not wish to scold you young one; we just want to warn you that such actions can lead to dire consequences." Ki-Adi Mundi said calmly.

"I know what I was doing! I probably have more experience with Dark Side than you twelve combined! I know how to avoid it!" Galen spat.

"Galen! Watch your tongue!" Mace Windu said, and Yoda held up his hand to silence the Master.

"Galen, scold you, we are not going to do; just observe, and advise you against such actions we will, so fall to Dark Side again, you will not." Yoda said calmly, and that seemed to have calmed Galen down.

"I understand Masters, and I apologize for my outburst; I was just so…angry at myself for allowing Dooku to hurt my…closest friend." Galen said with a sign, and Yoda nodded.

"Such emotions, natural to feel they are, but a Jedi must be above anger and hatred, to be safe from falling to the Dark Side." Yoda explained.

"However Galen, I'm afraid you're actions cannot just be forgotten; you will stay here at the Temple under our surveillance until we feel you can command troops and fight in battles in this war without allowing your emotions to get the better of you." Obi-wan said, and Galen nodded, and with the meeting over, Galen bowed and left the room to check on Ahsoka.

When Galen got to the infirmary, he saw Barriss Offee looking over Ahsoka with her hands hovering over the Togruta's body, who was now unconscious from an anesthetic, and Galen saw that her wounds were healing.

"How is she, Barriss?" Galen asked.

"Ahsoka is recovering nicely. She'll be up and causing everyone trouble in no time at all." Barriss said with a smile, and Galen chuckled at his friend's remark. "After I finish this healing session, the med-droids will start working on Ahsoka's hand, and then she can rest for a while here at the Temple." Barriss explained, and Galen nodded and left the room. Galen went to the Rogue Shadow and went to sleep in his room.

"Daddy!" Galen turned around to see a young Togrutan girl, about four years old, running towards him smiling, and Galen, who was now in his early twenties, kneeled down and picked the girl up and hugged her. Suddenly, a four year old human boy ran over and hugged Galen's leg, who was followed by a three year Togrutan old boy, who hugged Galen's other leg. Ahsoka walked behind Galen, holding a one year old human girl. Galen smiled as he saw his family in his dream, and he saw Ahsoka lean in to kiss him, and he looked to seeing this vision come true as he kissed Ahsoka.

Five months later

Galen was taken a nap after spending hours of meditation when he woke up to the feeling of Ahsoka kissing him, and when he opened his eyes, Ahsoka smiled at him and started kissing his neck.

"You're feeling better I take it?" Galen said, and Ahsoka nodded as she started taking off her and Galen's robes, and Galen started kissing Ahsoka back.

"I want to show you…" Ahsoka started to say as she took off the rest of her clothes. "…how much I love you." Ahsoka said, and she shut the door to Galen's room, and locked it.

The next morning, Ahsoka woke up early and put her clothes back on, and grabbed a bag she put outside of Galen's room the night before, and walked out of the Rogue Shadow and towards the Twilight, which was next to Galen's ship. She put the bag in the co-pilot's chair and got ready to leave Coruscant, perhaps forever. She almost had all the systems ready, when she sensed a small presence behind her. Ahsoka turned around saw Lena standing behind her.

"What are you doing Ahsoka?" Lena asked, and Ahsoka came up with a quick lie.

"Nothing…I'm just…admiring the Twilight! I haven't been on this ship in so long." Ahsoka fibbed, but Lena didn't buy it.

"You're leaving again…aren't you." Lena said, and Ahsoka already knew she was caught.

"Lena…" Ahsoka started to say, but her sister started crying.

"Why! You just got back to being good! Did you lie to us about being good again! Or do you just hate us?" Lena asked through her sobs, and Ahsoka walked over and picked up her sister.

"I don't you Lena. And I don't hate Galen either…I'm just…putting myself in exile; it's what someone like me deserves." Ahsoka said sadly.

"What's exile?" Lena asked.

"It's a punishment bad people; it means they're not allowed to see their friends and family for a very long time…sometimes forever." Ahsoka said, and Lena looked at her sister pleadingly.

"But you're not bad Ahsoka! Not anymore! Me and Galen love you! We don't want you to go!" Lena said, and Ahsoka put her down.

"I still need to be exiled Galen, and although the Jedi Council didn't punish me for my actions as Dooku's apprentice, I still believe this what I deserve." Ahsoka explained, and Lena just looked at her.

"Can me and Galen go with you?" Lena asked, and Ahsoka shook her head.

"No, like I said; I can't have any contact with my friends and family." Ahsoka said, so Lena asked another question.

"Then can I come with you? Just me?" Lena asked, and Ahsoka shook her head again.

"No contact with my friends AND family." Ahsoka said again. "Now go back to bed on the Rogue Shadow." Ahsoka ordered, but Lena didn't move.

"If you go without me, I'll wake Galen up and tell him you're leaving!" Lena said, and Ahsoka got angry.

"If you tell him, I'll never forgive you!" Ahsoka threatened, but Lena still didn't move.

"If you leave me, I'll never forgive you either! And I won't love you anymore!" Lena threatened, and Ahsoka actually laughed at her threat.

"You don't mean that." Ahsoka said, but Lena's face didn't change.

"I'm used to having anyone looking after me! And at least I'll have Galen to love like a brother!" Lena said, and suddenly, Ahsoka realized Lena was serious, and Ahsoka sighed.

"Fine…I'm giving you fifteen minutes to pack everything you have. If you're not back by then, I'm leaving without you, whether you like it or not." Ahsoka said, and Lena ran out of the ship, and came back ten minutes later with a small bag full of clothes and toys Galen had secretly bought for her.

"Good. Now come on, we have to get going before anyone wakes up." Ahsoka said, and she flew the Twilight out of the Temple's hanger, left Coruscant's atmosphere, and began he life in Exile, with on her sister as her companion.

Galen woke up the next morning, and found that Ahsoka was gone. He reached out with the Force, but he couldn't find her anywhere in the Temple, and he noticed that Lena was gone as well. He put his robes back on, ran out of the Rogue Shadow, and saw that the Twilight was gone. He ran over to Anakin's quarters and knocked on the door, and Anakin opened the door.

"Anakin, do you know where Ahsoka is? When I woke up, she wasn't in my… I mean the Temple! She's not in the Temple, and the Twilight is gone!" Galen said, and Anakin looked shock.

"What! What do you mean she's gone!" Anakin asked, and they ran over to the hanger, and Anakin saw that the Twilight was indeed gone. "Why would she leave?" Anakin asked.

"Master?" PROXY said, and Galen turned around to see his droid standing behind him.

"What is it PROXY?" Galen asked.

"Miss Tano has left a message for you and General Skywalker." PROXY then turned into a holographic image of Ahsoka.

"Galen, Master, if you're watching this recording, then I already left the Jedi Temple and Coruscant, perhaps forever; I put myself in self-exile for all the horrible and monstrous things I did as Dooku's apprentice…things I will never forgive myself for doing. Galen, I know you're going to try and find me; my only request is that…you don't. Let me do this Galen, please… I don't know if I'll ever come back, but if I don't, don't blame yourself Galen. I'll always love you, and that'll never change…goodbye Galen." The holographic image of Ahsoka disappeared, and PROXY was in his true again. When Anakin looked at Galen, he saw tears in the boy's eyes.

"I have to go get her…" Galen said, but Anakin put his hand on Galen's shoulder.

"I can't let you do that Galen; you still have two months left before the Council will let you leave the Temple." Anakin said, but Galen shook the hand off.

"So you're not worried that Ahsoka is going off alone into the galaxy? No money, no resources, nothing but herself and her sister, and no way of taking care of her or Lena!" Galen yelled, getting angrier and angrier at his former master.

"Of course I'm worried! But I'm not about to do something rash that could get me and Ahsoka killed." Anakin said, but Galen wasn't calming down.

"I can't just let her go! I can't let anything happen to her!" Galen said, and Anakin tried to grab Galen's shoulder again, but Galen Force Pushed him, and Anakin didn't see it coming, and it sent the Knight flying a couple of feet before he landed on his fleet and Force Gripped Galen, making him float in the air.

"Galen! CALM DOWN!" Anakin yelled, and Galen stopped struggling. Anakin then let Galen back on the floor and he didn't do anything this time. "I'm not going to tell the Council about your outburst Galen, but you need to remain calm and wait until you can leave the Temple."

"If something happens to Ahsoka before I can find her….I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!" Galen yelled, and he stormed off to his room in the Temple.

Ahsoka was watching the swirling blues and white of hyperspace, as she was wondering what she should do to make money to provide for herself and Lena. She had cash credits to provide a week of food for the both of them after they go through their month of supplies, but after that, she had nothing. She turned around and saw Lena playing with her toys, and smiled at her sister, and as she looked around the room, she remembered that Anakin mentioned that the Twilight was an old smuggling vessel, and if she made a couple of extra modifications, it could be one again, but she'd need to get some extra money to afford those modifications.

'I'll start off with a couple of small jobs that won't require too much difficulty, and then buy those modifications. Plus, with my knowledge of both Republic and Separatist anti-smuggling maneuvers and protocols, I could be one of the best smugglers in the galaxy!' Ahsoka thought, and she made her way to the planet Nar Shadda to find her first job, when she realized something; if her sister is to survive, she'll need weapons training. Ahsoka looked at her shoto lightsaber, and then at Lena. "Lena, can you come here for a second?" Lena immediately stood up and walked over to Ahsoka.

"What do you want, Ahsoka?" Lena asked, and Ahsoka unclipped her shoto.

"For us to have money to we can eat and buy clothing and other things, I'm going to need to do some dangerous work." Ahsoka said, and she held up her short lightsaber. "I'm going to teach you how to use this weapon so you can use it when needed. It'll take awhile, but it will help you win a fight if we ever get into one, and we will." Ahsoka said, and Lena looked worried. "Don't worry; I'm going to help you every step of the way. Now go back to playing with your toys; we'll start training tomorrow morning." Lena nodded and went back to her toys, and Ahsoka checked on the systems of the Twilight, getting it ready for it's life as a smuggling ship.

Two months later

Galen was still upset about Ahsoka leaving by the time he was allowed to leave the Temple, and when the Council told him he was allowed to re-enter the war, he told them he was going to find Ahsoka before he re-entered the war and re-took command of his forces. Despite the Council's urging him not to, he said he was going to find her, and there was nothing the Council could say or do to change his mind. He left the Council Chambers immediately after that, and went into the hanger and prepared the Rogue Shadow for launch, when Anakin walked over to him.

"The Council isn't very happy about your choice Galen." Anakin said.

"I don't care." Galen responded, and Anakin just sighed.

"You're probably going to get expelled from the Order for this." Anakin said, trying to reason with his former padawan.

"I don't care." Galen said again, and he walked up the ramp of his ship, and Anakin followed. "The only thing…the only person I care about is Ahsoka, and I'm going to find her, no matter the cost." Galen said, and Anakin sighed again.

"There's no way I can make you reconsider?" Anakin asked, and Galen still didn't face him.

"Nope." Galen said as he walked over to PROXY. "PROXY, how are we on supplies?"

"With you using the meditation room as extra cargo space, we have enough supplies to last us five months before we have to re-supply." PROXY said, and Galen activated the Rogue Shadow's engines.

"Good. Now, with respect; Anakin, get off my ship." Galen said, and Anakin made his way back to the ramp.

"May the Force be with you, Galen." Anakin said, and before he left, Anakin said one final thing. "I hope you find her in one piece." Anakin then walked down the ramp, and once it was shut, Galen flew the Rogue Shadow out of the Temple, out of Coruscant's atmosphere, and the ship entered hyperspace, hoping that he can find Ahsoka, and he wouldn't quit, no matter how long it would take.

The End

A/N: The Glory of Redemption is finally over, though I doubt it's what most of you guys were expecting. I'll get the sequel up as soon as I can, and it will hopefully be even better than this story. Until then, see you later.