"So that's it then. We're done out here." Brennan wasn't sure is she was relieved or nervous about the fact that the field portion of their case was essentially done other than probably having to come back out to testify when it went to court. Now that it was over they were going back to DC and as excited as she was about the change in their relationship, she wasn't quite sure what it would mean to their partnership when they got back.

"Yes." Booth's grin widened as he looked at her. "And we did good, Bones." They had tracked down the killer of two innocent people, busted up an international drug ring, and finally stepped past all of the denial they'd both been clinging to. They had definitely done better than good this time.

"We did, didn't we?" She reflected his grin and then leaned in towards him and let him envelope her in his arms. This was nice, perfect actually. If arms could have been made to hold her, then his were - if that were possible, or rational, or logical. She was happy and apparently feeling completely irrational and she didn't care.

He kissed the top of her head as the airport loudspeaker announced their flight. The red-eye flight was full and he was definitely looking forward to all of that extra legroom in First Class - dating a world class forensic anthropologist and New York Times best selling author certainly had its advantages - advantages that apparently his FBI badge and the travel office couldn't afford him on such short notice. And he was definitely looking forward to snuggling with Bones all the way across the country - not exactly the mile-high club, but at least he wouldn't have to arrest himself.

"Do you think that we'll beat the remains to the Jeffersonian?" After a relatively restful flight, save for a somewhat discreet make-out session with Booth, she was ready to work. They did need to do an official confirmation that their victim was in fact Matt Conner, not to mention that all of the samples she had gathered needed to be processed.

"We haven't even gotten to the car yet, Bones." He would have been more amused if he didn't know that once she got to the lab, she would probably have to be pried away from it to eat and sleep until she was satisfied that she was done. So much for his hope that they could enjoy this newfound couple-hood in DC for an hour or two before they made an appearance at the Jeffersonian.

"Because if we are, we could probably stop for coffee." She had a smirk playing at her lips as she noticed Booth stop in his tracks and turn to look at her fully. His lips were on hers in an instant and she let her bag drop to the ground as she let him pull her into his embrace.

"Love you, Bones." He whispered against her mouth before he pulled away. If she wanted coffee, then they were going to stop and get coffee.

"I thought you wanted coffee." He certainly wasn't complaining. They had stopped at her apartment under the guise of dropping off her bags and changing clothes before they went to get coffee on the way to the Jeffersonian. Instead, the second the door closed behind them, they'd made a beeline to her bedroom, leaving a trail of clothing in their wake.

"I wanted you more." She smirked at him rather satisfied as she glanced at the clock. If they hurried, they'd still have time for coffee and they might beat the remains there yet. She anticipated that it was going to be a long day and she was glad that they had stolen this little bit of time before they resumed their regular routine.

Booth let out a laugh and gathered her in his arms, leaning in to kiss her soundly. He could certainly get used to this. "I wanted you all the way across the country." He kissed her again. He was in absolutely no hurry to get to his office and start on the mountain of paperwork he was going to need to deal with, especially with all of the jurisdictional crossover on this case, but the sooner he dealt with it, the sooner he and Bones could tuck themselves away like this again.

Brennan kissed him softly and then pulled away with a smile. "I really need to go attend to the remains." If anyone understood the demands of her job, Booth did. She didn't have to apologize or worry that he might break up with her because she worked too much. They were partners, in work and life and she was happy.

"I know." He smiled back. This was going to work. They were going to work. They could work together and be together. Nothing was going to put a damper on how damn happy he was just then.

"Did Dr. Brennan provide any details on when her and Booth's flight was getting in?" Cam knew from the text message she'd received that more remains were due to arrive any minute and that sometime this morning the dynamic duo was going to be back.

"Knowing Brennan they'll probably come directly here from the airport." The roll in Angela's eyes was evident in her tone. She was disappointed. Just how many trips out into the field did Bren have to take before she and Booth chucked their denial out the window and finally admitted that they were in love. Everyone else could see it, why couldn't they? For investigators, they were seriously deficient when it came to their own reality.

Cam let out a soft chuckle. "You're probably right."

As if on cue, Brennan walked purposefully into the lab with Booth right beside her and they seemed to be right in the middle of bickering about something that she couldn't quite make out. She scoffed and shook her head as she glanced at Cam. "Well some things never change."

"Was that Dr. B and Booth?" Hodgins walked up onto the forensic platform where the other two were standing. He'd just gotten word that samples galore were on their way in along with some remains.

"Yep, and as usual, they're arguing about something." Angela shook her head again. "Is it too much to ask that one of these days they wake up and jump each other?" It was almost more than she could take. Her own love life wasn't exactly in stellar shape at the moment, the least she could do was live vicariously through her best friend and said best friend wasn't cooperating.

"Just not in the lab." Cam did not need a repeat of having to whisk away security tapes like she'd had to do with the pair sharing the platform with her.

"As long as it happens somewhere." Angela muttered under her breath as she watched the pair in question set coffee cups down on the desk.

What happened next no one expected to see just then.

Right there in the middle of her office for God and everyone to see, Dr. Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth seemed to be pulled together by some mysterious magnetic force into one of the most jaw dropping kisses Angela Montenegro had ever witnessed. If she let out a squeal, it was completely silent - she just stood there with her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

"It's about time, Seeley." Cam was smiling as she muttered under her breath and watched the pair.

"Way to go, Dr. B." Hodgins seemed pleased as well, but Angela seemed to be speechless.

Booth barely glanced up as he walked right out Brennan's office and right out of the lab.

Angela finally found her words as the FBI agent walked out of sight. "Did that really happen?"

"Oh, yeah." Hodgins smiled.

"We've got work, people." Cam knew that the whole story would come out later, but knowing Dr. Brennan and Booth, they'd share when they were good and ready and not a moment before.

The End

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.