Kenta: All righty! I've cut down ALOT on the details, and this story will not be as long as those in the past. I've gotten a few newer ideas, so let me know how it goes!

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters that Nintendo(R) does. Easy, right?

The morning started just like any other morning. Luigi going out to get the mail, bringing it in, looking for the bills, then putting Princess Peach's letter in front of Mario's seat. Same old same old right? Then why was there a strange letter with a star on it?

Luigi looked around and, upon seeing Mario come down the stairs, unconsciously pocketed the letter. He finished making their breakfast and then told Mario he was going out for awhile. Eventually getting to the park, Luigi sat down on a bench and opened the letter.

The moment he opened the letter, the weeks to come for Luigi were changed forever.