Kenta: It's TIME! The moment you've all been waiting for! What is it?



(The song 'Final Memory' by Nami Tamaki is the song I was listening to while writing this)

Luigi ran towards the cage that held the launch star that he needed. An enraged Bullet Bill chased after him, not letting him out of his sight. Upon having Luigi stopping, the Bullet Bill frowned. His prey hadn't already given up had he? Luigi turned around to show a determined look in his eyes. Almost as if he was baiting the Bullet Bill to charge him. Even worse, the plumber was smirking!

The Bullet Bill turned red, seething in anger. Putting all of his energy into the charge, the Bullet Bill's speed tripled. Luigi almost didn't make it, but managed to jump out of the way. The Bullet Bill blew up the cage and the Launch Star grew in size.

"All right! Time to get this rescue done!" Luigi said as he pumped his fist into the air, determination coursing through every part of his body. The condition of the stars was something he was very upset about. Not only was this going to be the second Grand Star he rescued, but he might be able to get another vision about Jr.'s location.

(We're coming for you Junior!) Luma called out.

Jumping into the Launch Star, Luigi blasted off towards the next big planet, where he could see a giant contraption with almost suction cup legs hanging onto the planet.

'There it is. The machine I saw in my vision...' Luigi's eyes narrowed. 'The Next Grand Star is that thing's power source...'

Slamming onto the planet's surface, a crater appeared from the impact. Luigi's eyes looked back up, electricity surging throughout them. He wasn't NEARLY as mad as he was back at the Observatory, but he was still seething mad non-the-less. Hearing the roaring of an engine, Luigi looked up. Slightly surprised to see Roy Bully Koopa standing on top of a mini-doomship, Luigi still narrowed his eyes. (Let's just say Bully is his middle name)

"Eh, what's tha matter plumber? You're not mad or nothin' are ya?" Roy displayed a cocky grin on his mouth, showing off his sharp teeth.

A burst of electricity crackled around Luigi, showing his displeasure of the conversation.

"Where's the Grand Star?" Luigi demanded. Luma, having merged with him, could feel Luigi's rage.

"Oh? I thought you'd know already, what with that future-looking ability ya got."

Luigi slightly tensed. He hadn't known that the information of his Future-Sight had gotten out.

"I'll ask nicely. Release the Grand Star now or suffer the consequences." He growled out.

"Did ya honestly think that we Koopas, of our Royal Lineage, would give in so easily? Didn't 'cho mama evah teach ya about the Koopas stubborn-ness when it came to stuff like 'dis?" Roy sighed. "Whatever plumber. It's your funeral anyway." Roy snapped his clawed fingers. "MEGA-LEGS! SQUASH THIS MORON FLAT!" Roy commanded as his thumb pointed down. "Have a nice butt-whoopin' Luieenie!" Roy guffawed as the ship flew away.

A resounding buzzer started going off as Luigi turned his attention back to the planet's surface. The giant contraption started to move when the buzzer finally shut off. However, not ten seconds after it started moving, the machine stopped. Luigi wondered what had happened when the machine started turning to the sides.

(Is it...looking for us?) The merged two-some thought.

Apparently it was, as it didn't even realize Luigi was on the planet until he started running up it's leg. Luigi doubled his speed as he raced past three Bullet Bills. The three crashed into each other, detonating in on themselves. Jumping clear over the set of rotating gears, Luigi raced towards Mega-Legs' head. More Bullet Bills jumped out of the machine's head, chasing after Luigi. Running towards the top of it's head, Luigi saw the Grand Star surrounded by gates. and a LOT of them. Grinding his teeth in displeasure, Luigi ran around Mega-Legs' cranium, getting an entire battalion of Bullet Bills after him.

This'll be tricky, but it SHOULD work...

(SHOULD? Luigi, don't you think we should make a plan for this?)

Like what? Mega-Legs only has Bullet Bills for it's weapons...and unless I can get enought energy to bring together a Thunder Fist, I won't be able to break the glass around the Grand Star.


It's the only thing I can think of right now, and in case you havn't noticed, the Grand Star's energy is still being sapped!

Luma nodded inside Luigi's head. The Grand Star would shudder and twitch ever few seconds, indicating it was going through pain.

"ALL RIGHT! LET'S GET STARTED!" Luigi roared out.

With a burst of energy, Luigi launched himself into the air, landing on the opposite side of the hemisphere-like cage. Bullet Bills had a small gravity sensor. They could hover, but only if there was something underneath them, meaning they couldn't fly through the air on their own. Luigi waited on the other side of the gate. The Bullet Bills raced towards their original target before hitting the cages. The result was one big explosion on top of Mega-Legs' head. The machine let out the same warning buzzer that Luigi had heard after Roy left, but before anything else could happen, two more Bullet Bills came rushing in, having not been blown up in the explosion. Luigi nearly swore before jumping back and swinging himself around to the other side of the glass cage covering the Grand Star, where the two Bullet Bills blew up the final cage.

The machine suddenly creaked and jerked in a wobbly pattern, before the rotating gears on all three legs started coming out of place. Luigi jammed some energy into his legs before launching up into the sky. The Grand Star hovered away while Luigi reached out for some extra energy any nearby comets had left behind. Finding a Prankster Comet flying overhead, Luigi reached out for it's energy, collecting two stars from it. Clutching both in his hands and adding the two Star's energy into his right hand, Luigi charged up his inner electricity, before plumetting down towards the machine.

"THUNDERHAND SECRET TECHNIQUE: FALLING SHOCKWAVE!" Luigi shouted as he fell faster and faster towards Mega-Legs.

The moment Luigi's crackling fist hit the machine's head, the entire area erupted in one giant explosion, an enormous shockwave blasting outwards. Luigi flew backwards, only to be caught by an invisible, yet warm and calming hand. Luigi's half open eyes turned to see the Grand Star, which seemed to be smiling. Luma appeared next to Luigi before floating down and laying on Luigi's stomach before closing his eyes. Luigi reached a hand out and touched the Grand Star, only for his eyes to flash.

Luigi stood in front of a series of planets. A planet with a gravitational influx, A planet with swirling chains of fire and an area where meteors rained down on him. Luigi suddenly got a cold chill as he looked up. His eyes shrunk as he saw the menacing form of Bowser Koopa. The giant reptile let out a menacing roar before shooting a stream of fire into the air above its head.

The image flew off into the distance before Luigi heard the clanking of metal. Turning around, he saw someone. Her long blonde hair covered her face and her light blue dress cloaked her slender body, only to end by her feet. She rested against the wall, and Luigi realized he was standing inside of a prison.

"H-hello?" Luigi called out in a quiet voice.

The woman tensed before looking up. Her cerulean eyes meeting his azure eyes, Luigi felt his heart skip at least three beats.


Luigi jolted awake, staring at the cieling of a room. Looking to his left, he saw Luma laying on something purple. Realizing that he himself was laying on something purple, Luigi realized there was only one place on the entire Observatory that had something soft and purple on it.

He was in Rosalina's room. More specifically, on her bed.

'Normally, I'd freak out about now, but...I'm too...tired to...think...zzzzzzzz' Luigi's eyes rolled back into his head as he fell back into a peaceful sleep.

~Jr.'s Doomship~

Roy Koopa walked into the video surveillance room where Ludwig, Kamek and Junior stood watching a live video screen.

"So, how's the plumber doin'? Roy grinned. "Running for his dear life yet?"

Roy looked at the video surveillance to see Luigi flying towards Mega-Legs shouting his attack. The resounding shockwave blew the camera watching the fight to bits, making the screen go black and white. Junior paled while Kamek and Ludwig's eyes narrowed.

Roy swallowed hard. 'Glad I wasn't there...'

"He zeemz to get ztronger avter uzing ze power of ze starz...junvior, do vou have any ztars zat I may vook at?" Ludwig asked turning to Junior.

The youngest Koopaling nodded before turning to Kamek. The Magikoopa led Ludwig to a special chamber where seven stars lay before him on pedastals.

"It iz time to get to vork." Ludwig said as he cracked his fingers, relieving the small amout of stress in the joints.

Meanwhile, in a prison cell below the Grand Star power room, Rosalina opened her eyes before sitting up and looking out the window.

'I just had the strangest dream...I met Luigi...'