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Nico DiAngelo POV

I was at Percy's house him and Annabeth were helping me with math… Annabeth helped a lot more then Percy did. Then Percy's mom walked in holding blue jell-o.

Percy and his mom had this thing about blue foods, Percy refuses to tell me the story.

"Hey kids, we have new neighbors. The Cullens. They live across the street and I was thinking maybe you could take some blue jell-o to them as a welcome to New York present. So what do you say?" She asked.

"Why don't you go mom?" Percy asked.

"Because the neighbor rumor is that they're super beautiful, and I don't want to keep complimenting them to where they think I'm crazy. So, what do you think?" She asked again.

"I'm up for it!" Annabeth jumped up.

"Me too!" Percy put in. I rolled my eyes. Of course he was.

"You know Nico, they have a young girl that's about your age." Mrs. Jackson raised her delicate eye brows.

Now that Annabeth and Percy were together and just about as happy as clams, they made it their life long ambition to find the right one for me. I pretended to act enthusiastically.

"Alright I'm coming." I got up.

It wasn't very far just up the street. We knocked on the door.

Nessie POV

Someone was knocking on the door of our new house, if it's another neighbor delivering brownies I will go to the Volturi and plead them to kill me.

I opened the door and three teenagers were holding blue jell-o. Well saves me a trip to Italy.

There were two boys and one girl. The girl was a curly, blonde and the boy next to her was okay looking and the next boy was pretty cute, but goth just wasn't my type.

"Nessie who is it?" Aunty Rosalie called.

"Neighbors!" I called back. She jogged next to me.

"Oh hello. Why don't you come in, it's really cold." Aunty shivered. She brought them in and the boy with the dark clothes kept staring at me, I felt a little uncomfortable.

"We have company!" I yelled. Dad and mom came down the staircase…with Jacob. Oh perfect. He would notice how the kid would stare at me. Followed by Seth, and Leah. Jakes eyes zeroed in on the fact that I was sitting next to a boy that wasn't him.

"I'll go get some lemonade." I got up and walked into the kitchen and pulled out a pitcher and seven glasses.

I walked over to the sitting room and poured the lemonade.

"Hello. My name is Annabeth, and these are my friends Percy, and Nico." the blonde introduced them all.

"This is my family. These are my parents, Carlisle and Esme. My brothers, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward, and my sisters, Rosalie, Alice, and Bella. Then these are my aunts children Jacob, Leah, and Seth, and I'm Nessie." I introduced my whole family. I saw my mom wince slightly at my nickname.

"Well it is very nice to meet you all. You have a very beautiful home. But we have to go, Nico needs to work on his math homework." Annabeth said.

"Well, why don't you come over here, Nessie is great at math." Dad said.

"We would love too. We'll be right back." Annabeth, Percy, and Nico left.

Nico POV

That girl was beautiful! Her skin was pale, but she had rosy cheeks. Her bronze curls went down to her waist, her teeth were pearl white, and her voice was a high soprano, it sounded beautiful. Whoa, since when have I paid attention to a girls teeth? I shook my head in confusion.

"I know! Did you see that blonde?!" Percy asked.

"Blonde? What blonde? There was a blonde?" I asked. The only blonde I was aware of was Annabeth.

"I knew it, you were totally in to Nessie!" Annabeth exclaimed.

"I am not!" I protested.

"Nico, your eyes didn't leave her face, you were totally into her." Annabeth said.

"Did you see that blonde!" Percy exclaimed. But I ignored him. Nessie Cullen. Extremely gorgeous. Stop it Nico! If you fall for a girl then you only enforce the darkness of destruction upon them. Sorry, I like repeating my father's words. My father. Lord Hades.

Alright just to explain, the cover story for the cullens is that Carlisle and Esme adopted a bunch of kids, Nessie included, and Seth, Leah, and Jake fit into the family because Esme's sister married a guy that lived on the Indian reservation, but then they both died in a fatal car crash and they were sent to live with the Cullens. So please review!