Chapter 1

"Why are we here again?" Randy Orton laughed, walking alongside his two best friends and stable mates into one of the many Vegas strip joints.

"Tits and ass, man, tits and ass."

Ted shook his head, trying not to grin. "Because we don't see enough of those at work?"

"Not on poles!"

"Welcome, please enjoy your stay at the Mirage." A beautiful blonde bombshell with perky breasts that was in a Playboy bunny outfit greeted, handing them flyers. Her brown eyes winked enticingly before going to the next set of men to come through the doors.

"See...LOOK..." Cody's head about did a one-eighty, trying to walk and watch at the same time. He would have walked right into a wall if Randy hadn't pulled him out of the way. "Thanks."

"Let's just get some seats and order a drink." Randy said, trying and failing to sound amused by all of this. He led the pack down between seats, choosing a table that wasn't too far from the stage, but somewhat in shadows, not wanting to attract attention.

"Thank you for visiting the Mirage and now for your enjoyment and sheer pleasure, here is the lovely and mysterious Electric..."

'Decode' by Paramore came blasting through the speakers moments later as the strobe lights began flashing along with blue flashes, making lightening streaks as the woman slowly turned her head over her shoulder, winking, her arms up as she spun around, letting the music overtake her. Her long ebony hair was streaked with electric blue and she had sparkling sapphire blue eyes, a seductive smile on her face. Her outfit consisted of a blue corset top with black lace panties that fit her like a second skin along with a black garter belt, blue thigh highs and three inch black Stiletto heels. Her eyes were decked out in blue eyeliner with lightning bolts on the corners of them and her lips were painted a clear gloss.

"Wow..." Ted said, eyes on the stripper Electric. "That is HOT."

"Sure." Randy said, not looking as he ordered his drink, rolling his eyes when his friends didn't even hear the waitress and ordered for them as well, finally turning his attention to the dancer.

"How much do you think she'd charge me for a lap dance?" Cody asked curiously.

Her hand wrapped around the thick black steel pole and ran her body up and down it, practically making love to it before spinning and ended up upside down on it. Holding on as her arms flexed, her legs spread before spinning around it again, letting the music take her away as she moved her head back and forth. A smirk formed on her lips as money was placed in her garter belt while she bent over, running her hands up her long legs before reaching behind, unclasping the corset top and stood there as her head tilted back, letting it drop from her body, revealing a strapless blue bra. Her nicely toned stomach was revealed as she ran her hands up and down her sides, gyrated her hips with her eyes closed, and snaked her tongue out to lick her lips.

"Over here! He needs a lap dance!" Ted shouted, laughing as Cody blushed. "Well it IS your birthday!" He whipped out his wallet playfully.

"Man..." Cody shook his head, grinning broadly.

Randy smirked, glancing at them before turning his head back to the dancer. Electric. Suitable name, she was sending energy through him.

Her eyes locked on the three men, the spotlight following her, and seen the red flush on the younger man's face. "Don't worry doll," She purred seductively, running her finger down his chest while bent over. "I'll be gentle." Electric seen him do a full body shiver and giggled before taking the money from his friend, tucking it in her garter belt and ran her hands up her body while the music once again flowed over her, the strobe lights beginning to go off. Straddling him, she began the lap dance, pressing herself against him, smirking when he instantly hardened. "So what's your name handsome?" Her mouth was right by his ear as she unclasped her bra, letting it drop to the floor, and covered her breasts with her hands.

Cody couldn't even form the words to speak, just mouthing like a fish out of water. His eyes were firmly fastened on the fleshy globes of soft tissue in front of him. Ted looked at Randy, arching an eyebrow. This was a first; the usually chatty, wouldn't shut the fuck up Cody, had shut the fuck up.

"His name is Cody."

"Mmm I like that name..." Her voice remained soft and low, a sultry purr as she slowly removed herself from his lap and leaned back against him. Arching her back, her head leaned on his shoulder while rubbing against him, smirking when he swallowed hard, running her fingers through his hair and down to his neck, massaging the back of it. "Cody what?"

Cody was too flustered and turned on at the moment, swallowing hard several times, still trying to work past the lump in his throat.


"Tell her your last name, Codes." Ted smirked, wishing he was in his friend's spot. He laughed outright when Cody managed to rasp out 'Runnels'.

The color suddenly drained out of Electric's face when she heard that, her eyes widening slightly and swallowed hard before immediately getting off of him, flashing a smile since her music had ended. "Happy Birthday."

She was backstage before he could blink, having given him the proper lap dance, and immediately went to throw up in the nearest bathroom. Cody Runnels. Tears stung her eyes just as the door opened and Sandy stood there, the blonde with the Playboy bunny outfit, just as she walked out.

"What happened, Layne?" She asked resignedly.

"I just gave my brother...my flesh and blood...a lap dance." She had to throw up again.

"Aww man..." Cody groaned, pulling a napkin off the table to cover his erection.

"There's a memory for the spank bank, eh?"

Cody just nodded.

"Ted, just so you know, for MY birthday, send the stripper to my room. A public hard-on is NOT on my top ten list of fun things to experience."


Layne was done for the night and she was planning on leaving, needing to get away from this place as fast as possible. She changed into a black tank top with a pair of blue jeans, having done her dance, and collected a little over three grand. Running a hand through her hair, Layne stepped outside and lit a cigarette, trying to not think about what she just experienced tonight or about her past.

"Okay guys, stop it!" Cody shouted, pushing Randy when his friend said something about blue balls, stumbling out onto the street when he got pushed back. "It's NOT FUNNY!" He fumed when they just laughed harder.

"Man, you're walking like you're afraid your dick is going to fall off! Just go find a ring rat and work it out!"

"She was pretty hot, maybe you should go back in and try scoring her number?"

"I don't think that would be a wise thing to do." Layne stated from the shadows, the only thing telling she was there was the orange dot that was her cigarette as she took another long drag.

She still couldn't believe it was him, her brother. Out of all the strip joints in the city that never sleeps, he had to pick the Mirage. Layne could feel a headache coming on and headed for her car.

"Why not?" Cody asked, stepping closer, his blue eyes widening when he recognized the stripper. "Hi." He said, trying not to spaz out in front of the guys. "So if I asked you out, you'd turn me down?"

"We could pay you for another lap dance; that should send him into cardiac arrest."

"Asshole, shut up!"

"You don't want to date me." Her voice was low and somewhat timid as she flicked ash away from her cigarette, feeling sick at the mere thought of what she'd done to him earlier. "And I don't think a lap dance from me is something you want, Cody." She flicked her cigarette away and blew the smoke out, not daring to turn her back on them.

"So you're saying he's not good enough?" Ted snorted, rolling his eyes. "Come on Cody, a whore is too good for you anyway, dude."

"So you think fucking his sister isn't that big of a deal?"

"Cody doesn't have a sister. A brother maybe, well, okay...Dustin COULD pass off as your sister." Randy ducked when Cody swung for his head. "Hey, not MY fault he acts like he's..." He made a hand gesture, implying what he didn't say.

Deciding to ignore his friends, Cody rounded on her. "What the hell are you talking about?" He demanded angrily.

Tears formed in her sapphire eyes as she stared back at Cody, ignoring the others for the moment. "You were thirteen when I left and you don't remember me?" She knew he couldn't be THAT dense and shook her head sadly before lighting up another cigarette, taking a shaky drag. "Never mind, forget it. Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoyed tonight." She walked to her car and got her keys out, needing to get out of there.

Cody chased after her, catching her by the arm and whipped her around, staring at her angrily. "I don't know who you are, but you're NOT Layne." He said firmly. "My sister wouldn't be...be..."

"A whore?"

This time Randy punched Ted. "Not now, moron." He ordered gravely.

"Hey Layne!" Sandy jogged after her with a smile on her face, handing her the schedule for next week. "Sorry, Scott wanted me to give that to you. See you in a few days." She jogged off, blonde hair bouncing behind her.

"You're right, I'm not Layne Runnels. I don't have two brothers named Cody and Dustin. I don't know that our mother died right before I took off. No of course not; I'm not Layne." Her voice was sarcastic as she shoved him away from her when he went to grab her. "Touch me and watch what happens." She threatened, blue eyes flashing before getting in her car.

"LAY!" Cody screamed through the window, pounding his fists on the glass, tears beginning to run down his cheeks.

He hadn't seen her since he was thirteen, she had just ran away one day. How was he supposed to...He stepped back, stuffing his hands in his pockets and walked away, pushing through a stunned Randy and Ted. Why the hell should he be ready to apologize? He wasn't the one who walked out on his family! But he couldn't stop the tears.

Layne closed her eyes tightly shut when she heard Cody call her that, her own tears falling and suddenly stepped out of her car, groaning when Cody nearly clobbered her with a hug that nearly knocked the breath out of her. "Damn..." She grunted when he finally pulled back, sighing as she wiped his tears away from her baby brother's face with the pads of her thumbs. "I'm sorry." She whispered, her shoulders slumping. "Don't cry, Code." She grunted when he hugged her again and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, feeling him trembling and closed her eyes.

Anger was taking over again, he pushed away from her. "Where have you been all this time, Lay?" He demanded, wiping away the tears roughly, staring at her out of hurt and accusing eyes. "Why the hell did you run away?"

"That's his sister?"

Randy could only nod.

"And she gave him a lap dance?"

Another nod.

There was so much he didn't know and Layne could feel that headache turn into a migraine. "There's really no time to explain it all, Cody." She quietly said, seeing the anger in his eyes, and swallowed hard as she raked a hand through her streaked hair. She used to have deep golden brown chestnut locks, but dyed it to hide her identity from people even further. "The only thing you need to know is I've been here all this time and you can't tell Dustin or Dad." When his eyes shot open, she held her hand up. "Your sister is dead, Cody." Her voice was stern again. "I'm not the same Layne I used to be."

Cody didn't know what to say. If that was how she felt, then no doubt him being here and knowing who she was probably irritated her too. "Fine." He said curtly, turning to Randy. "You ready?"

"Yeah sure, Code." He said softly, looking from Cody to his apparent sister, his blue eyes calm. This wasn't his business, but he sure as hell didn't care for the way 'Lay' had just managed to break Cody into pieces with words alone.


Layne whipped around and caught her ten, almost eleven, year old daughter in her arms, lifting her up and stared back at the babysitter with narrowed eyes. "What the HELL did I say about bringing her here?" She demanded, not realizing Cody was watching all of this, and shook her head when the blonde bitch just shrugged before walking off. She looked down at her daughter, who had chestnut colored hair and deep green eyes. "Sweetheart, what happened?"

She shrugged nonchalantly, though her eyes were glinting wickedly. "I kinda...threatened her to tell you about her boyfriend coming over."

Layne was scowling and not at her daughter either, holding her close and kissed the top of her head. "Come on, time to go home." She whispered, heading for her car.

"You're going to let your sister walk out of your life?" Ted asked softly.

"Wouldn't be the first time she did it." Cody said bitterly, hands in his pockets, though his eyes softened at the sight of the niece he now knew he had.

"MOM! That's Legacy from that wrestling show you said I couldn't watch!" Her babysitter wasn't so good at her job.

"What?" Layne turned around to see Cody staring back at them, along with the other men, growling under her breath. "Trust me, the next babysitter I find you, you WILL obey them and not watch that garbage."

She walked over and put her daughter in the backseat, watching as she buckled up before getting in the driver's side, needing a minute as she let a few tears fall. Cody knew she had a daughter now. This wasn't good as she wiped them away, hearing her daughter chattering away about Legacy, them being her favorite apparently.

"Cody, if you let her walk away, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life, even if she is a cold hearted bitch." Randy said firmly, shoving his friend towards the car. "Unless she tells you to back off, get your ass over there right now. Be the better man...I mean person."

Sighing, Cody knew he was right and rapped on the window.