Chapter 26

He nodded at Cody and Ted, who were following, though Cody was staying behind for a few days to spend time with his family. It'd been over a decade since the Rhodes house was full and suddenly...Dusty picked up the phone and dialed Dustin's number, deciding to invite him over. They were having a family barbeque, a family reunion type of deal. Maybe that would lift Layne's spirits in the absence of Randy.

Cody waved his friends off before heading inside, leaning against the banister, listening to his dad on the phone. "Best tell him to bring his kids, Reed can meet her cousins." He said after realizing what Dusty was doing. He looked up the stairs and headed up slowly, knowing his sister probably needed a hug and maybe even some chocolate.

"Mom, it'll be okay." Reed sighed as her mother cried on the bed, curled up and holding her while she stroked her hair, and bit her bottom lip. She knew her mother loved Randy, she did too. Everything was really messed up. "Uncle Cody!" She squealed her sadness temporarily vanished and jumped off the bed and into his arms, giggling as he rained kisses all over her face. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too cupcake." He replied and sighed when he seen the state his sister was in, chewing his bottom lip. "Why don't you go downstairs and get some ice cream with grandpa?"

Reed knew why he was sending her off and nodded, kissing his cheek and rushed downstairs.

No matter how hard she tried, Layne couldn't stop crying, her heart breaking into a million pieces, the shards slicing every inch of her insides. 'Randy...' She thought closing her eyes as her tears soaked the pillow.

Sighing softly, Cody pulled Layne up into his arms, feeling her arms wrapping around his neck and held her close. "He'll be back." He assured her quietly, rubbing her back as she cried on him. "Lay, he loves you, this will work out, okay?" Or at least it had better or he would kill Randy AND Samantha with his bare hands. "It's not the end of the world, honey."

"It feels like it." She countered in a whispery sob, hugging her brother tighter, and tried calming down. "I love him so much Cody. He's the one I want to marry and grow old with and have more kids with. He's the one and it kills me that he can't be with me because of that bitch. I hate her and I don't even know her." She slowly pulled back, wiping her tears away and then let him do it, feeling the exhaustion creeping in. This night had been emotionally draining to say the very least. "Not to mention Reed called him daddy..." She started crying harder, not able to see the shocked look on Cody's face, and buried her own in his neck while he comforted her.

Reed had called Randy daddy. Cody knew he shouldn't really be surprised, given that Randy had somewhere along the way stepped up and assumed the role anyway, but he was. "Honey, he'll get this taken care of. Once it's proven that kid isn't his, the divorce shouldn't take more then three to six months." He assured her, hating that she was hurting and there was nothing he could to stop it.

Layne could only nod, her voice not working at the moment and ended up falling asleep against Cody, crying herself into a restful exhaustion. She could only pray her dreams were filled with Randy, that she felt his strong secure arms, and heard his voice. This was going to be the hardest separation of her life. Now Layne knew how her family felt when she left all those years ago. Cody sat with her and stroked her hair before finally going downstairs to spend time with his niece, not minding when she popped Twilight in. As long as he was with his sister and niece again, nothing else mattered, though he would eventually have to call Beth.


Randy did what he was best at. He threw himself into work, forcing himself to the edge of exhaustion every day. Working out, his matches; anything to keep him from lying awake at night yearning for Layne and Reed. He spent a lot of time on the phone too, having assembled a small team of lawyers to handle his divorce. He wanted all his bases covered when it came to Samantha, not trusting the little bitch.

Samantha was nervous as hell when she took the baby in to get the paternity test done, seeing Randy's lawyers were swarming her, knowing there was no way she could have the results switched. It came out that Randy was indeed NOT the father and the results were given to the courts immediately. Samantha walked away with nothing, but a bruised ego and a screaming baby in her arms, not even receiving alimony. Samantha vowed to never come near Randy or speak to him again and fled the courtroom in tears of embarrassment and despair.

Randy had felt a moment's pity for Samantha, but just a moment. He really pitied that baby, knowing the kid was going to get a raw deal on the mother if she didn't straighten her shit up. But...he was a free man again! He immediately booked a flight to Texas, not calling Layne to let her know, he was going to surprise her.


"Reed, stop it!" Layne squealed as she ran away from her daughter, who had the hose, both of them cleaning the Escalade that Layne had bought. It was a deep midnight blue and her second baby. Layne was wearing a black and gold bikini, the top tying around her neck and back along with black cotton shorts on, the bottoms underneath. "Reed!"

She giggled and kept spraying her mother, wearing a purple and blue mixed bathing suit, squealing when she was chased right through the sprinkler. Layne caught her from behind and Reed held on as they both spun around in circles, getting soaked before going back to wash the car. It was a hot summer day and they had golden tans.

Dusty was sitting on the porch, in the shade with a glass of lemonade in his hand, just watching them. Layne was happier lately, as far as he could tell, though he had no doubt she still cried into her pillow at night. He peered out from under the brim of his hat as a car with tinted windows pulled into the drive, standing up.

"Who the hell..."


Layne turned around, hearing the hesitation in her daughter's voice and raised an eyebrow before looking back at her father, swallowing hard. She walked over on the porch to stand by her father, Reed beside her with her arm wrapped firmly around her shoulders. The sun was blocking their view as the figure stepped out of the car and Layne nearly had a heart attack when Randy came into view.

"DADDY!" Reed shrieked as she ran away from her mother and jumped off of the deck, jumping into his arms wet and all, tears streaming down her cheeks as he spun her around in circles.

"Randy..." She could only whisper out his name, tears streaming down her cheeks, and slowly walked away from her father down the steps.

It'd been six long months since that night they said goodbye and Layne's heart had been broken...until now. She knew his divorce was over and he was a free man, otherwise he wouldn't be here. They had talked constantly on the phone, did the webcam thing, the whole shot. Though it was so much better having and seeing him person.

"Damn, my girl is gold." Randy laughed, pressing his forehead to Reed's head, kissing her cheeks. "I missed you baby girl." He whispered, feeling her resting her head on his shoulder and looked at Layne, extending a hand to her, pulling her into the hug, feeling complete. They were a family finally.

Dusty watched the trio, feeling tears in his own eyes and brushed them away.

"Teddy Bear, Uncle Coddles!"

Cody groaned. "Will you never just call me Uncle Cody, cupcake?"

"No." She giggled as he lifted her up, hugging him before going to Ted, hugging him tightly around the neck.

"Baby girl, I missed you a lot."

"Me too Teddy Bear."

Layne wrapped her arms around Randy's neck and pressed herself against him, feeling his hands slide down to cup her ass and lifted her up, her legs instantly going around his waist, passionately kissing him. "I love you so much." She mumbled against his lips, feeling his hold tighten on her.

"Mmmm, I missed you." Randy breathed, not caring that she was damp. "I love you, Layne." His lips caught hers again in another soul searing kiss, pouring all the emotion he had kept bottled up for the past several hellacious months without her. Letting her know just how much he loved her, how much he had missed her. "And this bikini...I want to see the bottoms." He added, glancing down at the top.

Layne giggled and slapped his arm playfully, shaking her head, her hair blonder than normal due to how much sun she'd gotten lately. "You are a piece of work." Her lips were swollen from his fiery kiss and pressed her forehead against his, sliding her hands up and down his strong arms to his neck, down his covered chest, anywhere she could touch, feel and caress. "You grew your hair out more." She grinned, seeing it was spiked in the front, making him look even sexier than normal. "So everything is squared away?"

"Everything is more than squared away." Randy said, feeling his hair almost self-consciously. "You don't like it?" He asked, fingering her own blonder hair, noticing the natural highlights the sun had given her. Coupled with her tan and gorgeous body, she could easily have graced the cover of any fashion magazine and done it without makeup. She was that beautiful to him. "I am a completely free man. Well, in the sense that I am also hopelessly devoted to you."

"That is an awesome song and movie."

"I love your hair like that." She purred in his ear, running her hand up the back of his neck and grabbed a handful, smirking innocently. "Now I have something more to hold onto when we-" Randy cut her off with a kiss, causing her to laugh, and pulled back to rub her nose against his. "You get my drift and I'm hopelessly devoted to you as well."

"Mom, does this mean you're coming back on the road to be with Legacy again?"

"Probably not as their valet..."

"Yes you are. Vince already has a line in mind for you to come back on with us."


"Sis, you were very popular with the crowd. It hasn't been the same without our gold star out there with us."

Layne grinned as Randy set her down and lifted her daughter up in her arms. "Only if you want to, Little Star."

"Hmmm...Let me think on it." Reed said, looking completely serious except for the sparkle of amusement in her green eyes. "Can I have my own room again?"

"Preferably, yes." Randy said with a smile, wrapping an arm around Layne's shoulders.

"Alright, I suppose we can."

"You little brat." Layne kissed Reed's forehead, causing her to giggle and went to tell her grandfather along with Cody and Ted, leaving her mother and Randy alone. "I'm so glad you're here."

She sighed in contentment as her and Randy walked over to join her family, their fingers locked together. From everything that had happened with the rape, to being reunited with her family, to the ups and downs with Randy, Layne never gave up hope that things would work out. Layne needed to fall and hit rock bottom, which she had to an extent, before being picked back up again. Falling into Randy had been the smartest and best thing that ever happened to Layne and she was finally surrendering everything to him.

The End.